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Come on Spring!
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Default Hump Day Beach Chat - May 23

Good morning from well-washed Delta! We had lots of rain yesterday which saved me from washing my dirty car. (Back roads are dusty!)

Moel DID get the veggie garden tilled late Monday - so nice to glance behind the barn yesterday and see it all brown and smooth. Today, after gym, I'm taking a town trip to get more plants for the Village, some for my front flower boxes and some veggie starts for myself. I already have herbs in pots on the back deck, situated so I'll see them from the window and remember to go out and snip!

Did pet therapy with Jazz yesterday and had one of those great moments. One of the residents, Anna, said to me "Thanks so much for coming to visit. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a body they are looking after." She is in her late eighties, immobile and on oxygen. I hugged her (against the rules) and tried to hold back tears. I crab about so many "jobs" but some things are sooo worth it.

Back to our regular programming.

Hope your Wednesday is Humpless and full of flowers, hugs and other good things.
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Good morning from a very foggy Thorndale! I can't even see my car in the driveway.

Ruth, moments like that really make it all worthwhile.
I'm glad Moel was able to get his tiller running again and finished your plot. Did you find out what that buried piece of metal turned out to be?

Today is my 'Wednesday at Susie's', and if the predicted storms don't happen this afternoon, I'm planning to roll and tie up all the tulip and daffodil leaves in the flower beds. I spent an hour doing that yesterday and only got half of one bed done. It's tiring work, but at least it gets me outside.
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Good Morning

Ruth, such a sweet story....Glad your garden is tilled.

Linda, have fun at Suzies. Wednesday...no Survivor. We just watched the last episodes which were while we were gone.

Me, trying to get organized at home today. My list of events starts tomorrow. My weight this morning was back to pre-vacation which makes me happy. I think I'll start my day with some hot coffee out on the porch. It's still pretty dark here.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Awww, Ruth....that is so sweet. File that one away in memories on the not-so-good days.

Cottage - ew, might need a bath, everything is so muddy! Of course, we're supposed to get rain today here - no gardening!

I have a handsome kitty giving me lovin' after his morning snack . Soon my DS is off to a field trip (oh, I hope it's a good driver thru those mountains). Normal work - workout - clean today. DS was supposed to find out if he got his orange belt tonight, but he was so EVIL the last couple days...that we threatened he couldn't go if he didn't behave, and...it didn't work. Darned. I wanna know!! I also have a dinner meeting tonight for work...yay, free dinner for me!!

Debbie - good morning! Wow, prevacation weight already?! Although from your posts, it may have a been a vacation spot, but more like a working vacation!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Good morning.

Had a nice little water-weight-from-the-trip woosh. Off to workout with my mom and trainer this morning. Went furniture "shopping" with our son yesterday. Wow, is he picky. I think he's going to have a tough time finding what he wants and hope there are some good stores out where he's moving to. Might try to check out a couple more today for either more ideas or maybe even a purchase. He wants pasta for dinner while he's home. I guess I can suck it up and eat the whole wheat kind with him, even though I typically avoid it.

Have a great day, everyone.

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Working on healthy
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Good morning Everything is pleasantly green here after more rain. It looks like the holiday weekend will rise to its reputation and be hot and sunny. As long as it's dry my gardens must get in around whatever shifts I pick up at the video store.

Ruth - The rain always seems to make my car look even worse, maybe it's the muddy driveway!
Thank you for that story.

Cottage - hope the fog burns off before you need to drive

Debbie - wow, quick turn around on any vacations extras! Will there be pictures from Alaska or did I miss those?

Twynn - good luck to DS. Hope dinner is good!

Karen - loved the picture of you and your son

Today I'm off to have lunch with former work mates then I'll stay in town for a support group meeting. I'll bring my laptop and sit at a table on Main Street. Brattleboro may be small but it's a very colorful town and people watching can be fun. Maybe I'll grab a walk by the water too.

Right now I'm making some strawberry rhubarb yumminess. I'll eat some on a flax pancake and put chia seeds in the rest for pudding later. I love it when the fresh produce starts.
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Good morning, normal start to my work week makes me wish Inwas home doing laundry lol..Ruth very touching story thank you for sharing with us...Nothing new here still humid and rainy, not making for good hair day either. Fortunately for work I wear my hair in a bun which helps tremendously. My hair sucks up humidity like a sponge, but looks more like a rat's nest!!! Now that's a sight lol

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Good morning,

Ruth thanks for sharing the story

Cottage I went out last evening and weeded around the house and had DH move tree limbs that will be getting picked up sometime this week, it was so nice outside

Twynn- when does your DS go to class again so you can find out?

Debbie- that is awesome that you are back down so quickly

Karen- love those swooshes, I am hoping for one this week will wait til Friday to hop on the scale

Cyndi- enjoy your people watching, I like doing that at airports

Jennifer- thank goodness for buns lol. My hair will get a bit frizzy with humidity but I don't wear mine in a bun used to have to wear it up when I was in the Air Force so I don't really like putting up anymore.

Tonight is DD2 Dance recital I believe we finally cracked the fever she has been running since Sunday so she should be able to go. Other than minor cough and minor tummy pain she felt fine other than the fever. We missed Awana last night.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Morning all:

Dicisions to be made today, I am having some trouble with one of my legs going numb and having shooting pains. Turns out I have a cyst on my nerve and at some point will need surgery (ugh). I am trying to put it off as long as possible, but my leg is driving me nuts for the past few days. I'm a bit nervous for back surgery at 31. Anyways I am debating if I should try prednisone again as it worked in the past, however the side effects are crazy, and certainly not diet friendly either. Anyway, that's my issue for the day.

Dance studio for us again tonight. I am going to try to be superwoman with dinner tonight. I am going to try the whole wheat pizza crust recipe I found on here to make my family pizza. I am hoping I am not biting off more than I can chew with the rise time. Anyway wish me luck.

Ruth- I love your story about Anna. It is those moments that make me cherish nursing and remind me what nursing is all about, (making a difference in someone's day). Very heartwarming.

Enjoy your mid-week day and just think the holiday is right around the corner and a 3 day weekend is coming at ya!

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Myshelle sorry about your health issues. I had a microdiscectomy L5/S1 when I was 38 so I can sympathize. For me the benefit outweighed the risk. Also, if I keep my weight under a certain number I (knock wood) am virtually pain free. I hope for the best with whatever you decide.

Pearlrose, I keep my hair long just so I can wear it up. When I retire (in 11 years) I will cut it short. My hair is like trying to wash and dry a coarse wool blanket, not an easy task. My work attire is not feminine! it's nice to feel a little girlie when not in uniform.

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Busy morning here in CT! Just got onto the computer.
Ruth, I had tears in my eyes hearing that story. My heart goes out to those who are so alone at that point in their lives. You're a good egg!

I have to watch my friend's boys this afternoon so that will keep me busy for several hours. Then back home to reality and motivating myself to straighten up my messy house.

Happy Hump Day to all.
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