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Question To exercise or not to exercise?

That is the question.

Anyone here on the diet but not really exercising?
If you're not exercising, is the diet still working for you? If you are, what motivates you to do it consistently and fit it into your daily routine?

I just can't bring myself to get walking (or anything else). I really have no excuse with the Wii fit right there... I am wondering if it matters much whether or not I have a daily exercise routine and how to get the energy to stick to one if I do start exercising. (yes the diet has given me more energy, but you gotta understand the energy levels I was starting from. When they were that low, I was considering getting on antidepressants.)

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I can understand needing some time... and get the depression thing looked at.

But I really think that sooner or later, exercise needs to be part of it. When you are ready to add it in...

If you need something supportive to your joints -- swim or water aerobics.

If you need something in the home, look at gentler DVDs -- Kim Lyons is where I started.


Even just doing one Wii Fit game every other day is starting somewhere.

Pick anything at all, and as you get stronger your energy will also improve along with your body..

Started Jan 2016:

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Working on healthy
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You may not need the exercise to lose weight (though you will lose faster if you do exercise) but it will really help with both your energy level and your state of mind. The better you feel the easier it will be to make the lifestyle changes you are looking for.

When I first started there were a lot of days I could only walk for 15 minutes before the pain stopped me, but I kept at it and it really did get better over time. Regular exercise has done wonders for my emotional health and is now my go to activity when stress starts to get to me. I never thought I'd find a replacement for chocolate
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I read something that said don't exercise anymore than you have to to actually lose weight. It said that if you exercise hard now, your body will adapt and then you will have to work that much harder in the future to get the same benefit. Not sure if there is any science behind this but the idea made sense to me so I am not really exercising right now either. I can lose about 2 pounds a week eating around 1700-1800 calories a day. I do get some activity from walking between buildings at school and walking my son to the park. I figure I will start going to the gym when I can't really lose the weight with diet alone. I think it would be important to try to do something active for your cardiovascular health (not just weight loss). I think it is recommended you get 20 minutes 3x a week just for basic health needs.
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S/C/G: maintaining


I have heard from more than one place that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So the fastest way is to do both, but the diet is more important.

I started exercise in my 30s for health reasons. I have familial high cholesterol. I started walking and that was all I did for several years. Then I joined a gym and added other cardio and weight lifting. I think there are so many benefits to exercise beyond the calorie burn. (And weight lifting builds muscles and muscles burn more calories than fat!) I'd encourage you to try when you are ready. Start slowly.

I work out every day but still have motivational problems all the time! The best thing for me personally is to have a workout partner (my husband right now) or go to a class at the gym. I am very unmotivated if it is just me. Getting started is hard but I am always glad I did it once it is done And one more thought... try different things and maybe you will find one you like more than others and more than expected.

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I'm Just a Little Crazy
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Originally Posted by CyndiM View Post
Regular exercise has done wonders for my emotional health
ME TOO! I feel more leveled out emotionally. And I lost inches b/f I lost lbs - so I felt a lot firmer, which really did wonders for my confidence.

Exercise is also good for keeping your metabolism revved up... with that being said, many people lose weight successfully without exercising.

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Jarlie, I didn't exercise at all when I first started SB..then one day I told myself to just get going. I got a few dvds and a fluidity bar etc and enjoyed them ok, but it was an EFFORT..not so much fun.

Then one day I decided to go ahead and join the gym. I figured if I paid for it, I would go. I had belonged to a gym years ago, but when the kids started coming along I used that for an excuse to stop going.

I now go in the mornings before work. I enjoy the workout, but even more, I enjoy the steamroom! When I leave I feel so good and energized and clean and scrubbed. The gym, along with eating healthy, gives me so much energy to enjoy my day. I'm in a good mood all day long. When I don't go, I can really see the difference in my mood. If you have a gym near with steam room, sauna etc (the amenities!) give it a try for a few days early in the morning and see how good you feel the rest of the day. Really worth it. I'll be 55 in a couple of months, take no meds for anything (while everyone I know my age is taking daily pills for this and that) and feel like a million. Don't look too bad either!
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I've lost over 15 pounds!
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I have heard that regular exercise is as effective in treating depression as medications! Here's a link to the paper published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine:


And here's an important quote from the article.
"Aerobic exercise at a dose consistent with public health recommendations is an effective treatment for MDD of mild to moderate severity. A lower dose is comparable to placebo effect."
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It's funny you posted this today, because I am pondering the same thing for myself. I do feel better when I'm working out, but another side effect is that it makes me really, really hungry. Ravenous in fact. I haven't felt one moment of hunger (well, except right before meals) since I started SBD in March, but since I started doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred this week I can't eat enough. I don't know if I can keep this up. I wish I had some good answers!
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you dont need to excersie to lose weight but it is still good to do it. once u loose the fat u will get stuck with the streach skin excersie helps with that and toneing. my sister lost weight just by deiting but now she is all loose(ewww)lol.

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Thank you for all the support. The info about depression and exercise is especially good to know. I will ease my way into at least a little exercise. school is about to end, so I'll need a new routine anyhow. Maybe exercise can be a part of that.
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FWIW, I had a BAD day. Financial garbage. Told myself to bunk up, and went on a run with the pup. In the mountains, by a stream, it was lovely!! I went nearly 4 miles, and chuckle at myself...I was disappointed I didn't go further. LOL. Who woulda thought, 2 years ago, that I'd be disappointed to go "only 4" miles?!?!? It was only after south beach I could do this, or enjoy it.

The other posters are right....the exercise is for your overall health and well being. Try it. Dabble a little in this, a little in that. I have a friend that is severely overweight, and she found a walking partner, and they walk/chat/gossip every morning for 3 miles. Great for her!! Maybe you too, could find something that really makes you feel good!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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