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Talking Help needed :-)

Hello all. I am not doing south beach diet at the moment- but I am doing a mix of both south beach and weight watchers. My mom (schmoodle) started me on south beach and I cant seem to let the no carb thing go- it def stuck.
I been loosing alot of weight and exercising about 9-10 hours a week!I been taking a high cardio boxing class every week mon-fri! Trying really hard to get to my goal. The last month I have had a sudden weight increase from 132-139. Any tips on why I am gaining and what I can do to get it off quick? tried to do phase 1 but couldn't live without the fruit :-(
I just need some encouragement or tips. Thanks!
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Hi, Mabenda! I saw this thread in the WW forum, too. Since you aren't pregnant and the doctors are ruling out your thyroid, you really have me puzzled, too. Have you also been checked for diabetes? Not to get you worried, but that could be a possibility.

Please keep us posted, and I wish you the best!
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Could it be muscle? Which is good.
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This happened to me (sort of). I was eating right (portion-controlled) and exercising 6 times a week with lots of exericise. My weight has stayed the same for the last month approximately but people are telling me I look thinner. It is because I have gained quite a bit of muscle while losing fat. Check your body fat percentage at any gym. And whenever you gain weight again (which hopefully doesn't happen) check to see the percentage (should be lower ). Also, are you weighing yourself at the same time? If you're weighing yourself at night with jeans you will weigh substantially more than in the morning. Best time to weigh yourself is before breakfast and after you pee.
And a last reason :P, lol I come up with too many excuses, you could be getting your time of month soon. I generally retain water and crave sweets before hand. But yeah, for sure at least 3-4 pounds difference when I get my t.o.m. Some people up to 10. Hopefully I helped
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Hi Mabenda, don't say no-carb around here, healthy carbs, you know! You haven't gotten your thyroid results back yet, have you? By the way, it would make me really happy if you changed your avatar.
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Can you post a typical menu? It could be that you aren't getting enough X in somewhere. What about water? how much do you drink a day?
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I agree with Jenne - post your menu - maybe you are doing a low carb, instead of a good carb? I assume if you're doing it with weight watchers, that you're counting calories/points?

LOL Schmoodle!! I was thinking drinking one of those would easily account for some weight gain!

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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OP has not been online since Nov. 29.
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