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Cool SBD Daily Chat: January 24, 2011

Put into action your plan for today and know that you will be successful.

Health is MY goal and weight loss is MY gift.
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Visualizing the Goal
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Good morning, Marcie! I have to admit that my plan for the day involves a nap. Tom's working 12 hour shifts this week and next (including the weekends) so I am going to make sure I have enough energy to make it through the evenings without him. Usually I'm fully spent by 5:00.

One week until we find out if we got the Hawaii assignment. I'm crossing my fingers!

The girls are still home and the baby just fell asleep so now I think we'll do the dusting and vacuuming upstairs before we go off to Kindergarten so he can sleep longer. Kadyn still has to do her violin practice anyway, which won't wake him up. They won't get as much time at school as normal, but Lukas will not be grumpy from being woken up so I think it's a good trade.

Stir fry for dinner tonight. I got some ginger to add to it. Yum!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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Fingers crossed, Kara and have a pleasant nap and day.

Health is MY goal and weight loss is MY gift.
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Be happy.
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Good morning from Antarctica - or at least that's how it feels here this morning. It was -21.6 when I got up.

Thanks to the weather we haven't had a full week of school since mid December. I'm hoping this will be the week. There's a storm due later this week but right now they're saying it will stay coastal. I've got my fingers crossed, I'd like to get the kids (and myself) back on a regular schedule again. I'm wondering how many will actually come to school today though. I teach in a low income area and many of my families don't have cars. I'm not sure I'd walk my 5 year old to the bus stop in weather like this.

I ate badly last night, not so much WHAT I ate as HOW MUCH of it. We went out for an early anniversary dinner. We're going away next weekend to celebrate but will barely see each other on Wednesday the real date so Ferg decided on an early celebration. It was nice and the food was really good. But restaurant portions are so big and I was enjoying myself and not really paying attention to how much I was eating. Ah well. I'm starting to feel like I'm going to set a record for taking the longest to loose that last 5 lbs!

Enjoy your Monday, friends. I sure hope it's warmer where you are than it is here today!

(Kara, Hawaii? )

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Hi all,
Wow - Kara!! Hawaii? Sweet...I'll be sending positive vibes your way for that assignment. I've always thought Hawaii would be a wonderful place to grow up. If you got it, when would you go?

Went a little overboard last night...had wine and an additional snack I hadn't planned for, but the foods were on plan (1/2 cup roasted chick peas and some peanuts, a couple of slices of cheese) so I'm not going to worry about it. I just hope the weather warms up this week. The payoff to suffering through this nightmare winter is thinking just how good it will feel when spring comes. Only 2 more months, probably - give or take. Maybe I'll be at goal then!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Mini-goal: 260
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Windsong: Good morning! I was here an hour ago and wondered who would start today's thread.
Kara: Hawaii sounds lovely.
Heidi: The last five sounds like an okay place to stall, if you have to stall at all. Happy anniversary!
Mmckellen: Spring can't get here quickly enough for me either!

No exercise in the plans for me today, just work and eating well. Tomorrow I have CPE off site and the food may or may not be SB compatible. I'll take something along just in case. The plus is that it means I'll be home early enough tomorrow to RUN again. C25K week 1 will probably take me two weeks to master, but I can and will do it.

What amazing to me is that my husband, who has absolutely ZERO interest in running, has run with me every time I've gone ... because he knows I wish I had someone to run with, and since I don't he'll be that person.

I'm very blessed.

- Annie
Goal 1: 299 ~ St Valentine's Day Goal 2: 285 ~ Goal 3: 275 ~ Goal 4: 260 ~ 2011 Goal: 199
Red = goal met!

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I'm fortunate. It's a balmy 7* here. I've been staying in bed later and later, as I know how chilly the house will be when I get up. You'd think we'd just get smart and turn up the heat, but we're too cheap.

Ah, Kara, Hawaii! I hope you'll get the assignment! That would have been our next assignment if Jake hadn't been medically discharged. We would have gone to Waimea.
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Morning everyone! I weighed in on Saturday and was down a little bit more. Today was my official weigh in day, though! I started my TOM and knew I would be up....so I decided to go with the Sat. weight for my weigh-in b/c I know today's isn't accurate! And sometimes that number really effects my willpower and progress so I refuse to let that happen today!
Kara- Wow...how exciting. Hope it all works out how you want.
Mmckellen-I know what you mean about Spring. I'm so over winter!
Annieoh- What a great hubby to run with you!
Heidi- I can't wait to get to that last 5lbs!!! That is such an accomplishment!
Cottage- It is so hard to get up on cold mornings!!
Marcie- Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. I think Heidi and I win the coldest morning competition. It's -27º F here. I "forgot" to turn down the heat last night so the house was nice and warm this morning.

Cottage, 7ºF is a heat wave!

Kara, my fingers are crossed for the Hawaii assignment. My sister is visiting there right now.

Annie, feel free to start the daily thread any time. It's great that your DH is going to tun with you.

Matilda, it's good that your detours were not far off plan. We do have to live our lives.

Litar, good decision to go with your Saturday weight. I know how the metal monster can affect my thinking too although I no longer have to deal with TOM.

I'm off to the gym shortly, providing my car will start. It's been very reliable but it is seven years old. After gym I'll do a minor grocery shop and then snuggle into my warm house until it's time for my afternoon conference with my doctor.

Stay safe and warm and think soup!
Change isn’t easy. But if you don’t change, you stay the same, and where’s the fun in that?
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Working on healthy
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Good morning We don't have our own outside thermometer. Weather Channel says -16 and really I don't need to know if it's a couple of degrees off Lots of ours schools are on 2 hour delays to give it time to warm up a little, especially towns with a lot of walkers. Me, I'll be out at the regular time but will give my car lots of warm up time before I get in it.

Kara - Today Hawaii sounds like heaven

Heidi - The last three storms were supposed to be coastal storms until the night before. Let's hope they are right this time.
Where are you going for your anniversary?

Mathilda - DW now knows that when I cheer after dinner that means I'm within my points for the day and I've exercised so I get to have wine.
I'm counting down to spring with you.

Annie - How sweet of your husband.

Cottage - stay warm. I am in love with my snuggy knock off. It looks silly but it's so warm

Lisa - good luck with the weigh-in

So today is the day (finally) to talk with my 2 supervisor types. I decided to send them an email ahead of time with my issues laid out. Working for organizers there is a real hazard of being organized every time you have a conversation with them. I really want to make sure I am clear about my limits here. I don't want to come out of the meeting feeling like I've been led down a path I didn't intend to be on and just quit in a few weeks. In an ideal world we will all handle this well, make a good transition plan and I will or won't still be working for them in a couple of months. At this point I just need to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a good day and stay warm! Personally I'm bringing an extra set of gloves to my car, just in case I need them.

ETA - good morning Ruth. I'm happy to let you and Heidi battle for that title! It's definitely a soup day
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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Visualizing the Goal
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Heidi, that is ridiculously cold! I hope it warms up for you soon!

Matilda, we are leaving Germany this spring. Our original plan was to stay here the last two years of Tom's enlistment (he can retire in 2013) but he made his next rank last year and they don't have a job in all of Europe for him now. If we don't get the slot in Hawaii, we're headed to either Texas, Maryland, Florida, Colorado, or Idaho. I know...that narrows it down, right?!

Annie, have a great run with your husband! Tom and I tried running together once and it did not work out at all. He's quite a bit taller than me and I just couldn't keep up. Pretty comical!

Linda, we do the same thing with our heat! Such penny-pinchers!

Lisa, I'm sure you have all our blessings to use Saturday's weight! I am a firm believer in the fact than you cannot get a false low reading on the scale!

Ruth, hope the doctor's appointment goes well for you! Where is your sister visiting?

Cyndi, I'll be thinking of you this afternoon. Hope all goes well!

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Marcie - Good morning.

Kara - Hawaii!! Watching the new TV show makes me sooo want to go back.

Heidi - Brr! I ate badly too - not what, but how much. My excuse: I ate anything other than the last of the Girl Scout cookies! Happy anniversary.

Matilda - Oh, great thinking - warm weather and goal weight, hand in hand.

Annie - So sweet of your husband.

Linda - My husband is cheap too. But now that I get up earlier and earlier he has kindly adjusted the heat. Of course, it is never warm enough and I wear layers and sometimes use a space heater during the day. Sigh.

Litar - Good for you

Ruth - Keep warm!

Cyndi - I hope things go well today.

Getting my hair cut and colored today. That's about as exciting as it gets around here right now. Teen should have a full week of school, finally. I slept so much better last night that either my husband didn't snore or I just didn't hear him

Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning chickens! I am sitting here feeling guilty that I didn't make the kids bundle up more before they left. Luckily, they push it to the last minute so I'm sure they weren't waiting too long for the bus.
I'll be really glad when this super restrictive diet is over (3 more days), it'll be like vacation to be back on the beach and have options. I made a pot of stuffed cabbage soup without the rice, so that should get me through today and tomorrow anyway.
Today is WFH, so I'll enjoy it, since the rest of the week is doctor's appts. and meetings. Come on Friday!

Debbie, I hope you're not too bruised and sore today!
Kara, I'll keep my fingers crossed for your Hawaii assignment. Although it would be nice if you wound up in MD...
Cyndi, hope all goes well with your meeting today and you come out with the result you want.
It is awfully cold here too, Heidi and Ruth, but you both made me feel warmer with your negative degrees! I will gladly watch you win that prize.
annie, so nice of your hubby to run with you. I wonder if I could get mine to do the same?
cottage, I guess I am cheap too. I turn the downstairs heat to 65 at night and run down in the morning to turn it up before the kids come down.
Mmc, my mind has been on spring too lately.
LadyWindsong, thanks for the inspirations!
litar, I understand your scale issues. I have to go on scale vacations so it doesn't control my mood too much.

Hope I haven't missed anyone! Have a great start to the week, chicks. I'd better get myself ready for my telecon. Even over the phone I can't do meetings in my PJs!

ETA: Hi Karen! I was glad to read you are feeling better.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.

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Hey Chickies!
LadyW Great quote thanks for the inspiration!!
Kara Ohh Hawaii! you're in my prayers lady! I hope you get your nap
Heidi Stay warm and So glad you got some bonus anniversary time!
Annie that's awesome!
Cottage you should be out by the Pool! its-6 in NJ
Ruth Hope you and the doggage are snug as bugs stay warm!
Cyn I'll be thinking of you good luck in the meeting!
MMcK Don't feel bad I had mini marshmallows last night! Not OP but delicious in my FF cocoa (which has less sugar that the swiss miss NSA Cocoa?)
schmoo I'm coming to your house for soo
I'm about to hit the shower and be late for work but it's cold and I'm ok with that on this frigid monday. It's going to be a long crazy week but only I can determine if it's a good week or a bad week. I''m shooting for good!
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Good morning!!!

I will be thankful for our warm weather today. I think we are supposed to be in the 40s which sounds like a heat wave compared to what some of you have mentioned. The nice thing with CO is the sun is almost always shining.

Back to work I go. This week will be long. We have parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday and Thursday which means I am at school till 7:00. I definately am going to have to think thru food, since I will need two meals.

Have a great one!!
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