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Phase 1 recap- scared to move on

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Default Phase 1 recap- scared to move on

I am completing Phase 1 today. I have not lost any weight. I am hoping that is because #1 - I don't have too much left to lose (about 10 lbs) and #2 - I already ate pretty healthy (no fast food, soda, etc). I am kinda bummed I haven't had any weight lose though.

Here's a recap of P1. I only "cheated" once with a very small piece of coconut cake (my Grandma made it for me and I felt horrible saying no). The only other "cheats" were overeating allowed foods. For example, there was a time or two when I probably had too much cheese or too much peanut butter. I did workout as well - I pretty much stayed on my normal routine of running and weight lifting about 3 times a week.

I feel that, although I haven't lost weight, my craving have subsided quite a bit. I don't crave sugary crap, but I do still sometimes crave "comfort" food like a nice bowl of mac & cheese or a stack of pancakes. I haven't given into these cravings. Is this normal? I think I am more or less craving the comfort than the actual food.

I know you are supposed to move on to P2 but I am a little bummed because P1 didn't work as great as I had hoped in terms of weight loss. Are my results (or lack thereof) normal? Looking back I can't help but wonder if I could've done better.

If P1 didn't get me results I feel like P2 will only bring on less results. Sorry for the rambling...I feel like I post a lot but I also feel like you guys really understand what I am saying. Thanks for listening and the support
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It's not unusual to not lose any weight in Phase 1 if you don't have much weight to lose in the first place and are already eating healthily. But doing Phase 1 was successful for you, since it curbed your cravings. I only lost weight the very first time I started SBD, and any time I've gone back and redid a Phase 1, it would only be to get my cravings back under control and I'd lose very little, if any weight on it. Phase 2 is where the real weight loss begins.

I'd suggest going ahead and starting a limited Phase 2, perhaps with introducing 1 starch or 1 fruit a day into your diet, and seeing how it affects you, then gradually adding in another serving of fruit or starch. There is a thread stickied in our FAQs section of this forum that will explain in detail how to introduce Phase 2 that I think will be helpful to you.

Good luck, and hang in there! You'll soon see the weight start melting off.
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I agree, if you don't have much to lose & ate healthy before SB you might not see much change on the scale. Any change in measurements or the way your clothes fit? My waist measurement goes up when I'm not true to SB. I maintain my weight on pretty much Phase 1 with occasional sweet potatoes, oatmeal and fruit. I don't eat these on a daily basis. You might want to ease up on cheese and nuts and see what happens or do some calorie counting for a few days. I limit cheese to 2 servings a day.

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I just read your post and felt like it was me writing it. I am nearing the end of my Phase 1 and have lost little, if no weight. I thought I was being very diligent, tried several new recipes so I would not be bored. I only need to lose 10 lbs as well but it seems like it is glued on my stomach and butt! I had been on South Beach a few years ago but the weight creeped back after menopause. I continued many of the South Beach guidelines. I guess desserts are my downfall although I must admit that I am disciplined when dishing out my dessert. I don't remember a time when I did not have to watch whatever I eat, it really gets tiring. I never dreamed that I would be baking brownies made out of black beans!! Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive and can't wait to add a fruit or two to my diet. I wish you well and hope you continue with South Beach, it definitely requires a life style change. Don't think people understand that sometimes it's just as hard, if not harder, to lose only 10 lbs and can be quite frustrating. Sounds easy, like it should just fall off...not so.

Good Luck,

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Thanks for the replies. I just feel "over it." I weigh exactly the same restricting what I eat then I did in December when I ate tons of crazy crap.

I know, I know...it takes time. It is just frustrating. I haven't been 100% perfect but I haven't had wine, cookies, chips, ice cream, candy, etc...you'd think that would have made some sort of difference.

But, I am going to stay OP. I wanted to just succumb to stress and frustration and have a glass of wine and a granola bar but I made a ricotta dessert instead. Didn't even finish it...I guess I just wanted something.
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jms, have you taken measurements? Maybe you lost weight that way. Or maybe you are retaining water. There could be many reasons. But you answered your own question that there have been positive benefits for you. Maybe take a look at portions? I know there have been a couple of times I've done some days of Phase 1 and not lost anything, but I'm realizing now that I have a very unrealistic idea of portions. Just a thought.
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Thanks for your replies!!!!!! I weighed in this morning (Day 15, Day 1 of P2) and I was down 1.4 lbs since I started. While not a lot, it is something. I started at 137.8 so that is 10%! haha! Gotta think positive.

I added my one grain back in today and it was amazing. I had a piece of Orowheat Full Fiber toast w/ Walden Farms Apple Butter (no calories/no sugar). It was heaven. So far it hasn't triggered any craving. I am off to go rock climbing so I'm happily fueled w/ carbs.

I know I get frustrated sometimes but posting on here and being accountable along w/ your support really helps!
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Sorry to check in so late!!!

It sounds like everything was resolved already

I've been disappointed with my weight loss as well - but mostly because I'd like to take off the full 25 right now
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