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Default think I have to give up my apple

So last week I added in an apple at breakfast as part of my Phase 2 transition. And, all last week I suffered from what I can only describe as psychological cravings - I wanted wine all week (and actually indulged two days during the week) and I couldn't walk by a cookie or candy jar without WANTING some. I think I'm going to try to give up the apple and just add another serving of grains (for 2 per day) and see what happens this week. I thought that apples were pretty low on the GI scale, but maybe not? I guess I have to just ride it out this week and see.
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At last!
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It sure is a learning process, isn't it. No one size fits all.

Apples have 19 carbs for a medium but Ĺ c.raspberries has only 7. They also have more fibre so might be worth a try.
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It might also be a no fruit in the morning thing. It's amazing how unique each of our bodies is.
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I'm not on SB anymore, but am still strongly influenced by what I learned on SB. I follow a reduced-carb exchange plan (lot of reasons, including my tendency to stall on any plan without a portion/calorie control component, even Atkins induction and SB Phase I).

For me, grains cause more cravings than most fruits. About the only grains I can eat (especially in the morning) without experiencing intense cravings all day is oatmeal or quinoa (I'm experimenting with millet, but haven't drawn any conclusions yet). So adding another grain might not be as helpful as adding a lean protein instead.

Eating grain and fruit together is usually too high GI for me. Meals have to be pretty balanced between carbs and proteins. If I have a carb-heavy meal or snack, even if it's all good-, low GI- carbs, I'll have hunger and cravings.

Pairing fruit with protein/healthy fat seems to blunt the effects (which is consistent with GI/GL research on which SB is based).
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apples are huge craving causers for me too. great job recognizing that that is what was causing your cravings and making a decision to either remove or move it in your daily diet.

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I never could eat fruit in the morning -- it had to be dinner's dessert or a mid-day snack or else I had HORRID cravings.

G-d I miss apples lol
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Awareness, attitude, trial and error. Good for you. But do try your apple for lunch. Keep us posted.

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I normally eat an apple a day and have never had any cravings BUT I am very careful to only eat the apple late in the afternoon or evening and ALWAYS eat protein with it. You might consider that first before giving them up. Good luck.

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I've had the apple with Kefir (a yogurt drink with a lot of protein) and pb in the am. So it's been accompanied by protein and fat. the first time I ate it with pb I thought 'wow this tastes like dessert!'. I guess that was my clue right there.
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Maybe this is what has tipped off my cravigns too. I feel that living without apples, is kind of miserable, because it's one of my favorite foods. Maybe eat it at a different time of day?
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S/C/G: 175/167.6/155-158

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Just wanted to report and say that my cravings have definitely gone down since giving up the apple. Last night I had some blueberries and they did not set off cravings.
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