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Default OP cereal help please...??


I am not sure what cerals would be considered OP ? I assume Kashi?? I found these cluster type vanilla almond and thought i could toss some in my yougurt if I needed a crunch...but I am looking for cereal for bfast. Eggs make me too full for my morning workout.....

what types of cereal do you eat?
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I swear by Fibre 1 or steel cut oats. I'm not sure about Kashi but I'm sure another Beacher uses it and will chime in.
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Kashi has a lot of cereals and the one my husband bought had a lot of sugar in it. Caused lots of cravings for me. I'd read the labels closely. I use Uncle Sam in my yogurt. You can also do non-traditional breakfasts. I never have eggs!

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Special K protein is the lowest carb cereal I've found, and it's pretty low sugar but not sugar free. If you focus on sugars though, instead of just carbs, there are many low/no sugar options - from cheerios to shredded wheat to the ones mentioned above. I look for cereals with less than 5g sugar per 50g serving...

Beware, many of the Kashis (though not all), and many "healthy" sounding cereals, have as much sugar as frosted kids' cereals
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I couldn't find a good on plan cereal that I like, so I guess I kind of concoct my own. Banana nut oats is one of my favorites:
1/3c. large flake oats (lowest GI oats besides steel cut -- and much less time consuming)
1c skim milk or almond milk
1 tsp apple or pumpkin pie spice
2 tsp splenda

Combine it all in a bowl and soak in the fridge over night. In the morning, you can nuke it for 30sec (just to warm it, not cook it) in the microwave if you prefer warm cereal, or you can eat it cold. Soaking the oats over night softens them without turning them into the usual oatmeal mush.

Top with 1/2 banana and 1-T chopped walnuts (if it's warm you could stir in 1T natural PB for peanut butter banana oats. Yum!)

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We're supposed to look for cereals with 6g+ fiber per serving and 5g sugar or less per serving. I'll admit that I eat a half cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal (dry) as my afternoon snack every day, which is a half serving, so only 2g fiber and 5g sugar. Even though it has 5g sugar in it, for whatever reason it doesn't cause cravings for me. It is both crunchy and sweet, and satisfies me so I'm not hungry when I get home from work.

Again, ideally you want to look for something with 6g+ of fiber per serving and less than 5g sugar per serving.
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Kashi is deceptive! I looked at one box int the grocery store which listed a variation of cane sugar as the second ingredient. Ouch. I usually stick with some type of bran flake type thing, on the rare occasion that I have cereal.

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Originally Posted by snackiejackie View Post
I am not sure what cerals would be considered OP ? I assume Kashi?? I found these cluster type vanilla almond and thought i could toss some in my yougurt if I needed a crunch...but I am looking for cereal for bfast.
A lot of the Kashi cereals have added sugar (evaporated cane juice, etc.) and corn flours. Be extra careful to read labels. In fact most of Kashi cereals I have looked at are not SB compliant.

Here's the requirements for cold cereals from the Phase II requirements for cereal:

Cold: choose ones with 6g or more fiber and 8g or less sugar

Even Cheerios has modified corn starch & sugar as the 2nd & 3rd ingredients.

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