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Working on healthy
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Default SBD Daily Chat: Tuesday, 15 March

Good morning The hotel room has a Keurig with Green Mtn cups It's going to be a big coffee day around here. Today is our Lobby Day and it ends with a joint hearing on our bill that just got scheduled Friday afternoon. It's going to be wild and crazy. I just hope something really good comes out of it. DW was hired to do the photography for the day, so she is here too. Once we clean up and pack up we are off for dinner and drinks until we collapse I doubt I'll be back on at all today so will wish you all a good Tuesday now. See you tomorrow morning after event #1 is complete!
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Good morning! Nice about the Keurig!!! Good luck with your bill (not sure what it's about but I hope it ends with you happy Today is my daughters 11th birthday so we are taking her out to eat and bowling. The restaurant is buffett chinese BUT it has the most amazing fresh veggie/meat grill that is made up for you at your request while you watch so that is what I will be doing! Bowling should burn some extra cals too! Have a great day, Chicks!!

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Be happy.
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Good morning Cyndi - and hooray for the Keuritg & Green Mountain cups in your room. How great that Julie's doing the photography so you're both there. Good luck lobbying today!

Good morning kmac, and happy birthday to your daughter. It sounds like you've got a great celebration planned for her.

I got another great walk in after school yesterday, so I'm still thrilled with daylight savings time but I'm dragging this morning. It just seems to dark to have to be up and at 'em already. LOL (TallandThin, I'm with you - I much prefer to walk early in the day, but I can't fit it in on work days. I'm an A.M. walker on vacations and all summer long though.)

I had my hair done last night and went back to my old hair cut. (Kept the new color though. ) I loved the new style when Gail dried but it took me so long to fix it every day and I wasn't always happy with it. I figure if I couldn't catch on to styling it in a month it probably wasn't happening. I'm very happy with how my hair looks this morning so I guess it was a good call.

Enjoy your Monday friends.

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Cyndi and Kmac - sorry but I've forgotten your real name. Forgive me - I'm old!

Cyndi, I am so glad you have good coffee! That'll make your mornings so much better. Maybe when you get home, Spring will have arrived.

Kmac, I am salivating just thinking of a Chinese buffet. It's my addiction. We have a place in Ottawa called Mongolian Grill - I should try it sometimes as it sounds healthy. Give your DD a birthday hug - they grow so fast!

Heidi, yes this morning darkness sucks! I'm looking forward to those bright May and June mornings when I can walk and watch the village wake up. I've been dealing with a new hairstyle too and the jury is still out on it. Sometimes it's great and other times ...

Yesterday was peaceful around here but things will crank up to "normal" today. I work the Good Food Box this morning which is always a surprise. We never know what fruits and veggies the wholesaler has sent us. It's actually pretty boring these days but rhubarb and asparagus will be great in June.

Jazz and I do one-on-one pet therapy at the nursing home this afternoon. He is such a good little guy about sitting on people's laps. After that we will drive into Brockville to deliver some important papers to a woman - nice lady but she doesn't realize that the distance is the same from her house to my house as my driving to her place! At least they'll be off my desk!

Right now it's time for breakfast and waiting for daylight. Today is supposed to be above freezing so more of the **** will melt away. Yippee!

Have a great Tuesday, Beach Beauties!
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Wow, FCyndi, that's super that your hotel has a Keurig right in your room! Makes for a happy start to the day, eh? It's great that Julie was able to join you on this trip, too, and I hope all goes smoothly.

kmac, I wish your DD a Happy Birthday, and enjoy your healthy dinner at the buffet!

Heidi, I'm glad you're happy going back to your usual hairstyle. It's fun to try a new style, but sometimes pretty frustrating to try to get it to looking just right. Have a good day at school today!

I'm adjusting pretty well to the time change and really appreciated the extra daylight when I was driving home from the farm after 6pm yesterday. The girls were happy to be able to play outside after we got back from piano lessons, too. Audrey got her ears pierced as part of her birthday present and couldn't wait to show them off to me, along with her stylish new haircut, too. My baby is growing up too fast!
It will be another late day today since the girls have gymnastics after school, but at least I can sit in my car and read while they're having their lesson.


Good morning, Ruth! I wish Jazz was going to spend some time on my lap today. I sure do miss the little fellow and Disney. I can't wait to see your new "do" and give my opinion on it!
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Hi all,
It's still jarring that it's dark so late in the am. I'm still using my SAD light in the morning. Can't wait for the sun to come up a little earlier! The light was nice last night but since I'm indoors getting my son ready for bed, I can't enjoy it so much :-(.

Seems like this will be a quiet week for me (knock wood) and a quiet weekend too. Next week we're taking a mini vacation to the Philly area with friends so it will be good for me to lay low for the time being. The last of the budget meetings are today at work so it will be great to get that over with.

Hope everyone has a great day...sorry I'm not more exciting this am!
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Visualizing the Goal
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I just ate a bowl of homemade salsa. I have really been wanting some and I have been trying to figure out something safe to use as chips but I finally just figured that it's not that much different than gazpacho. It was yummy!

We have our meeting today with the medical board and after they clear us we should be able to get the official orders for Hawaii, which means we can schedule the flight, our lodging for after we move out, the movers, and Lukas' dedication at home. Yay!

Cyndi, good luck with everything today!

Kristen, happy birthday to your daughter!

Heidi, glad your new old haircut is a good fit for you!

Ruth, I hope you get a good surprise in the food boxes!

Linda, what are you reading now?

Matilda, you will have to give my regards to Philadelphia. I grew up right across the river.

Okeydokey, I've got a half hour before the last load of laundry is done so I'm going to clean out the coat closets. I don't think we'll be needing snowpants once we move.

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Matilda, where in Philly will you be visiting this weekend? My DD and I are going to Penzey's Spices in Chestnut Hill on Saturday.

Kara, right now I'm just reading some light Amish stories by Beverly Lewis. I had to take a breather in between reading The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, as that was pretty heavy stuff for me. I have the other two books in that trilogy and will probably try to read the next one in the series soon. They are far from the style that I usually read, but a friend gave me these and encouraged me to read them.
Live simply
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Wine alot
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Good morning.

Cyndi - I had to google your coffee terms!

Kristen - Happy birthday to your DD. Have fun.

Heidi - I am so bored with my hair and tired of fighting it but not ready to chop it off again. My mother would keep nagging me if I dared to let the gray show!

Ruth - Jazz probably enjoys it as much as the seniors

Linda - Reading anything you'd recommend? Just saw your next post with the answer. I liked but did not love the Dragon Tatoo series.

Matilda - Quiet sounds good. Vacation does too.

Kara - We have some great flatbread that my husband uses for everything and I use for pizzas. It would crisp up nicely for salsa.

My older son is flying home today for a few days. He'll get in late afternoon. So most of our plans revolve around him for a while. Not sore today from yesterday's workout - not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Trying green tea this morning. To see if I can find one I don't hate. I read so much about the benefits.

Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning everyone!

In a rush today, got to get DS to daycare (since the kids are out for spring break) and get to work. Hopefully I can make it a full day, I hurt my back and it is really hard to sit for long periods of time. Scales seem to be on my side today so that will hopefully make for a GREAT day!

Everyone have a fantastic day. TTYL

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Good morning!!

I'm off and running. Yesterday I went to wake up my son(who does not do well with the time change) and he informed me I should quit my job so he could sleep in. He was a little disappointed when I told him it wouldn't matter since he would still have to go to school. He definately prefers waking up with the sun.

Today is more testing. I will be a broken record for the next two weeks. Tonight Tanner has piano/voice.

The best part of today is it is supposed to be 65!!!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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Good Morning

Kristen, Happy Birthday to your DD!

I've been sleeping so many hours lately! I'm lacking getting things done...but as one who "manages insomnia" I guess I'll just roll with it! We had a nice dinner last night and we're going skiing today. My nephew will be over in about an hour. It's a nice day for it!

Take care everyone!
Debbie R

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Hi everyone!

Heidi - glad you like your new haircut!

Karen - I'm not a massive fan of green tea either, but they have a good green tea with orange here, which is just about tolerable!

Everyone else - hello! Enjoy your light nights and holidays :-)

I've had a rubbish day so far because I've been fighting with my ex flatmates about money.My bf is fighting my corner with the ex flatmates, sometimes I find it hard to get my exact point across in German, especially when I'm very angry! I'm just off for a run to get rid of some stress and then I'm meeting a friend to go ballerina pump/ Spring shoe shopping so hopefully I'll feel better!

Have a nice (sunny) day everyone :-)

ps: scale still hasn't moved for me, ticker is now lying and it is driving me crazy!
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The time change hit home this morning and nobody wanted to get up. Except me, for some reason I was up at 5AM. But I got a lot done and got my walk in. The rest of the day is just work and a doctor's appt this afternoon. I did really well with my plan yesterday, until DH handed me a wine spritzer as I was cooking dinner, and I drank it without even thinking. And found out after that he used regular soda to make it. EEK! I don't think I've had non-diet soda in 3 years. My fault not his, I haven't been strict since he's been home, and I didn't tell him I was back on-plan. Well, today is another day.

Cyndi, SCORE! It must be a very nice hotel, judging by the coffee. Good luck with your bill this week. It's very nice DW is there with you.
Kristen, Happy Birthday to DD! Have a great time bowling.
Sounds like a busy day, Ruth, enjoy the sun.
Heidi, happy good hair day. I had to cancel my hair appt a week or so ago, and I look like a skunk right now. DS said to me the other day, "Your hair is two colors." Yeah. Duh.
Kara, I know you are itching to get started on your arrangements. Hope you get your official orders soon.
Matilda, Philly is a great place for a weekend trip. Maybe you and Linda can have a chick-meet at the spice store.
cottage, how I wish I could go to Penzey's Spices with you!
Karen, I can't stand plain green tea either, tastes like cigarette ash to me, but Salada Red Antioxidant Green Tea is good, and I used to have another I liked, with pomegranate in it, but can't remember the brand. Enjoy DS!
Jess, hope your back is feeling better soon.
Hi Jasmine, enjoy your beautiful weather.
Debbie, I agree, enjoy your sleep when you can. Have a great time with your company today.
Claire, shoe shopping should definitely make you feel better. Roommates are difficult in any language.

Hope I got everyone. If not, hello and have a wonderful day and to chicks yet to arrive.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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I feel like I need to put a prybar next to my bed in the AM so I can get up! I overslept by 15 minutes AGAIN today. Can't wait for the weekend so I dont' have to get up for work in the DARK!

Well yesterday was my first day back OP and of course my Mom drops by with some home made cherry bread pudding. It was a very SMALL block but I just had to eat it because it was STILL WARM! OMG...heaven. Then I was strict the rest of the day. I told my Mom that I'm doing SB again and please refrain from bringing over goodies! LOL!

CyndiM - LOVE my Keurig!!!! I have one whole shelf in my cabinet filled with coffee and tea for mine. Have fun!

Kristen - Happy 11th BD to your daughter!

GOOD MORNING to everyone else
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