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Default SBD Daily Chat for Monday, June 6

Good morning all,
I'm up at this deadly hour because our commencement ceremony is today, and I have to be at work by 6:45! Though I can normally wake at 5:30 with no problem, today was difficult because I woke up at 3 and found it hard to get back to sleep because I was so worried about being able to get up on time. Sigh. Once the ceremony is over I'm free (11am) and am meeting a friend in the city for lunch and then I'll come back home and exercise and do a few things around the house.

Yesterday afternoon when my son was at his playdate I ended up doing some repairs on his walls and painting party of them! It made me realize how good a freshening up can feel. If I can today I think I'll hem his curtains, which are new and really need to be shortened.

That's all for today. This is a very wierd week because of today's odd schedule, and then I'm taking Thursday off b/c it's my son's birthday, so once again - our routine is up in the air. Have a great day everyone!!
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Default SBD Daily Chat - Monday, June 6

Good morning! Woke with a start before five when I suddenly remembered I didn't give the doggage their heartworm meds yesterday. So silly but my heart even started beating fast. Being one day late does not make me a bad dog-mum!

Our quiet little family dinner at Joanne's turned into a BBQ extravaganza with over 20 people there. Joanne just got the urge to party and invited lots of people. The food was fabulous and my ticker is lying a bit this morning - water weight for sure. Too bad it goes on so fast and takes so long to trickle away!

Busy week ahead with meetings, more plantings, pet therapy sessions and serving at a church social. Then it's the weekend and John and Rob's fabulous wedding extravaganza. My dress fits well - now I need to figure out shoes. My feet are picky but I don't think my pink and mauve crocs will do.

I'm off to the gym and then to my quilting meeting. Just remembered I need to do a financial report and make a lunch for that so I'm outta here.

Have a lovely June Monday!
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Good morning!

Matilda, I hope the ceremony goes smoothly and that you enjoy your free afternoon!

Ruth, I'm sorry you had that rude awakening this morning! I'm pretty sure it's only the best of the dog-mums who wake up so concerned about their babies' meds, though.

Back to school this morning. I'm hoarse but breathing well so I'm looking forward to a really good day at school. I've been absent so much the past 2 weeks that I don't know what I'm going to find when I get there this morning. But I'm anxious to see the kiddos again and to make the most of our last 8 days of school!

Enjoy your Monday friends!
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Good morning Ruth, Matilda, and those to come. It sounds like you both have a pretty eventful week ahead. My week doesn't look too full. There's a picnic lunch with Maggie's class that I'm going to on Thursday and I'll be watching Tyler all day on Friday, but other than that, it's pretty much the same routine.

I've been struggling valiantly to stay on track and managed to have a pretty good weekend. My only slipup was on Friday with a bag of those darned Terra Chips. But they're out of the house now and I'm set with wholesome, healthy foods for the week.

How was everyone's weekend? I'm eager to hear how Cyndi fared in the Aids Walk.
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Good morning Looks like we are heading into a hot week around here but today will be lovely. I'm off North for staff meeting most of the day but will enjoy the drive.

So not only did we make it through the entire 10K walk without incident but we walked 1.5 miles to and from DD's apartment. I ended up with over 9 miles on my pedometer! We both really enjoyed it though and she is going to organize a team from her workplace for next year. They actually have an HIV unit so she was surprised they didn't have identified walkers. DD and I enjoyed the focused time together and making the walk on the 30 year anniversary of the disease was pretty powerful.

Mathilda - I hate those mornings! Hope the day breezes by.

Ruth - Pity about the Crocs Looks like another busy week for you. I don't think I have enough energy to retire yet!

Heidi - Hope those last two weeks are fun for everyone. Let's plan a get together once school is out.

Cottage - Terra Chips are lethal. I used to love those and just can't be around them now.

My weight is actually up a lb from last week which is pretty frustrating. I managed to stay mostly on Phase 2 Sat. & Sun (didn't want to do Phase 1 with the walk ahead) and was on plan all last week. Ah well, nothing to do but keep on keeping on. I'm doing 4 days of Phase 1 then one annual off plan goodie at the end of the week and right back to Phase 1.5 after.

Okay, time to get moving on this week. Here's to easy Mondays for everyone
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Good morning!

Matilda - Enjoy your afternoon off!

Ruth - LOL...I almost never give the HW meds on time. One day late is okay! I think wearing the crocs would be a hoot!

Heidi - good luck today!

Cottage - You did a lot better than I this weekend!

Had a GREAT weekend with the in-laws, I couldn't have asked for a prettier weekend. Did a lot of sightseeing, which they enjoyed. Unfortunately had a lot of ice cream too - good thing we don't have visitors often!

I'm going into work a tad late so that the kiddos can say bye to the relatives before they go (never mind, sleep in an hour!). Then off to work, and hopefully a swim. It's looking to be another beautiful day!

Have a great one!

Cyndi snuck in - congrats on the walk!! I just read the article of the man overseas now being cleared of HIV...

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Good morning!

Matilda - You are making me almost feel the urge to paint! My bedroom really is crying out for lighter walls.

Ruth - " Too bad it goes on so fast and takes so long to trickle away!" - I hate this! I'll be working for weeks to lose what I gained over the weekend. Sigh.

Heidi - Seems like school should be over already! I expect you will get lots of hugs today.

Linda - I'm looking forward to a routine week myself

Cyndi - Glad to here the walk went so well. 30 years! Wow.

Twynn - Enjoy your day and your swim.

I am glad to be home and will be back OP today after a major eating detour this weekend. Off to the gym with mom this morning than the store for groceries. Teen heads to college orientation this week so today I want him to pull out the "what you need to bring" list and work on that. He had several hours of pre-orientation homework that he already got done, including tests for class placement.

I am so glad to have not social eating on my calendar for almost two weeks!

Have a great day, everyone.

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Good Morning

We're starting our painting project at 8. I'm excited...I hope the feeling lasts. I used Beck Diet Solution ideas to plan for success. DH and I often bump heads on these projects as they drag on. I made small goals, planned times and made sure to get all the ingredients we needed. I think I'll take my ipod, though. Last night I mapped out menus for the entire week and made a grocery list so I'm all set there.

Matilda, thanks for getting us started. Enjoy your free day after commencement...perhaps a short nap, too.

Ruth, I hope your busy day is bump free! Nice to see our resident vet has let you know a little slack on the meds is not to be worried about!

Heidi, 8 days...let the countdown begin!

Linda, ouch for Terra Chips but yay for getting right back into the groove. I've done so much better since Kirk decided to lay off the fried chips.

Cyndi, I knew you'd excel! Wish I could have joined you! I hope your Monday is easy, too.

Twynn, glad you had such a great weekend!

Karen, if you have the urge to paint-come on over! We have extra brushes! Yay for 2 weeks w/o social eating!

Have a great OP day everyone!
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Good Morning everyone!!

Happy to see that everybody is doing well for this awesome Monday morn. Being that it's not my favorite day of the week, considering the alternative, I'll take it

I had a decent weekend OP. I mixed up a batch of the whole wheat pancakes from the recipe on our forum and they are delicious!! I put the remaining batter in the fridge and made some more to bring to work. After adding some turkey sausage, I am feeling full and satisified.

I am missing my daily walking but have to focus on getting my heel spur heeled first. I need time to join a gym with a pool because with the addition of arthritis, I think that water aerobics would be better for me in the long term. Well, it's something I need to make a choice to do...make the time...as someone else said and be "selfish" for my health.

Have a "Blessed day" ((hugs)) ~~ Janie
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Good morning everyone! Sounds like most of us had a pretty good weekend in terms of staying on plan and including exercise. Its an overcast drizzly morning here, and I opted for an extra half hour of sleep rather than get up to exercise - I'll need to make up for it after work. I got up 2 hours early on Friday to go on a work day trip, and my body never got back in sync afterwards for the weekend. I was exhausted and grumpy all weekend. I tried sleeping in but always something got in the way. Last night I finally got some rest though. I'm feeling more energized and in control for a great OP week.
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Good morning, missed you all last week! I'm working on my first major goal of getting under 300lbs, wish me luck!

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