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Default SBD Daily Chat for Wednesday, Jan. 5

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say hey since I won't be in the computer area later today.

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Good Morning, Okie

I'm wondering if this is the day that you go shadow for your new volunteer job? Oh, and to remind you, the mods would like us to start the daily chats with more consistent names http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/sout...ly-thread.html. Just so you know it might have a different name when you get back later.

I'm up at this late hour because I didn't get one thing done yesterday, and apparently my internet service is only working in the quiet hours. I spent 2 hours on the phone yesterday...by the time we had made some improvements it was so late. I was so frustrated it seemed my two options were eat everything and anything I could find or go take a nap....slept from 5 to 11. I'm putting coffee on and will see how much I can get done now. I have all kinds of end of year reports which use an internet program.

Have a great day everyone! I'm sure I'll be back later to share in the goings on of the "real" Wednesday.
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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We are as beautiful and individualistic as a snowflake.
Each facet is a piece of us.
We have worked hard to make it something that we are proud of.
It doesn't show the trials and tribulations that we have had to go through.
Now, we are adding new branches and we are confident that our end result will be worth all that we have to do to make it even more beautiful.
So every time you see a snowflake remember it represents your beauty, your fortitude and your hard work.

Health is MY goal and weight loss is MY gift.
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Good morning, ladies...hope this morning finds you all well. I've still been really scarce around here, but I'm going to try to do better. I'm trying to get ready for my first 5K which will be on the 15th. It's a run/walk and I'm planning on walking, but I still want to be ready for it. My roomie is trying to talk me into the Disney Princess 5K run in February but I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it. I haven't started actually running yet as I want to save that for 50 pounds from now instead of killing my knees and ankles. The Princess Marathon has a 16 minute mile requirement and, even though that's pretty high, I'm not sure I could make it. I walk on the treadmill at 3.2 mph (a 16 minute mile equates to 3.75 mph) but I'm just not sure I'm up to it yet. We shall see, I guess.

Lady Windsong - I like your analogy but I had to giggle at the last line...it is an absolute RECORD for us to have actually have had snowfall for 3 years in a row...and even then it only stuck last year, LOL I still like the analogy, though.

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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Come on Spring!
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Good luck today, Okie. Is today the day to shadow?

Debbie, how frustrating to have net problems at this time of year. I am struggling away with end of year accounting stuff and am glad to not have that to contend with.

Nice thoughts, Marcie. I do love snow. I have a picture of a snowflake with the caption "A snowflake is winter's butterfly".

Natasha, I really admire your perseverance in heading for the 5K. Please don't run until you are ready - knees are very important.

My knees and I are off to the gym for 7:30. It certainly helps to have Donna going with me. I gave her a month's membership for Christmas and she's very keen. The only problem is that she always wants to go out for coffee afterwards. So far I've managed to have just coffee but she's into two slices of toast with PB and honey which sort of negates the calorie burn. She is diabetic as well as very overweight so I sort of cringe. However, I bite my tongue until asked for advice.

Family dinner tonight with my dear friends, the Cowleys and the Youngs so I have a bit of prep. I also have pet therapy at noon at the Clinic so need to get my To Do list together so I can get organized this morning. The windows of opportunity are kind of small this morning.

Have a super Wednesday and pop in to chat, even just to
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Be happy.
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Good morning Chicks!

I hope this doesn't show up twice, I wrote up a post and then accidentally hit some mysterious combination of keys and POOF! it was gone. I was hoping it posted but I don't see it so I'm trying again.

I was certain I'd hit that magical "normal BMI" today because I've been only half a pound away for days now and yesterday the scale "blinked" a few times before settling on 140.5. But for some reason my weight is UP this morning. *sigh* I know I ate well yesterday and I exercised so I couldn't have really gained a pound and half of fat. Still, it was hard not to be disappointed this morning.

On a happier note, it's a bit warmer this morning. We'll get the kids outdoors for both recesses for sure. They're still getting back into the routine again after vacation and really need that time to run and be loud during the day. My goal is to keep all the kids awake and on task all day. I've got one little guy who fell asleep on the rug both Monday and yesterday afternoon. If the stories he tells are true I think he's staying up too late playing with the new video game system he and his brother got for Christmas. So I'm thinking maybe if I can be as entertaining as Mario and Luigi this afternoon....

OK, time to hit the shower. Enjoy your Wednesday friends!

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Good morning everyone....running a little late but wanted to check in say Hello....I will try and get back for personals later. Happy Wednesday!!!
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Oh a 5K how wonderful for you. Strive to do yor best.

I will say a prayer for your friend, Donna. You are leading by example,

We go to the store and I am so excited. I love to cook and now I am adding in MORE things that I never would be using in the past.

Checking in after the store.

Health is MY goal and weight loss is MY gift.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Okie - Hope it's good stuff keeping you busy

Debbie - I hate internet problems. I hope they get it straightened out. We've gone back and forth with Comcast over the years but our internet has finally been better recently. We also replaced several routers so I'm not sure what the magic combo was.

Lady Windsong - I'll have to remember that lovely vision of snowflakes when they are swirling around me and I'm wishing them away

Natasha - What Ruth said about the running. I see people say that anyone can run but it really isn't true. Check with your doc and listen to your body. I'd love to do that 5 K with you

Ruth - Happy gyming to you and your knees A family dinner sounds like the perfect way to wrap up the holiday season.

Heidi - My weight has been fluctuating 2.5 lbs a day all week. I don't know how that's even possible but apparently it is! Have fun outside. I checked our forecast too. Thanks for the heads up

I'm getting back on plan but still not perfectly there. Each day is a little better and today won't be an exception! It's frightening how easy it is to completely lose those healthy eating and exercising habits and how much work it takes to get them back. I'm having a very disturbing feeling that I've written this before

Happy Hump Day friends. I hope we are all back tonight counting down to the weekend after an easy day.

ETA Lisa
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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Hey all,
Good morning to everyone. I'm getting back in the groove and not so worried about the week, it's the weekend that's presenting the challenge of staying on Phase 1. Friday afternoon around 4pm, the wine will start calling me...we've got a quiet weekend planned but there is that party on Sunday I need to get through. Wish me luck, and send me strength! Hope everyone is having a great week. I'm off to post my menu for today, it really keeps me on track.
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Cyndi, you are trying and have the desire. The tortoise won the race.

Heidi, numbers are numbers....you are more important than worrying about a temporary gain.

Mmckellen pack some OP snacks and write a weekend goal and carry it with you. You want to do this so remind yourself that you can.

Health is MY goal and weight loss is MY gift.
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Happy HumpDay, everyone!

I hit the floor running this morning. I had to get some last minute recycling out to the curb before the trash men came and got the laundry started before I jumped in the shower. I still have some bills to pay and want to make a pot of soup before I head out the door, but it will all get done in it's own time. That's what happens when I luxuriate in bed an extra 1/2 hour.

Okie ~ I hope all goes well today. Good luck!

Debbie ~ There's nothing more frustrating than trying to solve internet problems, especially over the phone. I hope you get it all straightened out soon!

Marcie ~ That's a lovely anology. I enjoy snow, as long as I'm safely home and don't have to drive in it. We're expecting snow on Friday, and I'm looking forward to it since I don't work on Fridays. Enjoy your grocery shopping today, and make good choices!

Ruth ~ I can picture your house all snug and cozy with the snow outside. Maybe you can make a few comments to Donna that now that you're excercising, it's time to start eating healthy again, too. Think she'd get the hint? Enjoy your dinner party tonight, I know you'll have a good time with your good friends.

Heidi ~ The first few days back to school must be really trying on all you teachers. I know the girls weren't ready to go back on Monday, and, in fact, Maggie had a lowgrade fever and did stay home. And right before noon, the school nurse called to say she had Audrey in her office. Strange, but both girls miraculously felt better by lunchtime. They got their due, though, with extra makeup homework yesterday. I hope your class is back into their regular routine by today! Congratulations for being so close to reaching your normal BMI! I know you'll be there today or tomorrow!

Cyndi ~ I hope you have a great OP day today. I hear you with how easy it is to fall off the wagon, and such a struggle to get back on it again. Especially with being on the road a lot. We can do it, though, one step at a time, and each day will get a little easier.

Matilda ~ I'm wishing you lots of strength and willpower for your weekend! Try making up a menu for exactly what you will eat at the party, and keep it with you as a reminder. And put a note on it about how bad you will feel if you cheat. I think seeing a plan in writing really helps to keep you on track. Good luck!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Running late, just checking in. Wish I had time to say more than "wow, you are all so amazing!"


- Annie
Goal 1: 299 ~ St Valentine's Day Goal 2: 285 ~ Goal 3: 275 ~ Goal 4: 260 ~ 2011 Goal: 199
Red = goal met!
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Good morning!

Thanks for all the very kind words about my darn hernia I am trying to stop obsessing over constantly thinking I feel it, now that I officially have been diagnosed. Turns out Dr. Internet and I were right this time.

FYI - If you are in the US (sorry) and want a new bathroom or kitchen scale, I am giving one of either away on my blog.

Other than that, not much happening here. Gotta run so I don't forget to wake the teen.

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Wow, great posts this am!

I have a child with the stomach flu near me (hopefully only a food bug, I don't want it!!), so only a minute again.

The scale was kind to me, even though I wussed out of making supper and we went to ponderosa. I did great though...one piece of baked chicken w/o skin, and then slaw, salad, and green beans (which were BEYOND bland!!). The scale has somehow dropped 4 lbs since Monday, but monday was beyond high for me. Huh. I'll take it though!

Have a great day....My DH and I get to trade off sicko watch!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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