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Old 11-26-2010, 06:33 AM   #1
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Default Escape from Black Friday Daily Chat

Just got home from work. Around 0330 hrs the proverbial poop hit the fan at the local stores...fights over people cutting in line, people getting assaulted by others trying to get in the door first, people getting into car accidents trying to get TO the stores, and so on and so forth. Not as bad as I expected, though. Me personally, I decided to stay out of that mess. Signed on to Wal-mart.com and found the digital camera I wanted available online for the exact same price with free shipping directly to my house...why in the world would I want to go out in the rain and fight the crowds instead??? LOL

Plans for today are to sleep (maybe get up early and see if I can spend some time w/ the bestie...haven't even gotten to see her since she got into town), go to the gym, and then work. I worked from 0100 - 0530 hrs today for a co-worker who wanted to go shopping w/ her mom so tomorrow she'll work the same hours for me. Works out great b/c that gives me 4 1/2 more hours of sleep before I head out to Athens...so instead of getting 3 1/2 hours of sleep I'm looking at possibly getting 8 hours. Yay!!!

So what are your plans for Black Friday??? Fight the crowds??? Shop in your PJs from the comfort of your own home??? Or just work off all that turkey from yesterday??? Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!

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Good morning Natasha! I guess everyone else is out shopping My teen went at midnight; I am avoiding the stores. Enjoy your sleeping day. I'm going to start working on holiday cards, I think. And maybe we'll put up the Christmas tree before my son goes back to college tomorrow.

Have a great day all!

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Good morning, Natasha! It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving, and I'm glad everyone enjoyed your cheesecake and pumpkin bread. That's great that you were able to get the camera you wanted without having to venture out into the crowds, too!

We had a great Thanksgiving, and I stayed on-plan except for the piece of pie that I had already decided to cheat with, and I did have a wee bit too much wine. We didn't make it to ToysRUs last night, either, and after seeing the frenzy on TV this morning, I'm glad we didn't. We saw our first snow of the season yesterday, too, although there were just a few flakes.

Once everyone finally wakes up, we're going to the diner for breakfast before Monica, Eric and Carley head home, and Jake and I are going to spend the rest of the day putting up our tree and decorations.

Who's going to be the brave one, and go shopping today?
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Good morning, Karen! Working on my cards is another thing I want to work on this weekend, too! Have a great day! Did your son find any great bargains?
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Be happy.
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Good Morning!

I hate to sound like Ebenezer Scrooge but boy am I thankful that Thanksgiving is behind me this year! We had a long, hard day, trying to count our blessings while missing my Dad and nephew so much. Thanksgiving was a biggie for my father - he loved the food and the family time and things just weren't the same without him yesterday. But we also did a lot of laughing and remembering and that part was very nice.

On a more upbeat note, Fergie is feeling much better today. Still uncomfortable and his appetite is still off, but much, much better than he has been. He's feeling good enough to be left alone today so my daughter and I will drive my mom back to Massachusetts today and hit the Black Friday sales on the way back. We're ready to go, just waiting for the weather to let up a little. It's snow here, but freezing rain and sleet south of us so we're waiting til that moves out before we leave.

Enjoy your Friday friends!
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Good morning,

Hope you all can relax a bit today and stay on plan. I'm off to several appointments today. One of them is buying a new pair of indoor shoes. Buying shoes is very hard for me because I have a bunion.
Anyways, keep Thanksgiving going but not the food part.
take care
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I went shopping at 5am!!!! Everyone I came in contact with was nice (but I try to put off a pleasant vibe and smile at people) I had a good experience, and got some great deals on clothing and a winter coat for my DD.

Yesterday I ate a lot, but feel back to normal, and I didn't go back for secionds, and because I was too full, I didn't have pie

Heidi, I'm sorry you were sad I can certainly understand why that must have been upsetting, it is over now

My DH went with me, and was a grump He was fun last year, but this year he sat outside of the stores and I felt in a hurry. I tried to make the most of it and be thankful that he went with me. My kids are with their dad today, and my friend who was coming over to have tea with me woke up sick so I am alone for the day. I am sort of ha;ppy, and sort of sad.

I hope everyone has a great OP day
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I slept through the whole early bird shopping bit.

I have to work all day and we are short handed and full to the brim with boarding dogs and animal appts. So bleh on the shopping. I probably would not have gone anyway.

5+ year maintainer.
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Good Morning


I've been up for awhile but DW offered to help get the house spruced back up which was an offer I couldn't refuse. Our day went fine yesterday (except for finding the latest drama/problem with Kirk's DD), and I didn't overeat, which I'm grateful for. I stuck with my preplanned choices except for the piece of carrot cake I had when we got home.
-make turkey soup and freeze
-ride my bike at least 1 mile
-eat OP
-find some time for me, either reading or sewing

Have a great day, everyone!
Debbie R

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Good morning I slept until the last possible minute this morning then ran out for breakfast and the book sale. It's our Black Friday tradition - no crowds and no traffic just good books and breakfast out. Luckily the ice storm was more warning than worry and our roads were fine. Now I'm settling in with coffee and making my list for the weekend.

Heidi thinking of you and the family

Debbie - Carrot cake is my biggest weak spot. I just love good carrot cake even more than chocolate.

Cottage - most of the flakes were out shopping

Karen - Sounds like a perfect plan for the day.

Natasha - I'm curious about the pecan pumpkin bread recipe. Is that online somewhere? Glad you had some time to relax with Mom. I do almost all of my shopping online. It keeps me from getting crabby

Beloved - great job with the portion control! How's the respiratory yuck?

Happy shoe shopping Sophie


Okay, time to get serious about chores again. Today's list includes exercise and eating on plan. No more cheese
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Morning everyone. Hope you all survived Thanksgiving in a good way

Nat, that's the way to shop girl!

Karen, I'm with you and Nat. No way is this old woman going to fight the shopping crowds today.

Linda, you're ahead of me. Before I can do any decorating, I will spend today putting my house back in order after having family over yesterday.

Heidi, remembering is a good thing. Glad your hubby is better. Drive safe today on those roads and good luck shopping.

Sophie, Hope you find the perfect pair of shoes.

Beloved, Good for you for getting up so early to get the bargins.

Janelle, Give all those dogs a hug from me. I'm sure they are missing their owners. Can you tell I'm a dog person?

Lex, I'm jealous, no one offered to help me put the house back in order today . I'm on my own as DH has his nose in football.

Cyndi, Oooh, book sale. I love books. Guess that is way I volunteer my time running a books for sale for a non-profit. You should see the books I have saved to read some day .

My plans for the day include getting the farier to trim the donkey's hooves trimmed, run down the highway to pick up some donated books, all the while babysitting my GS1's German Shorthair pup which is a challenge because he and our French Bulldog don't get along so we have to keep them separate. And of course work on putting the house back together. I just got back from my walk so that is a good feeling and talking about good feelings, I was able to stay completely on plan yesterday except for three very small finger licks of yams while I was making them. Not bad and the scale was good to me this morning by one pound.

Well time to get busy. Later

I will remain on plan for one full year without giving up no matter what!

One for every ten pounds lost

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I shopped until I dropped, with hubby dutifully trotting along beside and carrying the packages that were too much for us. We parked as far out in the lot as you can, and then ran up to the stores we wanted, hiked back out the car, and then back up to the next store. Boy, am I tired!

And now Christmas shopping is entirely done.

- Annie
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Good afternoon, ladies.

WaistingTime - How'd your youngun make out w/ the black Friday deals...get anything good??? Wow, I'm impressed that you're working on your Christmas cards already...I need to take a page from your book!!!

Cottage - Definitely be glad you didn't make it to Toys R Us...I'm sure it was just as big of a madhouse there as it was here. I'm super jealous that you're getting snow, though...I want snow at least once a year but we don't usually get blessed w/ that here in Georgia, LOL A day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast out sounds lovely...enjoy!!!

Heidi - How are you holding up, hon??? I know it's hard to be thankful when missing your dad and nephew so much, but it sounds like you managed it. Laughter IS a great way to cope, though. Here's to hoping that in time there will be more laughter and less sadness. And, again, I'm jealous of your snow!!! LOL

sophie - Good luck finding some good shoes today...hope the crowds aren't too bad for ya.

Beloved - Glad you had a good experience on Black Friday...you're a much braver woman than I, LOL Sorry your hubby was being a grump. If there's one thing that REALLY ruins anything for me it's feeling rushed...I hate that!!!

shcirerf - Sounds like a busy day at work...hope it goes smoothly for ya.

Lexxiss - Oooh, help w/ the housework??? Better hold on to that one!!! Hope you were able to get in everything on your list.

Cyndi - I agree w/ you on the carrot cake...well, up until the point of "more than chocolate" LOL I found the pumpkin bread recipe here in the forums (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/dess...am-cheese.html). It was good but, for me, I would like a little more spice in it. Maybe I'll add a little more cinnamon, ginger, and cloves next time. I made an oops w/ it last night, though...a co-worker had told me that night that she had Celiacs disease and I didn't even THINK about it when she started eating the pumpkin bread. By the time I remembered it was too later. Hopefully it didn't affect her too badly.

TallandThin - Oooh, good luck keeping the doggies separated and getting your house back in order. I would imagine the first isn't very conducive to the latter, huh???

annieoh - What a good hubby!!! He was probably just happy to not have to be in the crowds, LOL And OMG, WOW...can't believe you're completely done w/ your Christmas shopping. That is AWESOME!!!

As for me, I was supposed to be meeting up w/ my bestfriend sometime before work today but she's not answering her phone. I texted her and told her that I was starting to get a complex seeing as this is her 3rd time in town where I couldn't get her on the phone when we were supposed to hang out.

Guess I should head out to the gym before work...SO glad I get to leave at 0100 hrs tonight!!! I won't be on tomorrow b/c I'll be at the GA/GA Tech game...watch ESPN and see if you can spot me!!! LOL

Have a good day, ladies (and gentlemen if any of you joined us).

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Come on Spring!
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Quick post - my computer died and has now been restored but I may not post much for a bit.
My friend Joanne's partner tried to kill himself this morning and is now in the hospital and not expected to live. I am sad for her and very angry at him. Suicide is such a selfish act!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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I'm sorry about your friend Ruth! Let's pray for all those involved, no matter what we may think of their actions, they are still one of us.

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