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Default Me again: with another question

One of the things I struggle with is motivation to exercise. I do great for a few days.. or even a few weeks and then I just go "bleh".

I do enjoy the exercise WHILE I'm doing it... I have kettlebells and I belong to a karate club... but it's the motivation to START that I have trouble with.. it's almost as if it falls of my radar. Kettlebells I do at home. Karate hasn't been the same since my Sensei started sharing teaching responsibilites (he got promoted at his job and has less time to teach) .. so I think that's part of my problem there as well.

I'm hoping that some of you who exercise regularly can help me pinpoint what I'm doing psychologically to sabotage myself or maybe help me find a way to motivate myself.
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This may not work for everyone, but I am a pretty competitive person, so I often sign up for 5Ks in the area. That way I'm working TOWARDS something with my workouts rather than exercising "just because". Since I'm a larger person I don't try to compare myself to these people who are all muscle, but I do keep a journal of my 5K races and my times, so I'm always trying to get a personal best. Hope that helps!
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The ONLY way that I can excercise is to do it first thing in the morning. No matter what time I have to work, I just have to set the alarm and do it. I never seem to be able to maintain workouts later in the day.

This is kind of silly, but I don't allow myself to "decide" if I am going to work out until I am fully dressed and have my workout shoes on. :-) I also keep a workout diary and that seems to be motivating. As time goes on, I am much more comfortable with the days that I work out than the days that I make excuses.

Hang in there
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S/C/G: maintaining


I exercise every day and it is still a motivational struggle. I don't even enjoy it much when I'm doing it but am always glad I did it when I'm done. What works best for me is to have a workout partner. I know that isn't always feasible though. The good thing is that usually at least one of us will get the other going. Some people do well if the schedule it on the calendar. Oh, another thing that works for me when I am partner-less... telling myself I only need to do a short time. Like maybe 20 minutes. Just to get started. Usually once I am going I keep at it longer.

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For me, exercise has to be fun, so I really explored new things and have definitely kept the ones I liked and discarded the ideas of the ones I didn't, always keeping open the possibility that I might like it 15 pounds smaller.

Someone once suggested picking something you liked as a kid. I loved riding bikes, so I got one. I couldn't ride around the block when I started but something felt "right" so I kept working at it. I have almost 600 miles logged on the new bike I felt I deserved in Nov. of 09. I ride short distances doing tasks and errands I used to do in the car.

I love the social aspects of my water aerobics and water yoga.

I got an inexpensive recumbent bike for our home and listen to my Ipod even for 10 minutes. I will purposely egg DH into working out with me; he lifts weights and I watch while pedaling and entertain myself.

I bought a Walk off the Pounds DVD for days I don't feel like leaving the house for a walk.

Most important, for me, I've made a NO CHOICE 10 minutes per day rule (thx Beck Diet Solution). Even if all else fails, I do something for 10 minutes and don't beat myself up over not doing more.

Now that I'm watching quantities of what I eat more closely, I'm recognizing the importance of exercising every day AND the direct correlation to what I can eat when I exercise VS when I don't.

Best wishes!
Debbie R

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I struggle with this too... I find that it's easier for me to work out in the evening right when I get home from work, unless I have something planned... then I'll drag myself out of bed in the morning. I like the idea of a "no choice" rule. The other night a friend and I walked to the park and just had fun on the swings-- I made sure I got twenty minutes in, and I didn't feel bad about not doing my "normal" exercise (stationary bike). I need to find more things like that that dont feel like work. : )
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I make it my "me" time. I put on my ipod, watch an old episode of LOST, and bar my children from bothering me as I do my treadmill. So, I get an hour to myself. Now that's something to look forward to!
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Thank you all very much for these responses.

I also like the idea of
I've made a NO CHOICE 10 minutes per day rule
Getting up earlier is always hard for me.. I'm a night owl fer sure. but if I can sit on my butt knitting for an hour, I should make it a point to carve out at LEAST 10 minutes.

Thank you all!
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I just tell myself that I have to do it. There are some days that I try to make excuses, but I remind myself that I will feel so much better when I'm finish ed. Even 30 minutes will completely change my outlook on the day. Some days it is really hard to get myself to the gym, REALLY hard, but if I don't give myself an option of NOT going, I don't really have a choice. I schedule my gym time just like I schedule everything else in my life.

100 lbs. down plus a carrot for every 5 more
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maybe that is part of my problem.. I try not to schedule everything..
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