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Default Monday Beach Chatter, May 14

Good Morning

I'm sure some of you will be rising before long....we're just going to bed. It's almost 11pm Sunday eve and it's still light. It does get dark for awhile and will be light again by the time we get up at 4.

I've been reading as I can but internet is very slow at our cabin. We're keeping busy moving forward with projects every day. The weather has been cold and drizzly with dry patches inbetween. Finally this evening it started clearing up. The days are supposed to get better from here on out. We see lots of birds from our front porch...bald eagles and sandhill cranes. Tonight the bay got very calm and the otters were out everywhere. Our friend is really enjoying himself but we all wish it were warmer.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Working on healthy
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Good morning Debbie! It's nice to hear from you. I love the descriptions

I'm back home after a visit with my parents. My To Do list keeps getting longer. This weekend I realized all that stuff in bins in the storage room should be on the list, especially before it gets too hot to be back there. I got a pass on jury duty until 8/1, a good thing.

How is your week shaping up?
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Early Chicks. Debbie, I didn't realize Alaska was four hours difference in time from here. Vancouver is only three. It must be so strange to have so much daylight but I guess one would get used to it.

Cyndi, isn't it incredible the way To Do lists just keep getting longer? I am still tackling my barn in odd moments. The basement is another story. I'd rather be gardening or quilting.

Three new staff start working for the Mill this morning so I am off to the office after gym this morning to meet and greet, do their paperwork and get the Curators going on orientation. (I might better burn it!) It's going to be a really hectic week with a vet visit, two pet therapy sessions, a Fair Board meeting, tons of garden stuff, the Tea Party Saturday along with the Church Plant Sale on the same day. I'm sure there's something else but I'm afraid to look at the calendar.

Weightloss is not progressing, I'm afraid. Going out for dinner last night was not helpful. I even indulged in fries and could not remember the last time I had the darn things. I need to purify my menus for this week and get back in the groove.

OK - on with Monday. A Fibre 1 shake is calling my name - not my favourite breakfast but quick & OP.

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Mornin' chicks. Wow, Debbie, you are up late and back up again early! Your trip to Alaska sounds lovely. That is definately on my bucket list!

Ruth - Imagine, you with a busy week?!? I too need to put myself back on track (again). This just has not been a good year mentally.

Cyndi - Ugh, storage. If it's in another room, you can't see it (esp. in bins) and therefore can ignore it, right?

Couldn't sleep past 5 am (not that that's early in this chatter room!), so I've been up a bit this am. I figured out the menu for the week for suppers, etc, so I have my guide at the grocery later.

Someone on facebook the other day mentioned, "I eat to live". Wow. Not that I hadn't heard that before, but I would LOVE to get myself in that mindset. I'll be doing phase I for a bit, that helps SO MUCH to curb snacking and binging. But, I must stay away from those cashews!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning Debbie thank you for writing about Alaska. it is on my bucket list to go there.

Got a lot accomplished yesterday. Not your typical Mother's Day as it concluded with my on spending the night at his dad's. He should be back any minute to get ready for school. Hopefully he left his attitude at his father's.

Today I am going to drop off my lawn mover to my friend. I cannot get the darn thing started. Also, I really don't need it as I have a great landscaper. Although if given the choice a cleaning person might be a better option lol.

Cyndi it seems the to do list grows each day here too. No matter how much I purge new things take there place

Ruth with such a hectic schedule It must be very challenging to stay OP. I miss French fries too. I haven't lost anything this week. I do know I am eating better and making smarter choices than in the past.

Have a great day

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Good morning!

I imagine one gets used to the different hours of light and dark, Debbie, but I think it would confuse me for a while. I hope your weather changes for the better for the rest of your trip.

Cyndi, every time I think I'm getting to the bottom of my To-Do List, it seems something else gets added. I'm glad you were granted a reprieve on your jury duty date.

I enjoyed a restful and restorative Mother's Day yesterday, just what I needed. Today it's back to reality, but Jake is already out watering the garden, so that's one thing off my list. I'll have a mountain of laundry to tackle when I get home this evening, though, since it didn't get done over the weekend.
The week is looking good, but busy with getting ready for the Devon Horse Show, which is a big deal. I imagine I'll be spending a lot of time on the road going back and forth. But then I'll wind up the week with a hot tub party at my SIL's, so that will be something to look forward to.
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Ruth, I must confess that I had french fries yesterday, too, but at least mine were sweet potato fries.

Tammy, good luck on curbing the snacking!

Jeckel, I hope your DS comes home in a better mood!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Good morning!

I'm looking forward to a boring day after a busy weekend. My goal is to find time to watch the series finale of Desperate Housewives before I hear anything about it. Off to the gym with my mom soon. The teen needs new shoes but I'm guessing he'll shop with his friends instead of me Not much else going on here.

Have a great day, everyone.

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Morning all! Have to clean and organize this week. My brother in law is coming for a visit to help clean up his Dad's house. DD2 put all her college stuff in her room, and has been actively trashing DD1's room - which is now supposed to be the guest room since DD1 is living in the UK. So, I've got to do some gentle whip cracking followed by assisting. See you then!!
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Good afternoon,

Debbie, glad you are enjoying Alaska

Cyndi- my to do list never ends either

Twynn- I need to have that attitude as well.

to everyone else

Well my mother's day started with my son running his truck into a ditch, at least he was not injured can't say the same for his truck we are waiting on estimate to see if we need to do a claim or not. We ended up not having a chance to go to church so spent the rest of the day cleaning blinds, curtains and windows for the downstairs of the house. Next weekend tackle the upstairs windows.
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Hello all:

I have been adding and adding to my to do list as well.

Hope everyones Mothers Day was good. I spent mine at the dance studio with my youngest for pictures. But had a great meal. I went off plan for dessert yesterday and boy did I feel like a schmuck!! I felt guilty the whole time. Definately back on plan today though. Hopefully the scale isn't too mean to me.

Luckily my DH did quite a bit extra on the smoker yesterday so I don't have to cook for a couple more days. I feel like I'm on vacation!! Smoked turkey breast and smoked pork. Hopefully my kids don;t whine about eating the same things again.

Off to dance class with my youngest. Hope everyone has a great evening.

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