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Default SBD Daily Chat for Monday, April 25

Good morning all:
Ugh, I feel gross today. Totally ate off plan and had lots of candy yesterday. Also ate sugar on Saturday at the egg hunt, so the last two days have been a free for all. I've got to get back on track today.

Yesterday was a little strange for me and I'm feeling kind of mournful today, not sure why. Normally I love Easter but for various reasons everything felt a little off and I was also in a bad mood because I'm pms'ing so I was short with my son which always makes me feel guilty. Well, today is another day. We'll see what happens.

Hope everyone has a great day-
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Just a quick fly by right now but I'll be back later. Work will be at least three straight days of 10-12 hour phone banking so I'm running out to the Cove for a bird walk before attaching the phone to my ear
We had a perfect day at the coast yesterday, just what I needed in the middle of the work crush.

Mathilda - Sorry the weekend left you in a funk. Hope today is better, even if it is a Monday

I'll be in and out all day when I need a break from phone calls.
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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Be happy.
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Good morning!

Matilda, I could have written (most of) your post myself this morning. My holiday weekend included some candy and other sweets that I usually avoid so I'm feeling lethargic and just not right this morning, too. And although the church service yesterday was wonderful, the family dinner and things afterward were hard. We're all still adjusting to holidays without my dad and nephew.

I really enjoyed the nice, long visit with my mom but it was good to wake up in my own bed this morning. And I'll be glad to get back to school today, I've missed the little guys and I've missed the routine. I'll be staying far from the teachers' room though, it's sure to be full of candy and sweets this week!

Have a great Monday, friends!

Edited to add: Hi Cyndi, Enjoy the your bird walk this morning!

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Matilda, I hope you feel a lot better today, and I'm sure your son will forgive you. Have a good one, Chickie.

We had a great Easter, and the weather co-operated for the most part. The only problem is, everyone is reluctant to go home and I didn't get to bed until way past my usual bedtime. My eating was pretty much on track and I couldn't have eaten more even if I wanted to.

I'm off to the farm and another day of trying to keep up with all the dust from the construction. Even though the guys have sealed off the areas where they are working, dust is still managing to sift through and you can even see it in the air. And lets not even talk about the noise! At least the girls are back in school so they won't be in the way.

Cyndi, I'm glad you had such a good day yesterday. Enjoy your walk this morning before buckling down to work.


Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot

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Morning ladies. Sorry about your day Mathilda! It's behind you now and time to move forward! You got this!!

I stuck to my plan yesterday except had 5 more jelly beans than I said (so 6 total). I enjoyed them though and fit them into my calorie budget. Today is a new day!

Cleaning my friend's house today ...big job for me....and my day off from working out so I should still get a nice calorie burn. Mother in law is in the hospital with pancrientits (sp?) and pnemonia and she needs her gall bladder out. She had high triglicerides for so long that it caused all of this. The nurse did ask if she's been confused lately and my husband had to say yes so sad. Anyway....off to have another cup of coffee and make the kiddies breakfast!!! Have a great one.

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Come on Spring!
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It was lovely to sleep late this morning but it puts me behind on my day. I'm still in holiday mode - Easter Monday is a holiday here - but need to get cracking.

I have "Girls" dinner tonight and have a few things to do in this crack house before women, kids and dogs arrive. They are such a fun group and our dinners are hilarious. They are planned potluck and my part tonight is to cook my $$$ prime rib to perfection.

Wishing everyone a lovely spring day and an easy recovery from the weekend indulgences.
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TallandThin - Thinking of you.

Matilda - Hope you have a better day today.

Cyndi - Glad your little trip was nice.

Heidi - Nothing like our own bed. Have a great day at school.

Linda - Ugh - Sounds unpleasant.

Kristen - Sorry to hear about your MIL.

Ruth - YUM!

Not much happening today. DH is taking is mom to another doctor's appointment which means I am again stranded car-less all afternoon. I may just take a little nap. But also plan an afternoon walk. On the treadmill since the weather is just not very nice around here this week. My teen is finally realizing how very little school he has left. I expect the next few weeks will fly by for him and us.

Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning chicks. I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter. I am prepping for the week from Hades. I've got a conference at work starting tomorrow, and I'll need to leave the house by 5AM every day and won't get home until late. I will be prepared and stay on-plan (my mantra). Today marks 3 weeks back on-plan, and I was down 3 lbs at my doctor's appt last week. That may not sound like much, but it's a downward trend, so I am happy! I'll be completely off the prednisone in another 2 weeks and will be working hard to get this weight off.
DD2's 13th birthday is Thursday, so I need to figure out how we will celebrate that when I'll be out of the house all day.

WT - DD2 informed me that they have 6 weeks of school left. I'm not sure how I feel about that, although I am looking forward to my beach week!
Ruth, have a lovely time with the girls!
Kristen, hope your MIL is better soon.
cottage, sounds like your house was the place to be for Easter!
Heidi, stay strong at work today!
Cyndi, what is it with 12 hour days this week? I am dreading it, but misery loves company.
Matilda, hope you snap out of your funk. I was really not into the festivities yesterday either.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Mornin' chicks....checking in for accountability! Birthday and holiday days are over, time to get back on track. I'm thinking I'm doing Phase 1.5 for a week or so, to try to control myself a bit. Can't stay away from some fruit though with the workouts.

Off to work. The kids have no school today, so I get to take them with me. OH lucky ME!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good Morning

I slept in and since I'd promised myself to get an extra workout today I've gotta keep going. It's still raining here so biking isn't an option. I'll go to the gym early and get some riding there before water yoga.

It sounds like a busy week for everyone and OP is my focus, too.

TallandThin, I'm sorry to hear you ended up in the ER again yesterday. Take care, dear, and you know we're here to support you with staying OP while you deal with this again.

Kristen (kmac), sorry to hear about your MIL. I hope shes on the mend soon.

Everyone else
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning,

I did well with eating until yesterday afternoon and then it was not pretty. Time to dust myself off and get back on track. I really need to get that brain connection again.

Saturday spent 5 hours in Daughters room cleaning it out- took 3 bags of items and 1 bag of trash out of that room. It actually looks like a room again instead of a disaster area.

Tall and thin- I will keep you in my prayers.

Kmac sorry to hear about your MIL

Okay back to work, the kiddos are all off school today, but DH is at home with them.

Make it a great day.
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Hello everyone! What's happening! I now have access to a computer on Mondays and Fridays, so I'll be checking in then. Stay blessed! Kristen, you are in my prayers honey!

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Dear All -

Here's hoping everyone finds something to feel good about from the past weekend - easter, Passover, whatever! Imagine how good you will feel after all the sugar has made it's way back OUT!

I am lucky I guess - sugar is not my big interest, so the candy is not much of a draw. My problem is potatoes - ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING made out of a potato. I am relearning to enjoy sweet potatoes again, but here I can only find the orange-fleshed ones. Those are fine for baking, mashing, etc. However, many of my favorite recipes (broccoli potato soup, beef stew) need the pale yellow flesh sweet potatoes, so I am going without. Sniff.

BUT - great week with my mom and my kids. The weather is a joy here - so beautiful!!

Be well -

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Take care Bea!

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THANK YOU! I came home and did NOT eat the potatoes in any form. Hurrah!

I fought off those potato demons by having my first popcorn since March 1 - SO GOOD!!!! I certainly plan to keep it down to no more than once a week, but it felt very nice to sit down and have some time to myself today. Small selfish moment - DD1 and DD2 are at gymnastics, and I get a whole hour and a half to myself - well, me, myself, and popcorn!

Rejoice in your day!
Be well -

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