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Default SBD Chat for Weekend March 5-6

Hi all,
Hope I got the title right here! Mod, feel free to edit.

BEAN OVERLOAD. So, I did end up having wine last night and having roasted chick peas with it. I was in a snacking mood and had more than .5 cup - probably had 1.5 cups total. Problem is I also had chick peas in my lunch dish and ate a MS black bean burger for dinner last night My husband was threatening to go stay in a hotel! I've got to get some beano. Now, the thought of beans is grossing me out. I think I'll give the leftover MS burgers to some girls at work.

Today we are driving up to my parent's house and stopping at Ikea on the way to pick up a few items. We're going out to dinner tonight (Mexican) and I will be off plan. Coming back tomorrow, and I've already done a lot of my weekly food prep so I shouldn't be stressed. It's going to rain here, but be in the 50s. Wish me luck with my conversation with my mom-hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Good luck, Matilda! I hope you can enjoy your weekend despite the heavy talk.

I'm just checking in quick to get a recipe. I'll be back later.

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Matilda, your husband's threat to stay in a hotel last night got me giggling. I'm sorry you were uncomfortable though. I'm wondering how you're going to manage Mexican tonight without beans? LOL I do hope you have a good visit with your folks today, and that the Lyme disease discussion with your mom goes well.

Hello Kara, I hope your Saturday is going well.

I didn't mean to alarm anyone with my comment about artificial sweeteners yesterday. I believe that they're fine in moderation. My problem is that I've been relying on them way too much. I drink 4 - 6 cups of hot tea most days and was putting 1 packet of Splenda in each cup. My daily yogurt was flavored with splenda. I have steel cut oats or oat bran for breakfast most mornings and I was putting splenda on that too. Then there were the extras, things I didn't have every day but had several times a week (diet soda, SF jello, chewing gum). That's way too many chemicals for anyone. It's no wonder my body is rebelling at being cut off! I'm sure I'll use artificial sweeteners from time to time once the spring challenge is over but between now and then I'm sticking to stevia, honey or agave if I absolutely have to add sweetener.

We had a great time at the ski area yesterday - it was cold but sunny and the kids were dressed warm. Everyone enjoyed the tubing and there were no injuries so I went to bed tired but very happy.

I've got a youth group event this afternoon, but the morning is my own. I've got a lot of things I should do, but I'm thinking of putting those things aside and heading out on my snowshoes. There's rain/sleet on the way tonight and that will make my favorite trail 'crusty'. I'll still be able to snowshoe but it's great right now so I want to get one more trek without crunching at every step.

Enjoy your Saturday friends!

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Good morning!

You did fine, Matilda, and thanks for starting us up. I hope you have a nice visit with your parents, and things go especially well with your mother. I'm very familiar with Lyme disease, as the family I work for all has it except for Maggie. They have their good days and their bad, but it can be a grueling and devasting disease. Sorry about your bean overload!

The only thing on my agenda for today is go out shopping for a birthday present for Audrey, who'll be turning the ripe old age of 10 next Sunday. She enjoys science and loves to prove theories, so I hope I can find something she'd like at the Discovery Store. I can't do anything out in the yard today since Jake put the first lawn treatment on it yesterday, so I think the rest of the day will be spent curled up on the sofa reading.

Time to refill my coffee.
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Heidi, I'm with you on the artificial sweetners. The chemicals in them really worry me. I also notice products that use them increase my cravings and make me gain weight. I've read too many stories about aspartame to feel comfortable, and we don't really know all that much about splenda. If I'm going to eat something sweet I'll go for something with real sugar, and deal with those consequences. In two weeks we are going to the Cheesecake Factory and I'm going to share a piece of real cheesecake with my family.
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Come on Spring!
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Jake put the first lawn treatment on it yesterday!!!!! Cottage, you are soooo mean! I don't even have a clear deck although today's predicted rain should help that.

Matilda, my sympathies to your DH over the bean overload.

Heidi, snowshoeing certainly is major exercise. My inner thighs are still sore from the first time I tried it - first AND last I must say.

Yesterday was a delightfully relaxed day with some niggles cleared, coffee with a friend and time to get some wee projects ready to demonstrate at my quilting meeting on Monday. We are having a tea and quilt raffle in the fall and want to have a small craft table as well. I am going to show them how to make chicken pincushions which are kind of cute. I've also made some stack'n whack coasters.

Today will be another relaxed day. It's supposed to rain and be mild so I just might get some of the ice off the back deck. We are expecting snow tomorrow and snow on top of ice is not a good thing for my bum knee. I also plan some couch time with two snuggly dogs and I might even get a chance to watch the first Harry Potter. My Book Club is reading Harry and I just can't get into it so I'm going to cheat. We are supposed to be comparing it to The Hobbit.

Time for an OP breakfast - not beans, Matilda! I hope you all have some fun and relaxation this first March weekend.
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Good morning Slept wrong and woke up with a killer headache. I've got to shake it and prep for a one hour phone conference at 10. I'm running it so I have to clear the cobwebs out (my boss has a 15 month old and has worked 3 nights this week so we took over the calls today so she could spend the day focused on that cute baby). Right now I'm hoping coffee and sitting up will take care of it. Must schedule a massage for this week! I'll be back after my call meeting.
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Sorry about that, Ruthie, but I just thought I'd rub it in. I hope I don't have to end up eating my words! I don't want to see any more snow this year! That's too bad that you aren't enjoying Harry Potter, I read the entire series one summer and thoroughly loved it. Enjoy your relaxed day!

Heidi, I've been thinking a lot about trying to give up Splenda, too. I use it about as much as you, but my coffee and tea just don't taste right without being sweetened. I may try switching to stevia and see how that goes. I'm glad you had a nice day at Black Mountain yesterday with the kiddies.

Kara, what's on the menu for dinner?

Cyndi, take a couple of Advil with your coffee to help banish your headache. That's an awful thing to wake up to. I hope you're feeling much better in time for your conference.
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Good morning everyone!

Matilda - The beans don't get me anymore. But... broccoli and some fruits and cabbage! And sugar free gum!

Heidi - I am probably very similar to you in thinking. I've contentedly used sweeteners for years but I might get 6-10 serving a day now! I was thinking about you yesterday, when I bought more sf jello, and wondered what you'll be eating if you want a sweet treat.

Cyndi - Hope you feel better soon!

This is my teen's basketball tournament weekend. First game is at 11:00 which cuts right into my morning exercise so I will try to get going earlier today. He could play up to 5 game this weekend if they win them all; they won't. So my weekend is in flux until we know more. My mom just passed along Jodi Picoult's new book to me so I'll be doing some reading.


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Good morning, everyone. That was a funny bean story to start with today I've been there too! I really measure my black bean soup (as much as I love it). So, I haven't posted here all week. It's been crazy, but I stayed on plan, exercised 1hr on my treadmill 3x this week, and plan to add 2 more times this weekend. I am down a total of 7 lbs since February 15th, so I'm feeling pretty good. And here's the interesting part: I usually take one meal off each week (usually at some point over the weekend). Well, last night I decided to have a piece of my homemade pizza and a piece of my son's ice cream cake for dessert. It was good. I enjoyed it. But the interesting part is that I was excited to get back on plan today. EXCITED! Never in my life have I genuinely wanted to be on a "diet." I realized I feel good on SB. I know I'm eating well/clean, and I'm losing weight in the process! I don't feel deprived or like I'm missing out on something, which I think has been my mindset in the past. What a revelation! Have a good weekend, everyone!
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Good morning!!

I LOVE beans!!! I guess I am lucky in that they do not give me gas. I do get gas though from any dairy.

I have always thought I consume to much artifical sweetners. It does concern me. I always would like to lessen my consumption.

Today should be calm. I have laundry, groceries and taking my son to his play practice.

Have a great Saturday!!
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I THINK about beans and get gas. In fact, I think I'm starting to get gassy now, from all this talking about beans. I literally laughed out loud Matilda. Chris can totally relate to your DH. I read your post out loud to him and he scoffed and said "Been there!"

So here's what I say...... since wan2beamom, thefrenchgirl, and I live in Springfield, and candle lady certainly has reason to come up and VISIT Springfield, I think the next Fat Chicks on the Beach gathering should be.... in Springfield. I tried a fun trip to the Keys last year and nobody could make it. Lots of history here! Abraham Lincoln! State Capital of Illinois! Oooooh. ? (Also we at least have some birds, for the bird lovers. Chris and I heard an owl the other morning!)

Anna has her volleyball tourney today. We have to be there at 10:45. Chris is like "ugh this is going to be all day." Well um... yes. It's a tournament. Like a geeky gaming tournament, only without the computers. It's an all day event. As long as she has fun!!!

Better find some breakfast. Hope everyone has a great day!!!

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Hi everyone!

Hope you don't mind if I jump in to the daily threads every now and again!

I noticed lots of people are saying they want to cut down on the sweeteners - i hear you! I've been on phase one for 2 weeks now, and have been eating a lot of sweeteners because they are legal. I have noticed they bring out the cookie monster in me though, and last night it ended up in a massive detour off plan. I've decided to give them up for the spring challenge, so I'm making some sugar free jam (just using the sweetness from the fruits) today to help me through! Yoghurt with jam and peanut butter is my favourite breakfast!

I've started back on plan today though, with a big long run out of the city (14km, the longest i've managed this year so far!) and now I am feeling healthy and willing to stick with the plan again :-)

MMckellen - I know what you mean! The beans do it for me too, and sugar free sweets and cauliflower, which is rubbish. Thank god that my boyfriend is in the US for 5 weeks, hopefully my bowels will've adjusted by the time he gets back. I better cancel my order for sugar free stuff, or he might live to regret it!! Now I see the positives of living in a country with a very limited range of sugar free things (jams, sweets and that's about it!).

Have a nice weekend everyone!
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Hello all! DH got home fine yesterday and is freezing his butt off while acclimating to end of winter instead of end of summer. We dropped the kids at the farm for riding lessons this morning, and had a nice breakfast out, then groceries and errands. I'm going to relax for a bit, try to get caught up on laundry, then plan to make a nice pork tenderloin dinner later. DH became a fan of Pisco Sours while in Chile and brought a bottle home, so we'll mix up a batch later - he says he likes them without sugar, so won't be on-plan with the liquor but at least no sugar. That's it - stay home eat drink relax, what a grand plan! Just realized I did not put the next load in yet, so bbl for personals.
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Morning friend beachers .

Matilda, thanks for getting us started this weekend. So you went a little overboard on beans, girl it could have been a whole lot worse. Good luck on talking with your mom. Hope she listens to you and will get checked out. OMG, the cheesecake factory. My problem is that the one piece would set me off and I couldn't/wouldn't stop. I have to be so darn careful about that.

Heidi, when and if you start using artificial sweeteners again, how about truvia? I believe it is made from part of stevia, isn't it and should be one of the better ones? I have also read that when buying stevia that there are two kinds and one doesn't leave the after taste. Has anyone else heard about that?

Linda, how fun to go shopping for Audrey at the Discovery store. I could spend most of the day there. I remember when my youngest GS was about that age or younger. I so enjoyed shopping for him.

Ruth, remind me again what niggles stands for. Would love to see a picture of your chicken pincushions and stack'n whack coasters.

Cyndi, I slept wrong yesterday and woke up with an aching back which hung around most of the day. I'm still feeling it a bit this morning but hoping it will work it's way out. Good luck getting rid of your headache and hope your conference call runs smoothly.

Karen, relax and enjoy your boy's games this weekend. I miss not having some sort of game to go to right now for our youngest GS. He plays football in the Fall, baseball in the Spring and a little soccer about now. We go to all of his football and baseball games but not so much for soccer.

Nicole, and you should feel good about your 7 lb loss girl. Just a word of advice though, be real careful about those "off meals" as they can become a habit and later when the weight loss slows down, it will be more difficult.

Jasmine, I completely agree. I think we all would like to cut down the amount of artificial sweeteners that we eat, but right now I have to concentrate of first getting some more of this weight off, then a bit further down the road, I'll tackle other issues.

Lisa, and you get to go to a game today too! I miss doing that right now but baseball will be starting soon.

Claire, of course we don't mind. Good for you for getting right back on plan.
Well, time to get off here and get busy. I've already completely my walk this morning in the sunshine and feel good about that. Now the rest of the day will be doing laundry and general normal house chores. In this nice weather though, will spend some time this afternoon outside getting some more sun before the storm comes our way tomorrow. Have a great day my friends and try hard to stay on plan on your beach blanket!

I will remain on plan for one full year without giving up no matter what!

One for every ten pounds lost

1st goal by 01/01/11 - 270 met 12 31 10!
2nd goal by 03/19/11 - 250 lbs met 03 16 11
3rd goal - 242 lbs Oops - have to work on this one again.
4th goal - 212 lbs when I will move from being obese to just overweight
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