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Default Holy Mac! Help Phase I is killing me

Ok today is day 4 of Phase I for me. I'm not sure if I'm even doing this SB right, but I'm going out of my mind.

Really, really? is it possible to complete the 2 week phase I part of SB? When I started SB, the book kind of fell into my hands and I took it as a sign since I have platued for 2 months almost after having lost 40 lbs rapidly. Day 1 & 2 were a breeze. I was like hey, I'll stay on this for like 4 weeks and lose more weight. But now.................

I'm cranky, angry, upset and know that if i break the diet its only going to make me sad. I keep opening the fridge bc im hungry, but I'm all egged out and dreading breakfast tomorrow, can barely think of something creative to eat for lunch, and tonights dinner was a flop... hunger wise, tasted gross and i threw it all out. The only thing I've liked so far is celery w/ skinny cow and turkey, but even the thought of that is making me cringe for tomorrow.

Sorry for the rant. But pls tell me it gets better. Pls offer any sort of advice, comments, anything so this seems more doable and I want to stick to. I'm contemplating going back to calorie counting instead and limiting breads and carbs, but dont want to waste the 4 days I've endured. I used to kill for some high carb high sugar dessert after EVERY meal, but ever since SB, i just want fruit. I really would love fruit or cereal ARGHHHH.

Oh and the feeling that all I've eaten for 4 days has gone nowhere is also freaking me out. I just got back from buying metamucil, and have had a glass. Hopefully that helps. Sorry for the TMI!

I'm so desperate I quickly typed this post... havent even checked other posts. Kay thanks guys! Really.. <3 xoxox Merissa

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I'm brand new and don't know your diet but it sounds like you have to eat a lot of eggs at the moment. To get creative I found a way to add flavor to eggs and make "deviled eggs". I just add mustard and typically for most mustard is a really safe food. I just take the yolks, add mustard, and (oh goodness I forgot the name)... that red powder spice. It makes pretty darn good deviled eggs. After it's safe you can do honey mustard (few more calories and sugars but still low) and they are the bomb! Way better then normal deviled eggs in my opinion. Hope it helps. Like I said I no clue your diet so hopefully I didn't insert foot in mouth.
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Ok... deep breath....

First of all... Yeah... 2 weeks of Phase 1 is absolutely doable. My husband and I have both done it more than once, as have most of the ladies on this sub-forum.

It would be helpful if you posted your typical menus for a day, so we can take a look at them. I suspect that you may not be getting enough to eat. There really isn't any reason for you to be hungry.

There are meal templates that show you what your daily menus should look like posted here:

You may also want to look at some of the things that the successful women on this site have been eating and at the recipes at the top of the forum to get some ideas of different things to eat. There are so many options, you should be able to find something that you enjoy.

If you are sick of eggs in the morning, maybe try one of the waffle recipes for breakfast... they are one of our favorites:

It really is typical to feel crappy (headaches, nausea) for the first several days or so while your body goes through detox. Make sure to have your two servings of non-fat dairy every day along with a serving or two of beans. That will help with the carb withdrawls and the beans will also help the other problem you mentioned.

Hang in there... it absolutely will get easier and the cravings you're having will go away. My husband and I love this WOE.

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deep breath again. I felt really edgy and cranky too. It's part of the detox. There are loads of recipes here to help you find something appetizing. It gets better.Truly it does. Something that helped me was to go through the on plan thread and find stuff that appealed. I spent a lot of time in the beginning combing through old on plan threads ...... Take care and keep the faith.

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Best easy meal I've found that has really satisfied me and made me feel like I'm not eating on a diet is a serving (sometimes I double that) of fat free refried beans, a chicken breast cut up on top, top that off with a generous 1/4 of Pace and a serving of reduced fat shredded cheese. It's so tasty and filling makes me forget that I'm..dieting

Also nothing says you have to eat "breakfast foods for breakfast" mix it up...have something that is your fave I've been debating having my fav turkey lunch meat celery sticks and a rf cream cheese the last few mornings but eggs have been easier
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OK, deep breath. Yes, you can do this. Visit the on plan thread for inspiration, there is so much you can eat here. When not dieting, what are your favorite foods? List some, and let's see if we can find alternatives for you that are Phase 1 friendly but taste close to the real thing. And the despair and physical "blahs" you are experiencing are definitely your body detoxing from the sugar and bad carbs. It truly will end, and then you'll feel like a million $$.
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and if you post your meals, the ladies here are great at evaluating it! (and I was CRANKY the first few days I did SBD...my DH was SO GLAD when I was over that part!!)

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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All the gals have had great suggestions, so far. Yes, you are detoxing. Although I don't like feeling bad...detox and the intensity of it is a sure sign that your body is needing this. After you get through it your body will be in a better position to let go of more weight. Just get through the two weeks and transition into phase 2. Staying on phase 1 for another month won't help you lose extra weight and you'll probably get bored, which makes it easier to get off track.

Remember that SBD is good carb not low carb. You will be able to enjoy bread and other goodies.

I encourage you to post on either the daily or the on plan thread every day. It really helps to keep in touch. I'd also encourage you to not make any decisions about SBD until you get through the detox/craving phase. The single thing which absolutely blew my mind after finishing P1 was that I could successfully lose weight without being constantly hungry and craving sugary foods. To me, it was a miracle.

Best wishes!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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S/C/G: maintaining


You have already gotten some great advice here. I found the two weeks hard, but they get easier as it goes along and it is soooo worth it. I never followed the meal plans in the book and got so sick of eggs that I just went for non-traditional breakfasts. I have done PH1 a few times now and the easiest is when I eat a lot of beans. Got through the recipe section on here - there is some very tasty stuff there. And if the thought of two weeks is too daunting, just think about it one day at a time or one meal or snack or mouthful at a time.

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I've done Phase 1 of South Beach before, and I always find that days 2-6 seem to be the worst, because that's when your body is going through the most withdrawal and you're still coping with the changes. So chin up, it'll definitely get better!

And on a side note, I got curious and tried those Phase 1 Belgian Waffles (though I made the pancakes instead since I don't have a waffle iron) and they were FANTASTIC! I was very skeptical, but now I'm a convert! Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe!
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It is possible to have a totally clean Phase One. I ate a lot of chili on phase 1! Lean ham or turkey roll-ups spread with laughing cow or other acceptable cheese. I Grilled a lot of veggies. Everything tastes better grilled!

That being said, if you HAVE to cheat, don't just give up. It is not the end of the world if you go to phase 2 early. Yes your cravings will do better if you do the full 2 weeks. But if you have to, eat a small serving of a low glycemic fruit like berries. That is better than giving up!

I lost 60 pounds on SB and maintained it for 2 years til I got pregnant. currently on WW but using what I learned on SB.
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Day four is always the worst for me. For whatever reason, that is always the day where I want to rip my own hair out. I find myself reverting back to a three year old where I make yucky faces at all the things I can eat because the only thing in the world I think I want is x. (always something with sugar and flour, btw) but... it does get better. Promise. What you need is to get creative. Check out Kalyn's kitchen- she has whole sections devoted to just phase one meals. And they're delicious. What does your normal day look like? Make sure that you are getting in alll of your veggies, have your dairy each day, and try to incorporate more beans into your diet. I always try to avoid "diet" feeling foods like plain chicken breasts. They feel like torture. Now, chicken fajitas? Heck yes! Filling, delicious, and perfectly on plan if you skip the tortillas.

For my meals, I try to have two types of veggies. One as a faux starch and a little less healthy (like cauliflower au gratin) and one simply steamed or grilled. It makes me feel like there's more variety and flavor. And, mix it up. You don't have to have eggs for breakfast if you don't want them. Try having lunch for breakfast instead.

Good luck. You can do this.

Fighting back from the regain

Strong is the new skinny.
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Zucchini puffs got me through Phase I. Seriously, check out the recipes here and you can find lots that will get you through Phase I. If you can tough it out, it will be SO worth it, I promise!!! Look up the baked spaghetti squash casserole...it's yummers!!!

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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Thank you ALLL so much for your posts. My internet was down for a couple of days and with Easter weekend, my response got delayed. Thanks soo much again. Seriously, I'm so glad i posted and am so grateful for the responses. The various suggestions, tips, ideas etc, helped me reach my 9th day today. I cheated with 2 bites of forbidden goodness on day 7, but i figure 2 bites is better than having the actual thing (spoken like a true guilty person ;-)

Some thoughts and my experiences

Someone posted or I found:
the pumpkin cheesecake thing: i didnt like it at all. It made me nauseous!

Belgian waffle: uhhhmazing

I also tried this thing where i beat my eggs, added 1/4 cup non fat milk and tbs of baking powder made fluffy scrambled eggs added turkey sausage and had it with sugar free maple syrup... it was REEEEALLY good despite how unappetizing it sounds.

DTHEFASHIONISTA: where would i be without your refried bean, pace and grilled chkn suggestion. By far the yummiest meal yet! ty, ty!

next on my list is zucchini puffs..

I'm happy to report, you guys were right, I am NOT cranky and no longer starving anymore. I have no cravings either. When i get head hunger for sweet food, i have sugar free jello with a dollop of sugar free cool whip. I'm sure the aspartame& Phenylalanine overload from SB and a sugar free way of life will catch up to me eventually, but for now, I'm happy . Thank you again everyone!!

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Merissa, I'm glad you liked the recipe (So easy, right?) and that you made it through. Keep up the good work girl!
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