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Working on healthy
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Default Manic Monday

Good morning Chicks I'm having an early 90s flashback I'm off to the first staff meeting of the new job. Top item on my agenda - later meetings. 9:00 is great if you drive 15 minutes but if you drive 2 hours it's way too early. My day is all about meetings and driving.

Too tired to think of much more than coffee so I think I'll top my mug. How is your day shaping up?
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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Come on Spring!
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Right, Cyndi. That's a brutal time for a meeting after a two hour drive even if it IS in your new fun car. Gotta fix that!

Had a lovely weekend although it was pretty foodie. Yesterday's brunch was very elegant - I'll spare you a description of the food. Then I had a late supper at Heather's place which included corn. I did indulge - it was only the second cob this season and I love corn.

This morning, after gym, I need to dash to town to get that report to City Hall. Then I will tackle a financial report for the Mill Board meeting at 4:30 this afternoon. We have one new member with a real job so are meeting late afternoon. We discussed evening meetings but nobody had a free night. This time may speed things up as people will be wanting dinner.

It's a busy week ahead but I am planning at least an hour of relaxation with two dogs and a book every afternoon. I need to practice up for the week in Cape Breton with Linda who may change her name to HouseNearTheSea.

On we go with the week! Coffee first though.
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Good morning, Cyndi, and those to come. Cheers.
Best wishes go to you on your first day on the new job. Will you have a 2 hour commute every day? If so, at least you'll have a brand new car to enjoy it in.

Busy, busy weekend, and the house is a wreck. I'm going to wait until Eric, Monica and Carley leave later this afternoon before attempting to clean up. It's so humid here that you could slice it up and toast it for breakfast, and more rain is in the forecast for this afternoon.
I'm going to go pick up Audrey & Maggie and bring them back here for the day.

Only 8 more working days until vacation!

Mornin' Ruth! "HouseByTheSea".
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot

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Working on healthy
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Ruth - the corn has been exceptional this year. We have had it three times. I only buy 2-3 ears so we can't overeat I love your planned relaxation. I may have to borrow that idea.

Cottage - Just the Monday meetings are up north. My territory will be closer, the county to the north and to the west of me. Still lots of time in the car but not as bad as Montpelier. Those mileage checks will pay for the new car so can't complain too much.
Happy vacation count down!
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Be happy.
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Hello from Houston!

I'm having a wonderful visit with my daughter, and I'm on track exercise wise. I'd rather not talk about what I've been eating though!

Enjoy your Monday friends.
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Good morning!

Cyndi - Now I will be humming that song to myself all day! Loved the car pics.

Ruth - Your relaxation time sounds lovely. Reading anything good lately?

Linda - Maybe we should change the song for today to... Vacation, all I ever wanted...

Heidi - Enjoy your visit. I forget how much later school starts back east.

Got a bike ride in yesterday and hope to do so today as well. We have a few days predicted in the 80s which is a nice break from the heat. Planned out a few days of meals so far for DS1s homecoming. DS2 starts school Wednesday but has to work up there today and tomorrow for his extracurricular thing. He has still not finished his summer reading. Sigh.

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Good morning, all! I totally sympathize with the 9 a.m. meetings. I only have a 20-minute commute (by cab; if I took the Metro/bus it would be over an hour) and 9:00 is too early!!!

I have three days of meetings and doctor/dentist appointments, and nothing at all fun scheduled!!! BUT I did finally get my taxes done, and can now start prepping for classes, which begin in three weeks.
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Hey all! A late check in for me today. I'm getting a little bored with my morning yoga routine so I ordered a new dvd-I'm looking forward to getting it to shake things up a little. Also, when my son goes back to school I won't be able to do my morning walk (I'll still be able to do a little walk, but not so intensive), so I'll need to do a little more in the mornings to make up for that.

I've got an on plan week all set up to go. It's not so hard to keep on plan during the week. The weekends are a different story however...

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning all! Looks like Monday's a busy day. My official weight loss for Phase I, which ended Saturday for me, was 9 lbs. I am thrilled of course. I don't have anything planned for this week except for giving away a rooster. I'm anxiously awaiting two pieces of news, so I need to stay busy to keep my mind off of it.

Have a lovely hot August day!

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I am enjoying my final Monday of freedom!!! I meant to check in earlier but got busy working on a special digital scrapbook for my son. He will be ten in a couple of months so I saw an idea where a mom made 10 Best Things About You scrapbook....so I started that and got carried away! I haven't even had my coffee yet!
I started Phase 1.5 yesterday!!! I feel like I am back on track...so Phase 1 was good for me!
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Good morning,

So my schedule is too hetic to drop in as much as I would like. I do try to atleast stop in and update my exercise challenge so I am here just behind the scenes so to speak.

My girls are back in school, DS has College orientation on Friday we are going with him as that is what he wanted.

Cyndi love your new car thanks for the pics.

Heidi enjoy your visit with your daughter how fun.

Everyone else have a great day.

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