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Default Thankful Tuesday South Beach Diet (Lifestyle) Chat!

Hey Natasha, it's almost resolved (issue with the bank). It'll be all finished with my this week's end though, thank God. This is the last time I owe a bank anything! I'm gonna get a letter stating that I paid off the debt in full, then I'll fax it to the bank I wanna bank with! If only, the bank could have done that for me!

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Glad you've almost got it worked out, Okie!!!

So, I had to cut my morning workout at the gym short b/c I dropped my phone in the toilet. AND I did it while I was trying to flush the toilet...and guess who instinctively reached in and grabbed the phone out of the toilet w/o even thinking!?!?!? Oh yes, yes I did. YUCK!!! Anywho, I'll get up early in the morning and go get a new phone. It freaks me out being w/o it seeing as we could have a SWAT callout at any moment, yanno???

Anyway, my brother seems to be doing well. He's asleep on the couch right now. I don't think he's heard anything from his wife and I don't think he's tried to call her. I hope he can stay strong. I have absolutely no use for ANYBODY that puts their hands on their significant other. And then she had the nerve to tell him "I didn't HIT you, I SLAPPED you." Yeah, b/c THAT makes it better. *rolls eyes*

Alright, I'm off to bed. Have a good day, ladies!!!

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Good Morning

My day took a twist yesterday when DH announced he was getting sick. He's still sleeping and I'm not sure yet if it's a bug or if his body is just rebelling because of how he ate during the weekend. It's hard when he's so slender...he really overdid it at Sunday brunch.

Okie, hope you're bank resolution is in the works!

Natasha, I hope your family drama settles a bit. Ouch on the phone...I did that with my keys once. I rinsed them and opened them up and the electronic think started working again after 3 or 4 days.

Me, going to work on the picture project for a few hours then go over and help mom. I'm not sure what else but it's great to have some pretty stress free days to focus on my SBD lifestyle.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Good morning Girls,

Okie ~ I'm glad everything worked out amicaibly at the bank.

I'm going to have to go back to yesterday's thread to read your post, Natasha, but I hope the drama all settles down. I once dropped my hairbrush in the toilet, but I used a pair of tongs to get it out. Then I threw it away. LOL.

Debbie ~ I hope Kirk isn't feeling too badly and that it's just a bug that will pass quickly. Have an enjoyable day working on the project and de-stressing!

It's back to work for me today after an extra day off. I took full advantage of my snowday and mostly curled up on the couch with my book, although I did shovel off the front porch and steps while Jake was snowblowing the driveway.
I'm back to eating completely on plan, and my body is already thanking me for it. No heartburn last night! I made a delicious crackslaw last night with mushrooms and leftover tofurky, and there's enough left for my supper tonight. And I have a yummy salad, yogurt, and clementines already packed for my lunch today, so I won't be tempted by any goodies Cindy has hanging around her house.

Oh, no! My coffee got cold! Time for a refill.
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Good morning!

Teen had friend sleepover so not sure when I can get in the basement to exercise. Eating OP - day 3 PH1, again. It is interesting how much less I think about food when I am on plan - when I am cheating, my mind always goes to what I want.

I'll check in later when I can get to my own computer and not this little laptop.

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Good morning from darn cold Delta. We have a windchill of -30 which is about the same in Celcius and Fahrenheit. I'm glad I don't have to go out this morning.

Opie, banks are like that. No sense sweating it. I hope the next bank is friendlier for you.

Natasha, your brother is lucky to have such a good older sister for support. I hope he can get some counseling and work things out. If not, life is too short to be miserable and he can move on. (I giggled about the phone - at least it was your "own" toilet, if you know what I mean.)

Lexxis, sounds like you have your stress-free day planned. I hope Kirk feels better fast. My house is purged of naughty stuff and I even reinstated a ticker.

Cottage, so glad you hung out at home yesterday. We sometimes need a day to just STOP!

I went into STOP mode as soon as Shirleyanne and Andrea left late yesterday afternoon. I even called my neighbour Liz and begged off her "come over for drinks" invitation. I slept well and just got up 15 minutes ago - a good start to a quiet day with no food events. I do have to go to a Country Christmas de-briefing tonight that will be somewhat festive but can avoid the food by helping to pass it around. My supper is planned and I'll take along some diet gingerale. My body is saying "Enough already!" and I'm agreeing.

Have a good fourth day of Christmas and ignore the four calling birds who keep yelling back and fourth.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning Calling birds are my favorite morning wake-up (except night herons while camping). It sounds like most of us could use a mellow day today.

Okie - I hope the bank stuff is all done by the end of the day

Natasha- Here's to a drama and incident free day.

Debbie - hope all is well with Kirk and it was just a food blip. Enjoy your stress free day.

Cottage - crack slaw, have to add that back into my rotation. Happy sledding

Karen - for eating on plan again. What is with our brains? I am so the same way, I know I feel better when I eat on plan but all that goes out the window in a moment. This is definitely a life long process (I remember my early diets when I would reach goal and then go right back to my old eating habits )

Ruth - Sounds like a just right day in the Delta. I'm sure those dogs would be happy to help you stay warm

Today's plan is lunch with an old friend/former boss. It's kind of a working lunch for her and I'm just providing support. It will be nice to get out for a couple of hours after being snowed in yesterday. Other than that more cooking, cleaning and relaxing. We started rewatching the Lord of the Rings movies last night. Definitely a fun way to spend some down time.

I hope your day includes a little battery recharging and relaxation.
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Hello ladies!

I got a late start today again but it's break! Glad to see issues are resolving with everyone. Thank the Lord! I am about to go try the Sausage and Cheese breakfast cups that I found on the stickies of the Breakfast Recipies for Phase 1.
Yesterday was a rocky restart to Phase 1, but I have a good feeling about today. I picked up a copy of SBDSuper Charged and that will help me stay motivated. Before I only had the dining out guide and a little blue companion book with the basics of the plan not exactly the lifestyle.
Best of luck to you all!

"I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul..."


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Morning everyone. Looks like I'm one of the last to post again.

Nat, I can't believe you did that ! Sorry your bro is going thru hard times but glad you are there for him.

Lex, good for you getting right back to your picture project. I had a similiar picture project that I started last summer but didn't finish. I'm hoping to get back to it next month.

Cottage and WT, good for you both for being back on plan. It does feel good doesn't it?

Ruth, I thought I had purged all of the food porn yesterday, however, opened the oven to check it before turning it on to bake the salmon last night and lo and behold, it was full of baked goods that I had put in there so I wouldn't have to look at them the day before. OMG did they call my name. I was in a state of panic but quickly cut them into serving size pieces and threw them into the freezer for my DH. Managed to keep from even licking my fingers but talk about stress! If I had found them earlier in the day, I don't think I could have stayed on plan. Crazy that something like that can have such a hold on me.

Well, thanks to my three days binge and to be completely honest, I changed my ticker this morning by changing the current weight; taking away one carrot and removing the fact that I had met my year end goal already. Ouch! That is pretty serious punishment but it serves me right and hopefully I will remember this when I am tempted again. The good news is that I'm back on plan and looking forward again. Now it's time for my walk. Later.

I will remain on plan for one full year without giving up no matter what!

One for every ten pounds lost

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3rd goal - 242 lbs Oops - have to work on this one again.
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Thanks lovely ladies! Debbie, I hope your hubby recovers quickly!

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Owieeee The Biggest Loser kicked my biggest BUTT. I have to say, however, that I thoroughly enjoyed my workout last night. I think having the Kinect analyze everything is extremely beneficial, like having your own personal trainer. When it corrects your shape, posture, tells you to lift your legs higher (or not as high, even) you work the muscle groups it intends for you to work, and it's easier on your body, overall.

Don't get me wrong. My thighs and butt are screaming today. If I never do a squat again, it will be too soon. BUT (hahaha I said "butt") I wasn't exhausted afterward, and I actually want to do it again tomorrow.

I'm not thrilled with the body analyzer part. I really didn't want to know how many inches my waist and hips were. Sigh. Moo. But at least I'm back on track. The game has several different exercise plans you can choose from (or you can do a custom routine.) I selected the 12 week plan for fast weight loss. Figure after that, I can do the 8 week belly blaster one.

Anyhoozle, I'm going to check on my laundry. Just thought I'd pop in and whine some. Have a great day everyone!

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Hello ladies!

Thankful Tuesday is a perfect name for today's thread Okie. I'm glad things are working out with the bank. I'm feeling very thankful today, too. The blizzard has passed and other than a few downed trees out back, we're in great shape. All shoveled out, with our power and internet up and running again and the sun is shining. Dan has the day off so he's back again for one more day with Beth before she flies back to Houston tomorrow. I love it when we're all under the same roof!

Natasha, I'm sorry about your phone. I'll spare you the gory details, but let me say that after nearly 30 years of teaching preschool and kindergarten I've fished more things out of toilets than you can imagine!

Debbie, I hope Kirk is feeling better this afternoon. Good luck with your photo project, the more you mention it the more I feel like digging into our boxes of old family photos.

Linda, your crack slaw has my mouth watering. I haven't fixed that in months, but I'm not sure why. We all really like it. Have a pleasant day with the girls!

Ruth and Cyndi, try to stay warm today! It's cold and windy here, too. Dan got new snowshoes for Christmas and he's anxious to test them out but so far he hasn't been able to talk any of us into heading out into that wind and blowing snow!

Hi Belissa, it's great to see you posting again. Enjoy your on plan day!

Tall and Thin, I didn't make my year end goal either. I'm blaming my trip and all that stress eating in November more than the holidays, but like you, I'm disappointed. Enjoy your walk!

Hey Lisa, it's fun reading about your new game. I'm glad you're so pleased with it. I got a new wii game for Christmas too, but it's nothin' like your new workout!

Enjoy your Tuesday friends!

Karen, happy blogversary! I've really enjoyed getting to know you better through your blog this year.
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I have a tutoring gig that'll start soon! I hope it leads to full time employment but it is what it is! Thanks Heidi!

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I'm posting late today. It was a fairly good day for being day 2. I created a chicken and cabbage soup at lunch that turned out quite well. Dinner tonight we had Italian Sausage and peppers, i found italian chicken sausage at walmart and used those and they were really good. husband(Jim) didn't even complain that they were chicken!!! YAY

Now i'm off to search for apulled BBQ prork recipe and read some more of the book.
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Evening, ladies!!! My bestfriend is 35 weeks pregnant and having contractions like crazy...I'm so excited!!! She lost her mucus plug today, so it shouldn't be long now. Yay!!! Little Jaxon will be here soon!!!

Lexxiss - Hope the hubby is feeling a little better by now. Maybe it's just a 24 hour bug. Hope you were able to get a little done on your picture project today!!!

Cottage - LOL...did you throw the tongs out, too??? I dropped a hammer into a bucket of paint one time and instinctively grabbed for it, much like last night. I had red paint half way up my forearm, LOL

Ruthxxx - That is EXACTLY what I've been trying to tell him. I told him that I know it's hard and I know he loves her, but NOBODY has the right to treat him the way she did. Being away from that for 2 days now, he's a lot more like his OLD self than I've seen him since they got together. Oh, and I am totally w/ you on it being my "own" toilet. Had I been in the process of sitting down and the toilet was being flushed, I would have puked had I reached in!!! YUCK!!!

Bellissa - Ooh, those sausage and cheese breakfast cups sound yummy...I'll have to try those some day. I don't eat much breakfast, though. Good luck w/ Phase I...it'll get easier.

TallandThin - Sometimes we need that harsh reminder to keep us on plan. I know that after the way I felt the morning after Christmas I will definitely not indulge next year like I did this year. You guys remind me of that next year, okay??? LOL

Okie - Congratulations on the tutoring gig!!!

Juliann - Glad you made it through Day 2 okay!!! Keep on keeping on...it gets easier, I promise!!!

As for me, I got up bright and early this morning in search of a new phone. I went to Wal-mart and, being a complete dolt that early in the morning, asked them for the LG Chocolate Touch and was told they didn't have it. Went to another Wal-mart and same thing. Went to Radio Shack and found NO Verizon phones at all...then went to Best Buy and realized I was looking for the Vortex, not the Chocolate Touch. Boy did I feel stupid!!! LOL Anywho, I got it and I am still learning all about how to use it. The fanciest phone I've had up until now is the enV2, so a smartphone is way above my head. LOL

Hope you ladies are having a good day!!!

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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