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Angry Can' seem to FOCUS!!!! UUUUGGGHHHH!

Sorry for ranting, but I've got to let it out!
Maybe by actually admitting it, it will register and make me accountable.
I've been on SB for 3 or 4 weeks and I keep falling off the wagon, I just cant seem to make it through P1 completely.... I make it for 4 days, and all of a suddent the "Carb MONSTER" gets a hold of me!!
I'm sooo mad at myself!
Ok, Ive decided to start over tomorrow, and I will be logging my sucess so maybe in thinking of the shame of having to admit my failer to you fellow Beachers, I will stay OP.
Fridays are my day off and I dont have a computer at home so I will check in, whether good or bad on Monday morning.... wish me luck!
And thanks for listenting, have a great weekend!

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Good luck, Layddi. So much of this is just the state of mind we are in. Try finding different ways to distract yourself when the carb monster hits. I usually drink a cup of tea or go for a walk. it distracts me long enough for the monster to settle back down. eventually, telling him no long enough will cause him to stop popping up as often.

**willpower-y wishes to you**

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Tea is a good idea. I got into drinking it last winter and found a lot of flavored ones to keep me from snacking. You might also try to focus on just the next 10 minutes or hour. If you can get past that time, past the craving, it is often gone. Come here instead, maybe. Good luck.

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The 10-minute goal is a great idea. We can do anything for 10 minutes.

100 lbs. down plus a carrot for every 5 more
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Its when I think about weighing the next morning, and try to focus on how much I love it when I see "a new low" on the scale and then think "is this cookie/candy/etc going to make me feel THAT good?"
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Be happy.
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Good luck to you, I can't wait to read about your successful week end.

And here's another trick to try, when I think I just can't say no to an off plan snack I go for a walk, or do some other exercise. I tell myself if I still want the snack when I'm finished exercising, I'll have it then.

By the time I've invested 20+ minutes in exercise the off plan snack doesn't look as good to me anymore.

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Hi Ladyyi,

Taking a walk every day works for me- I hate exercise so much that my brain finds it harder to go off plan after I walk, since I don't want to have wasted my time- its sounds stupid, but it works. I take my little girls with me and we have a fun time, plus they start looking forward to it every night and remind me to get off my butt!
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Hey Lay.........I've even jumped in the shower if I felt like I was going to eat something off plan and didn't want to. You sure can't eat and take a shower at the same time and by the time I got out, dried off and dressed, the desire was gone. Another thing that helps me is to stay ahead of the game. By that I mean that I always know what I am going to eat at least one day ahead of schedule and make sure I have the right ingredients in the house. I also will make an entre or dessert that serves more than one and freeze the extra. It is such a good feeling to know there is always something "legal" waiting for me. Good luck and don't give up.
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It will be MY turn too!
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Ok, seems like no one else has mentioned this but it helped me to survive that without killing anyone.

Eat~ eat some rolled up turkey with laughing cow cheese. Eat some chicken with a little bit of salsa! Don't worry about trying to IGNORE those carb cravings... eat some protein and drink some water and even though your brain is whimpering for some carbs, your tummy will argue, "Hey man, we're FULL down here."

Don't try to be a martyr! Get through those miserable days and then rein it back in

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I'd like to add that during P1, days 3-5 are always the hardest for me. Cravings, headaches, feeling jittery etc. But when I get the other side, on Day 6 I wake up full of energy, my eyes and skin look brighter, and the cravings are gone.
The suggestions here are great to help you get through the hardest days, stick with it and it will get easier after that first few days.
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