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Default SBD Daily Chat - Weekend Jan. 21 and 22

I'm blessed to have great people in my life and my former employers are going to bat for me. They are writing LORs (Letters of Recommendations) for me. It's for a position as an Office Assistant at Community Academy Public Charter School in Washington, DC. I hope to be able to send the Application out by Monday afternoon latest. I have some pressure on me to get a job because my Uncle was told by me, to call in February because I thought for sure the job I applied for was actually hiring! Silly me, why would I think you're hiring when you say "Apply Now"! Thanks Champion School! I'm gonna enjoy the Packers beating the Bears in Sunday and oh yes I went there Bears fans, should be a good game!

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Morning, Okie! I had to laugh because in military circles, "LOR" means "letter of reprimand"! I'm glad you're not getting one of those!

We're having a slow start to the day - relaxing in bed with the girls and Luke while Tom and Connor are at the Boy Scout Pinewood Derby race. The rest of us are going to meet up with them later for Connor's basketball game and then the girls and I have to sell Girl Scout cookies this afternoon. Busy day!

I'd better get my workout in before we have to leave...

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May today be as special as you all are.

Health is MY goal and weight loss is MY gift.
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Okie- You are an early bird or a night owl?? It is nice to have people to help when you need them!

Kara- I am so jealous of your relaxing day....I'm making up a snow make-up day today. YUCK!!!!! Have fun with the family today!

Marcie- Thanks again for your words of encouragement

I read through yesterdays posts but didn't get to reply again....

Heidi- we were told that today must be Instructional....Our leaders at the county level were concerned about the perceptions of our parents if we had a fun day??? Good teachers can make instruction fun. I get so frustrated at times- just wish people would quit worry about perceptions and do what is best for kids....that's a novel concept!!!

Anyway- everyone else have a relaxing, wonderful Saturday. I will later this afternoon!!!!
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I woke up at 4:30am.. Sort of early huh?? No coffee yet.. Diet coke instead..
And some almonds,roasted.. Will weigh in later in the morning.. Sat. already..
I am off today and tomorrow..wow..Bought another diet book at WM yesterday.. You Can Do It, I think it is called.. Will read it over the weekend.
Ya'll have a terrific and blessed day.. Lanee..
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Good morning ladies.. Ya'll are up early.. I thought 4:30 am. was early.. Ya'll got me beat there.. My dh moves around too much in bed. He woke me up.. Might sleep on the couch a couple of hours.. So I don't be tired later today..
Have a super day!! Lanee..

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Good morning. Why oh why do I need to wake early when I didn't hit bed until after 12? I think I'll flop on the couch in the back room for a while. Play quietly, OK?
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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I'm with you Ruth. I made myself stay up later than I wanted to hoping to sleep through the night. Instead I had insomnia at 2, cat jogging at 4 and more cat olympics at 6. Bah

Time for a big pot of coffee. I'll be back later when I'm not so annoyed about being awake
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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I feel reborn today because I re-dedicated myself to my Faith. I'm looking forward to what God has in store for me. Wow, you learn something new everyday! Morning Kara! Many have tried to break me, but I'm still standing, strong and resolute! Happy Saturday, go PACKERS!

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Good morning! Well, I slept in, and I sure did enjoy it. Especially knowing that we're only in the single digits outside and my bed was warm and cozy.

The only thing I have planned today is to make a pot of rice pudding to take up to my brother. He's recuperating after a grueling operation to repair his rotator cuff after falling off an icy ladder, and in quite a lot of pain. I know the pudding won't ease his pain, but at least it may cheer him up. He's a self-employed carpenter and contractor, and won't able to work for 6 months.
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Wine alot
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Good morning

Another day of lazy recuperation for me. I will probably be watching lots of online TV since our latest Tivo has also bitten the dust. Yes, this is the 4th in the past couple of months. Clearly DH and I are Tivo jinxed. We'd give up if we didn't love them so much... when they work. Going out to dinner with friends tonight and I am planning to eat as well as I can. I have been really doing well with eating and am not going to let this get me off track!

Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning!

Okie, "no comment" on the ball game. Are you still holding off on the volunteering? It would look good on job resumes, and schools are flexible. We get lots of people who volunteer while they're in between jobs and then have to stop when they get full time work again. I have a job hunting volunteer right now and I sure appreciate her! Have a great weekend!

Kara, your posts always make me nostalgic. I'm too old and tired to have more babies but there are times when I'd love to turn back the clock. I smiled as I thought of you and the kids snuggling in bed this morning and going to the pinewood derby later on. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Lisa, good luck today. At least this is one day you won't have to make up in the spring. I'm thinking we may be in school on the 4th of July this year! I hope you've got an easy, relaxing day planned tomorrow.

Cyndi, when I stay at my mom's I can't believe how often her cat Seymour jumps on me and wakes me during the night. "Cat Olympics" is a very good name for it - I'll have to pass that on to my mom. I hope you're feeling a little perkier after your coffee.

Good morning, Marcie. And pleasant dreams to Lanee and Ruth - I hope you're both snoozing on your couches as I type.

Oh Cottage, what a rough break for your brother! I bet he'll be pleased with the pudding - I think everyone feels better when they're reminded that they're loved.

Hi Karen, I bet it will feel good to get out this evening. Sorry about the Tivo, but happy online TV watching today. I do that while I'm hooping.

I feel like I've been typing forever, I wonder if anyone else posted while I was working on this? Hello to those who haven't posted yet. Have a great Saturday friends!

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Good morning all,
Okie, very good luck to you with the job. It sounds like a great opportunity and more and more (as my son gets older) I think being around kids keeps you young! Keep us posted.

Litar, I also have never heard of school on a Saturday, but as a parent, I support that idea :-). Once in a while, it can't hurt. We're having a low key day today. I'm going out for a walk in a bit, and then have PT. After PT, I'll come back home and my husband is going out to the motorcycle show at the Javitz Center. I'm going to take my son to the library, etc. until our sitter gets here and then head into the city myself. I've got to return something to a museum gift shop and then my husband and I will meet up at our friend's house (where I'll have my cheat meal - fondue!!). I'm excited to do something different and today's the day. Hope everyone has a good one!
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I'll keep everyone posted on the job. Gotta go!

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Good morning!!

I have decided that the cats of the world must have had a meeting last night, because guess what woke me up this morning. If you guessed my cat you are right. One of them was standing outside our door meowing. I would like you to know that this is the only time he meows and it drives me nuts.

Today is full, but should be good. We are headed to the pool this morning. One of my son's friends invited him and then this afternoon he has his play. Tonight I am going to try a new reciepe for veggie gumbo.

Have a great Saturday!!
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Good morning everyone,

Wonder if its something in the air I went to bed after midnight last night as well and could not sleep and was up at 6 a.m. DD2 crawled into bed with us, so we snuggled for awhile.

Okie good luck on the job.

Taking DS to eye appt this morning, that is it on the agenda so that is good.

Enjoy your Saturday and stay warm
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