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Old 12-21-2010, 12:01 AM   #1
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Default Twinkly Tuesday!

Hi Ladies and Gents:

I'm looking forward to getting my ten minutes of exercise in. My goal is to do at least 10 minutes a day. I'm also looking forward to Breakfast. When I went out yesterday, I bought Special K cereal. It's so yummy! I am registered for class for my 90hr certificate course. All I have to do is pay the $327 on 1/10/2011. I have nothing planned for tomorrow but relaxing and working on my Calendar. I've been taking extra care with my personal hygiene as of late and I am proud of that. I plan to lose at least 8lbs by 1/13/2011 and I'm convinced that I will surpass my lofty goals, lol. As I'm typing this blog, I'm listening to a haunting song called "O come o come Emmanuel". God is truly with us! I applied for a job but it's in another county from me. I hope I get help with transportation from my parents. Not to sound mean, but if I get a job like they want me too, they should help me do well with the work by providing their services. They don't owe me anything but it'd be nice if they got with the program. When I went out yesterday, I did some Xmas shopping for my family. I got my Dad a hat, my sister Oteri will receive a book and my Mom will wear a new sweatshirt with the Prince Georges Community College logo. Let God's will be done regarding the job. He will find a way for me, I trust him with my life! He is my life. I got myself a Bible and the print is small but it was cheap for how valuable it really is!

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Good morning!!! I never made it back to do personals yesterday. It's been a busy night at work...so busy I was confused and thought it was Friday instead. Oops!!! And off I go again...LOL

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Hi Natasha, it's Tuesday and it's gonna be a good day!

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Good Morning

*laughing* I was trying to figure out what day it was last night! It's a good thing sometimes, that we have each other to keep track.

Okie, thanks for getting us started this morning! I smiled while reading your enthusiastic post. When does your course start? I'm glad to hear you got your shopping done while you were out yesterday....and that you took time to get something special for yourself. God bless!

Natasha, see you later!

Me, starting early this am. I had an email yesterday afternoon FW from Delta Airlines and my bro....our laid back Christmas has turned into company in 2 days. I called my Mom and told her to act surprised when he called, and fortunately she was able to contact someone to do some cleaning for her so I don't have to do it all. We had.....already started our "official" project of this laid back week....archiving all 50 years of our accumulated photos. I spent 3 hrs scanning yesterday. I think I'll do one batch today and one tomorrow before stashing them !!again!!

Food was OP yesterday, and I'm looking forward to another day of healthy eating. There are so many tempting foods around right now. The key for me is to make that mental connection that it's not ok to pick stuff up and even taste, because it seems to always set me up for more.

Take care everyone!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Early Chicks.

OKie you sound very enthused. Nice! Remember to breathe though.

Natasha, same to you! Today is Tuesday, by the way. You sound really busy.

Debbie, glad the holiday plans are falling into place. You are a brave woman to tackle that photo project. I have boxes and boxes of my Harry's slides which I must deal with someday. I find it hard to work up enthusiasm about vacation pics he took with his first wife!

My big shop yesterday morning went very well and I was home by 12:30. Too bad I was tired for some reason and did not get the wrapping done. I dealt with mail, both mine and the Mill's, and sort of puttered. It's a good thing I got another brand new day today! I seem to be dragging a lot lately so will go for a check-up in January.

It's Good Food Box today which should take me about an hour and then we will unload Claire's truck for tomorrow's Pack the Christmas Hampers marathon. I have pet therapy at the nursing home this afternoon which really chops up my afternoon but is just so worthwhile. Maybe the gifts will get wrapped tonight. Ya think?

Missed seeing the eclipse last night - remind me to watch the next one. I woke at three but the sky was cloudy so I went back to bed.

OK ... let's crank up Tuesday. The Bling Tree is twinkling away and I'm going to have another coffee, pet the dogs and enjoy it for a while before I leap into my day.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's so good to be back home! Kitties had some diarrhea, I'm pretty sure it was the food but I don't know which one (I like to leave them 2 kinds). This morning I have an 8 AM meeting then some dead time before an 11 am MRI. I'm going to hang at the coffee shop and catch-up on things on the internet. Hmm,maybe I'll scan recipes and make a shopping list

Okie - is that the child care certificate? Good luck!

Natasha - I'm going to check out some of your new recipes too. You've inspired me to cook more holiday stuff.

Debbie - I'm with you, don't know what day or time it is
Thanks for the food tip, I'm sure I will need it today.

I'll definitely be back from the coffee shop

Hey, does anyone have any great ideas for blue hubbard squash? I have one to use up and could bring it for Christmas.

ETA - Good morning Ruth. Maybe we should plan a wrapping party? It's on my list too and I'm opening a special wine for the occasion.
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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Good morning everybody.

Okie, you did well with your shopping yesterday. Do you have any more gifts to buy yet? I hope your parents come through for you on the job. Good luck!

Good Tuesday morning to you, Natasha!

Ruth, it sounds like you got a lot accomplished on your shopping trip yesterday. I think you're dragging because you do so much, but it's always a good thing to have the doctor check you out. Have a good time with Claire this morning and at Pet Therapy this afternoon!

Debbie, I hear you on all the food temptations right now. I've been having just a little taste of everything, but all those bites DO add up. I hope you get your scanning project completed today so you can get ready for your brother's visit.

Cyndi, too bad you were welcomed home by a kitty with diarhea. I hope it was just the food and not something else. I hope your meeting and MRI go well, and have fun food shopping.

I got up at 3 to see the eclipse, but I couldn't find the moon out of any of my windows, so I went back to bed. They had some good pictures of it on the news this morning, but it would have been exciting to actually view it in person. Maybe I'll catch it next time.
Like Cyndi, I have to get together a grocery list. I'm having the entire family over the day after Christmas for dinner since we'll be at my DD's most of Christmas day. I'm making a turkey with all the trimmings and have to think up some healthy and delicious side dishes to go with it. My plan is to make and freeze some dishes in advance so I won't be stressed for time on Sunday.
Well, I'm going to refill my coffee and peruse the boards.

Have a terrific Tuesday!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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I'm done with shopping for others in general. The course is 90hr certificate to become a Lead Teacher. CBT, thanks!

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Good morning everyone!!!

Have a good Tuesday Natasha!!

Okie, I LOVE the sone 'Emmanuel' I love Tori Amos's version, it is so beautiful Have anice day.

Debbie, Yay for staying OP It is great that your brother is coming, it should still be laid back, it is what you make it. Have a nice day !!

Ruth, is today wrapping day? I have my DD do the wrapping, she is better at it and more neat and careful than I am. I didn't see the eclipse either. I was so tired.

Cyndi, I always go to the coffee shop and scan recipes and make shopping/meal lists. I love doing it there for some reason. Have a nice day!!

cottage, Have fun with your preparations, I hope you can stay OP, and organized.


I am working today, I usually don't work long days on Tuesday, and my kids are home. There is no food in the house and my son will be home. I feel so bad, I am going to try and get my mom to go over and bring him some food.

I am around a week late with my TOM, but keep getting negative tests I think my illness screwed up my cycle this month. I hate this process, maybe next month. I have absolutely no food in the house, not sure what I am going to do today for food. It is my lack of planning.

ETA, My DD is coming to work with me and my mom is picking her up to go shopping and have lunch and dinner

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I listened to Enya's version BelovedK. Thanks!

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Good morning,

Quick flyby for me, this is my Friday and I will be MIA until Next week. We leave for Gatlinburg on Thursday am but have lots to do before then.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I will see you next week.
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Hello all! My teen is at school for his final finals. Everyone else is still sleeping. It was a late night for them - my oldest got in close to midnight last night after his flight was weather delayed and the airlines bused him to another airport and put him on a different airlines to get home. But he made it. Hubby and house guests picked him up then some of them went out to see the eclipse. I slept through it so I could get up with the teen today.

I have been eating crap. I feel like the crap I have been eating. I intend to, need to, get back on track with PH1. But practicality, yes it is an excuse, says I need to wait just a few more days or be very frustrated! Ugh.

And - I found out that I am not supposed to do ANY core exercise until I see the doctor about this stupid possible hernia. I cannot remember when I have ever gone so long without as much as a crunch or sit up! Over a decade at least. Between the crappy food and lack of exercise I feel my belly expanding even as I type.

Bah humbug that I am ready for the holidays to be over. Sorry for venting.

Have a great day everyone! I'll catch up more when my guests leave.

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Morning friends

I must have slept wrong last night because my back is talking to me this morning. I'm debating about walking or not. Don't want to make it worse but don't want to use it as an excuse to not exercise (which I have been very good at in the past). I'll let you know what I decide.

Lex, I agree with you. If I allow myself to take just one bite, away I go out of control so I have to keep a tight reign on myself.

Ruth, your running out of time for getting those gifts wrapped girl.

Cyndi, welcome back home.

I hear so much stress and frustration in the posts this morning. It's a hard time of the year to keep it all together and at the same time, take care of ourselves. I'm right there with the rest of you.

I'm fairly organized, still have a few things to wrap up though. We are having our entire family over on Christmas eve for clam chowder. I have the bread bowls ordered and will pick them up along with last minute (forgots) on Thursday. Then will spend Christmas day with DD#2 and their extended family and Sunday will be spent with DD#1. Come Sunday evening we will be back home and it will all be over for another year.

Well, hang in there and let's just do the best we possibly can for these next few days and look forward to next week.

I will remain on plan for one full year without giving up no matter what!

One for every ten pounds lost

1st goal by 01/01/11 - 270 met 12 31 10!
2nd goal by 03/19/11 - 250 lbs met 03 16 11
3rd goal - 242 lbs Oops - have to work on this one again.
4th goal - 212 lbs when I will move from being obese to just overweight
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One Day At A Time
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FoodObsessed, thank you for starting the thread and giving some ideas about the exercise. I will think about having a top line of doing at least 10 mins of exercise every day. So far I do sit ups almost every day but sometimes I am quite lazy and it is even less than 10 mins. So I shall challenge myself and try to do it! Thank you!

Love yourself, no matter what!

I place my hand in yours and together we can do what we could not do alone
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You welcome! HFR, you can stretch for ten minutes too or dance for ten minutes.

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