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jms423 01-07-2011 10:13 PM

Granola Bar? P1?
Hey guys!

I am about half way done w/ P1 and I keep craving granola bars. They are just easy and yummy to grab when I get home from work or on the go. Before I started the beach I would have one of the FiberOne or Kashi as a little sweet treat/dessert type thing every few days.

Is there anything remotely similiar I can have on P1? or make? If not, what would be the best suggestion for adding on on P2 (obviously won't be an everyday thing).

One a side note while I've got you all here. I think I am still eating too much peanut butter and/or cheese. The peanut butter for sure - I usually have a tb w/ greek yogurt for morning snack and in the evenings I have another tb (or 2) as a little treat. It really satisfies me (and I rarely eat nuts). For cheese, some days I stay within the alloted amount, but other days I feel very snacky and might have 4 or 5 low fat cheese sticks throughout the day.

I realize these aren't the greatest choices I can make, but the fats seem to satisfy me and I just really, really like them. I think I know the answer already, but how much damage is this causing? I gotta limit it, huh?

murphmitch 01-07-2011 10:52 PM

Can't think of anything Phase I that would be similar to a granola bar. Nuts & butters are limited to 2 TBS. per day, but I have eaten more when I didn't get all my other fats (2 TBS.) that day. While cheese isn't really limited, too much will obviously slow down weight loss. I love my PB & almond butter too. Have it every day. One of the things I love on SB!

Here's a Phase II Granola recipe:


jms423 01-07-2011 11:11 PM

That granola looks amazing. Can't wait to try it and thanks for the link.

Ok, so 2 tbs of PB (as long as I don't eat any other nuts, right?).

Cheese isn't limited? I just assumed it was and just assumed I was over the quota. haha.

*sigh* Ok, so I will keep an eye on these foods. I was doing ok w/ the cheese but today was crazy stressful and I was tired so I just reached for quick, easy comfort food. I thought I was doing ok because I was still OP, but I know I could've (and should've done better). I did say no to the doughnuts and bagels in the breakroom though. It wasn't too hard because my desire for sweets seems to be subsiding.

Thanks for your help, support and replies. I greatly appreciate it.

Natasha1534 01-08-2011 01:29 AM

Yeah, the granola bars are a no-no until Phase 2. There are SB granola bars that Kraft puts out, but I would say they should be an occasional treat.

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