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Come on Spring!
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Default Wednesday Beach Chat - May 16

Early good morning and coffee today. The brain decided to wake up at four and I decided to join it. Right now the washer is going, the oven is heating for baking and I'm ready to roll. So silly! I'll be wiped by 7 P.M. and have to force myself to stay up until ten to get back on schedule.

Gym, some work at the Mill Office, plant labeling, pet therapy and then off to town to see if I can get a deal on six dozen pots of red geraniums for the Village planters. The word from On High is that the Township colour scheme this year must be red and white to "celebrate" the anniversary of the War of 1812. (I think that's when the Canadians burned the White House. Of course, we weren't Canadians then but British subjects so please do forgive us.)

As soon as it gets light out there - starting to happen right now - I need to find Jazz's latest escape route. My neighbour was BBQing last night and Jazz joined them on their deck! She picked him up and brought him home with a burger for him and Disney to share. Anyhow, the wee guy is now on his very long lead which he absolutely hates.

Still no tilling done in my veggie garden but it is still a tad early. I checked my garden diaries and we've never been tilled this early. Guess I need to cool my jets a bit. Tomatoes should not go in until June 1 around here anyhow.

Time to hang out the current load of laundry, do some more cookies for Saturday's tea party, get ready for the gym and crank up the day. There's a threat of showers a bit later so I must pick some lilacs for the house. What a wonderful scent they have!

Wishing you lilacs, dogs that stay home and line-dried sheets on this Hump Day. Oh yes ... and coffee. (Newmans this morning here.)
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Good morning Ruth and all to follow! Wow, that Jazz is quite the little escape artist. You should've name him Houdini . Little stinker! Sounds like you have a busy day, I think red and white will look lovely.

Another successful day of phase I yesterday, and hopefully today as well. It is SO GOOD at controlling nibble/craving urges, too bad we can't stay on it long term!

Today is a shorter day for me. I have a meeting before work, then if I'm lucky a trail run, which I haven't done in a week ( ). My poor pup is looking at me very pathetically!! I can't even mention the word r-u-n, otherwise she gets all excited in the hopes it could be true. Then tonight is martial arts for DS, we're quite proud that he gets to test for his belt on Sunday!! (when another mom told him no way would it happen!)

Have a great day!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Yummy Newman's in my mug this morning.

Ruth, I'm beginning to wonder if Jazz is jumping over the fence, rather than going under it? I can't imagine him jumping that high, but still. Poor guy must have really wanted a burger! Good luck on scoring a good deal on those geraniums, the color scheme sounds pretty.

Tammy, I hope you can get a run in sometime today. We have a thick pea-soup fog here right now, but it's supposed to clear up and dry out later.

We had some pretty fierce storms overnight last night, but at least the rain was falling straight down and we could leave the windows open, which made for great sleeping weather.
I should have a short day today, too, if all goes accordingly. The girls are practicing for their side-saddle event for the Devon Horse Show and I'm hoping I can just drop them off for their lessons if Cindy gets home in time. If not, I won't get home until closer to 7.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It must have been in the air. I woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep but just refused to get out of bed. I finally started to fall back to sleep around 6 and the cats decided it was time to be up

Ruth - I've been chomping at the garden bit too. It's too wet here but might finally dry out enough by the weekend. I need to fit mowing and planting in.
Jazz will never want to stay home now, he found the good food!
I love lilacs. They are my favorite flower. I'll have to find someone with enough to share

Twynn - Hope you get your run in today

The interview went really well yesterday. I didn't realize where it was and turns out I knew and have worked with most of the people there. It was nice being interviewed by people who clearly thought they were lucky to have me interview for a job at that pay rate. The job itself sounds better than I thought and I might be interested if offered. No matter what it was a really good first interview and exactly what I needed to get my brain back in the swing of things. Everyone there knew my situation which also just made it much easier.

Back at the ranch I've got the usual self perpetuating list of chores to do around here. Yesterday I figured out how to get the TV in the front room working. It has been a source of frustration forever. Julie had it hooked up with some gadgets and switches to make it easier to hook up the computer but I could never figure out how to get it turned on. I took it all apart and figured it out, was very impressed with myself. I celebrated by getting on the treadmill and even tried a little running. It felt good.

Hoping the sun comes out at least part of the day. We are supposed to get thunderstorms later but maybe some sun this morning. I'm off to w(h)ine and cheese with my friend tonight. Happy Hump Day

ETA - Good morning Cottage. Hope you get an early afternoon and sunny weather
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Good morning!

I'm off to the gym with my mom and trainer today. Let's see if I can go at the correct time; Monday I showed up and hour early. Second time I've done that in the past couple of weeks! Then errands and laundry and packing for the road trip that starts tomorrow. We are heading back to PA for my son's college graduation. This time with the teen in tow, who is already lobbying for a later start time. Hopefully we'll also skype with other son today, to finalize plans for the weekend and dates for our next trip back in June so I can turn in my request for time off work.

Have a great day.

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Good morning, been up since 0345. Since arriving at work at 0600 been BUSY! Multi tasking at this moment too lol. Have a great day

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Good Morning! Sun is trying to break through the clouds here. Cottage - I have to go check my new hydrangea to make sure last night's rain didn't do any damage!
Ruth - you're smart to wait on the tilling. We had such an early spring here that a lot of people got overzealous and planted early. A couple of killing frosts reminded them that you can't push planting dates!
Karen - congrats on your son's graduation! Which school? My older daughter's graduations have been some of our most fun days. I'm already looking for snazzy shoes to match her PhD gown, and she doesn't even start til September! I'm just a little crazy!
Gang: Ditto on the run. I'm still at the walk/run stage, but definitely making progress.

Today's Schedule: My Brother in Law is coming in for a visit to help clean up my FIL's house. My DD19 (20 Friday!) withdrew from school due to emotional issues this year, and while she's doing better, she's also pushing the recovery envelope, and has managed to trash both bedrooms. So, I took the day off, and will have to stay on her to keep her on task with me today. I'm going to need that run!
Have fun all!
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Originally Posted by CatMat View Post
Which school?
Lafayette College, a small school in eastern PA.

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Good morning,

Just got back from my interval run, did an hour today since I took the day off from work for DD1 last day of school/picnic. Need to get in the shower and then head over there.

Ruth- I agree I think his name should be Houdini lol

Cyndi- glad the interview went well

Cottage- hope you have an early day

Twynn- here's to getting our r-u-n in

to everyone else. I need to pick up some floeers to plant around the house too. Have a great day
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Ooh - Karen! Good school! It's about 20 minutes west of me. Congrats! I'll wave from across the river!
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A brisk but beautiful day on our stretch of Alaska beach! We're journeying accross the bay this morning to visit Kirk's Uncle who is recovering from heart surgery. We didn't want to spend the entire day and it worked out. Kirk's nephew will pick us up at the harbor at 9 and we'll be back by early afternoon. It will be warmer then and we can work on yard projects. We have a fuel tank being delivered and a few days left to figure out how to get it to it's final resting spot.

Time to make our smoothie AND some solid breakfast. The open ocean and the cold will burn lots of energy.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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good afternoon,

I tried to post this morning but DH called me away. Sorry I haven't posted much but gardening and walking has taken its priority. My garden is a mess, I didn't do too much last summer because DD and grandson were living with us.
Debbie - sounds like you might need a vacation when you come back. Hope you are tasting some of that wonderful salmon.
take care
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