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Come on Spring!
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Default Beach Chat for Wednesday, June 6

Good morning. Managed to "sleep in" until just before 5 this morning when the loons did their morning commute. I don't know why they don't save all their "talking" until they land on the Upper Lake. My theory is that they live on the Lower Lake and work on the Upper during the day. Mrs Loon is probably hollering at Mr L about not helping her with the housework or the kids!

The dental appointment yesterday was a drag - takes almost 90 minutes for poking, prodding, measuring and cleaning at the periodontist. Afterwards I spent a lovely hour wandering around the Loblaws Superstore admiring the gorgeous produce. It sure is change from our wee local stores. I held back from buying too much but did indulge in some avocados, my new love. I did some Mill accounting, some quilt work and some reading - a nice balanced day!

Off to the gym shortly and then I'll find and block Jazz's latest escape route. In the meantime, he's outside on the long lead which he hates! I may give him a bath later as he needs to be spiffed up for a "public appearance" at a Health and Wellness expo at the country club on Friday.

Hey! It's Hump Day, rain expected but we are heading into super weekend weather once we get past this wet patch. At least I've not had to water the garden or the Village planters.

Raising my mug (Italian Roast) in a toast to a gentle slope of a day.
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Mmmmmm...avocados. That reminds me of Weekend Glow salad, which I haven't had this year. I need to put that on the menu!! Good luck finding Jazz' escape route, Ruth.

Today is a new day! Yesterday was packed - I worked nearly 12 hours, and almost no lunch (I ate while bloodwork was running). My wee brain was numb by the evening, so the wine was my gift to myself to go to sleep last night. Today is my short day, but I'll be biopsying my own dog . I would normally try to go on a trail run, but she wouldn't be able to go with me, and I'm not sure I have the heart to do that!

I also need to make a treat for the bus drivers tomorrow....but that is food porn!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Off to work in an hour so not my usual time to lounge (am I the only one that gets up extra early because I need time to wake up and drink coffee?)

Ruth - I know I say this every year but I just love loons. One of my favorite vacation experiences ever was renting a kayak and having loons pop up right next to the kayak.

Twynn- I made that salad last night for Tipsy Tuesday. It was a huge hit, of course. Saved myself a bowl for lunch.
thinking of you and Reese puppy today and hoping for good outcomes

Happy Hump Day Beachers
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Mmmmm, avocados are one of my faves, too. I usually add it to my lunch salad every day.

Ruth - I like your theory about the loons and their squawking. It makes sense, and the little ones are probably complaining about having to get up so early. Poor Jazz, I wish he'd realize the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence!

Tammy - I hope the news is encouraging for Reese today.

We had an exciting day at the farm yesterday when Dolly finally had her foal. It was Maggie's turn to name it, and she named him "Blast Off" because he was more interested in taking off to explore his new surroundings rather than nursing. I took the girls to school late, then had to pick them up at noon for their doctor's appointments, and they ended up with only being in school 2 hours, which made them happy.

I'll be at Susie's all morning, and she'll need extra help since she had Carpel Tunnel surgery yesterday. At least I don't have much to do at the Big House, and it should be a short day since the girls have Pony Club after school. Maybe I'll have time for a splash in the pool with Amber and Tyler if it warms up this evening.
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Wine alot
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Morning, Cyndi! I'm usually up by 5:30 so I can have my coffee-time before I leave at 8:30, too. I hate to rush around first thing in the morning, since the rest of the day is hectic enough.
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Good morning! Cottage that certainly was an exciting morning. I love seeing the new babies this time of year. Foals are so cute!!

Tammy I will keep you and Reese in my thoughts.

Ruth good luck finding Jazz's escape route.

Cyndi I hope you have time to enjoy what looks like a nice day

Need to drag the kid out of bed again. I hate school mornings. He is horrendous to get up. Teenagers ugh! Then going up the line to tend to the critters and hopefully get to weed and pick something yummy from my friend's garden.


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I'm on the run this morning...DH downstairs, so I still need to get him back up, make smoothies, make his lunch and get ready for work. Food has been very close to plan, and I don't feel like overeating for some reason. I had a very light dinner last eve...then caved to an off plan snack, but nothing life changing in moderate quantity.

We're doing pretty well getting into the new routine here.

Twynn, I'm wishing you and Reese both the best. She couldn't have a better mom to help her through all of this.

Have a good day, ya'll!
Debbie R

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Morning Chicks!

It was pretty chilly here overnight and we couldn't turn the heater on because the power was out for hours. Today is my last day of being laid off for awhile. I was supposed to be off till Monday but my boss called and asked me to come back Thursday. At least it is summer hours. We work 7 hours from 8:00 to 3:00 so it is a nice long evening to cook out or whatever. Today I promised my DH I would help him haul cinder blocks at noon. It will be a lot of hard work. I will get my exercise today

See you on the Beach!

I decided to weigh myself and I am down 2 pounds!


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Ruth - stay dry - I just spent 5 days in the rain myself!
Twynn - I don't know how you do it. ALL of it!
Cyn - Sleep overrides extra coffee for me so I pay for it in the AM
Cottage - Blast Off is a great name!
Jekel - it's not just teens - I am just as bad too
Debbie - moderation is never in my vocabulary but yay for you.

I am up to give the doctor's office a call at 8a to see if I can get squeezed in sometime today or tomorrow. But I have to hit the shower shortly thereafter and get myself into work. I've been gone for 5 whole days and it's our conference season (week of June 25th) and I've got over 100 emails about changes to hotel reservations alone! Oye.

Have a good one!
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Good morning, All! Today is my Birthday I started this morning Skype chatting with my older daughter. Off to a customer, and then back home where my Mom and younger daughter will be making me a flourless chocolate cake. I'm having them make a half recipe so I can enjoy it today, but no leftovers!!! Gotta go get dressed on on the road - just wanted to do a quick fly by!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CatMat! Enjoy your cake, but not too much of it!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot

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Happy birthday, Cat!

We spent most of yesterday at two Ikea stores and driving to/from/between since there was one piece that they were out of at our first stop. We got the entertainment center together by 11pm last night and I hope his neighbor hasn't moved in yet; there was a lot of drill and hammer noise. The guys are working on the nightstand now; a few more pieces to go. The apartment is coming together. Still need a desk and a bed (and the bedding to go with it). My son has a friend moving into the building today so I suspect we'll be his crew.

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Good morning,

My eating has been horrible lately and the scale showed it this morning so I am starting Phase 1 today to get in control again.

Happy Birthday CatMat, hope you have a great day.

Nothing major on the agenda today other than swim team practice in the evening for DD2, I will take advantage and walk around the park to get extra exercise time in today.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Good morning! I will always marvel at how early some of you start your days!

Happy birthday, Cat!
Tammy, I, too, will be thinking of you and Reese and wishing you all thle best.

The rest of the week should be easy for me. I've caught up on all the emails and end of school things. I now have to start preparing for next year. I'm teaching or revising three classes, so have a lot of work to do, but 12 weeks in which to do it! This is the first summer in 9 years that I'm not teaching in summer school and I still can't quite believe it.

We have another beautiful day here. It's as bit chilly (my apartment is freezing; the air conditioning has been turned very high, and we can't control the temperatures unit by unit) but that's better than the alternative. There are, after all, sweaters!

I hope everyone's day goes well.
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Great day everyone!! The end of the school year is almost here, and I will be taking a leave of absence in the Fall to have some family time and take some courses. I have been teaching special education for 19 years, so perhaps a little time away/change of course is on order . . .

Taking a little time to get back in the swing of good eating, but working on it! 9 lbs re-lost on the "Return to Phase 1" so now to get back in to Phase 2 carefully and healthily. Started with my carrots in moderation and a piece of fruit. Looking forward to my relatively on-plan pasta!

Be well -

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