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Old 08-18-2010, 07:14 AM   #1
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Default What is up Wednesday?

I couldn't think of a better title! Just quickly checking in to say hi and hope everyone has a great day. I have a busy two days at work with a lot going on...need to get myself a bit organized. I've stayed on plan this week and it feels good. I'm hoping for a loss on Friday...we'll see.
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Come on Spring!
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Default Wakey, Wakey Wednesday!

Crisp and cool out there but still a good morning for coffee on the deck. I love days like this with the afternoon temps going to just 75º.

Did lots of rushing around yesterday but lots of visiting too so was not completely wiped at bed time. Pet therapy went well. That Jazz is a natural! Today I'll take both of them to the Clinic for that programme. I have some baking to organize for the Church sale this Saturday. I might even finally finish the deck power washing that I started back in mid-July!

Hope your Wednesday isn't too uphill!

ETA: Good morning, Matilda. I hope your day is calm and serene for a change.
Change isn’t easy. But if you don’t change, you stay the same, and where’s the fun in that?
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Good Morning

I was excited to get up early and resume my routine after getting back from my mini trip. I'm lacking energy so I think I'll take my vitas and protein drink and head back to bed. We had a great time doing not doing much of anything. It was a great cabin in the woods-we ate healthy and watched the rain and hummingbirds.

Dog walking this AM and I'll see what the rest of the day brings.
Debbie R

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I was got busy fixing Jake's supper for tonight, but now I can sit and enjoy my coffee and 3FC chat.

It's cooler and cloudy here today, and you can definitely sense a change of weather in the air. Summer is winding down, and the girls are getting bored with everything. I did set up a playdate for Maggie yesterday, and let Audrey decide how she and I spent the afternoon. This afternoon Audrey is going to a friend's for a sleepover. Of course, Maggie is jealous. Thank goodness school starts in another two weeks.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's an office day so I'll try to stop by later.
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Back to school for my teen! High school senior. I told him to add 5 minutes into his morning timing for me to take pictures for the last time on the first day of school. Summer is over; his school years almost are too.

Have a great day all.

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Ah, Karen, that's both happy and sad--first day of the last year of school for your boy. I hope his senior year is fun.

A busy Wednesday for almost everyone, looks like. I'm driving to Austin to do my grocery shopping at Central Market--I'm excited! DH wants to come, but I'm going to tell him not to rush me. (I love grocery shopping.)

Have a nice OP Wednesday!


ETA: 101 predicted here today, with a 108 heat index. No fall in sight!

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It's a crazy grey day in NJ (I love rhyming) I'm doign a dairy and wheat free ph 2. I never realized how much stuff has wheat in it! FRUSTRATING. But it it makes me feel better bring it on!
I will be back 2nd day back in the office and super swamped!
Making a commitment to myself
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Good Morning chickies! A grey day here as well, however I bet we still get hot. MOG I just checked and high on 82! I think that is an all time low this summer!!! whoooo! Definitely heading to the farmers market today(I know I say that everyday!-but today for sure!) Not a whole lot going on other than that... I get to order a new phone tomorrow. Ticks me off all the nice ones I want require that extra data package, but I think I will get a lot more use out of it. Thinking about the Droid X(I am with Verizon)... Would like to go to the store though and look at them.

Well, the smoothie is finished so that means I must go start my day!

KO- Good Luck! I have found eating out is hardly an option here in TN, maybe NJ has more restaurants that are good for eating gf and dairy free... but its unbelievable when you start looking how many things have wheat in them or lactose! Its almost like if it has a label don't eat it! LOL

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icky rainy day over here. i need to get to the gym at the supermarket at some point this morning.

I'm waiting until 10 to leave because i need to purchase tickets to see Daniel Tosh for DH's birthday. It will be a total surprise. He had mentioned wanting to go, and the show was sold out. I found out last night that they opened up another show later in the evening! I hope i can get nice seats!

Have a great, on-plan day!

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Definitely need coffee today. Couldn't fall asleep until 2am! Beautiful day today. I should have gone to the State Fair today, not yesterday! Well, it's going to cost over $1700 to fix my son's car. Ouch! That wasn't in the plan. I'm going to start buying lottery tickets. Trying to get my son's stuff ready for college, but he is going to Chicago Friday for 3 days with my husband for a comic book convention. They get back Sunday late & classes start Monday. DD2 got engaged 2 weeks ago, so we have to meet with a cake lady & photographer this week. Don't have time to look for a new car for DS! Lots of stress, but it's actually turning off my appetite. In the old days, it would have been a recipe for binging.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Good morning all!

Still a newbie to this site and it is so wonderful to see threads like this where everyone gets together to chat about their days - struggles and good moments - I really like it!

Yesterday was the first hot one all summer here in sothern CA, unfortunately our A/C was removed on the weekend and will not be replaced with a new one until this weekend. H-O-T in the house. The dogs were panting big time yesterday when I got home from work and during my exercise video workout I was panting too! Hopefully it will bea lil cooler today, at least for the puppies sakes.

Going out with a girl-friend tonight for dinner and Eat, Pray, Love - fun!! - hoping to find some SBD-like foods on th menu. Fish and veggies for me!

Have a good wednesday all!

Lost 60lbs on SBD from '08-'09, around March of 2010 fell off the wagon and gained 40lbs back VERY FAST. South Beach & feeling great!
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Doing this MY way!!!
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Hi Everyone!!!!

Its humid and hot down here in Florida but I am enjoying my third day of Phase 1! A little tired but I think thats normal. I have about an hour left at work and I cannot wait to go home and do a little interval walking on the treadmill!! I hope you ladies are having a great day and staying positive!!!

I Will Succeed!!!
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Coming in late, as usual. Today I got a crown; I'm lucky to have an excellent dentist, so except having to get there in the driving rain that soaked the city today, not a bad morning. I spent the rest of the day either talking to or emailing parents; school is about to start.

I'm enjoying phase I this time, although I haven't been adventurous enough in cooking. I've been craving soups and eating canned ones; on top of the heart palpitations scare last week, I'm getting over a bout of cystitis, so I don't have much energy, although I'm feeling better every day. Hope everyone is having a good evening.

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BritMW, Quietstorm970, thanks for piping in on the daily thread!

Xan, good dentists always help! Glad to hear you are enjoying P1 this time around!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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