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Old 06-01-2010, 05:50 AM   #1
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Default Trotting into Tuesday

Good TUESDAY morning on this first day of June!

So who else is going to be screwed up all week, thinking today is Monday? I know I have to stop and think about it, LOL!

We're starting off with sunshine, but it looks like we'll be dodging storms the rest of the day. I'd better remember to close the windows before I leave this morning. I think it will be a busy next few days at the farm, getting ready for the Home & Garden Tour set for Saturday. I feel a little bad that I won't be able to be there on Friday to help make sure everything is ready, but I had already made plans.

Who's ready for a latte?
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Working on healthy
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Thanks Cottage I would a latte. I guess trotting sounds a lot better than trudging, which is where my brain went I bet your week will fly by with all the prep going on.

It's an office day for me though I may need to leave for a vet run again. I wish I could figure out what was going on. I've never had cats with bladder problems and both our current cats have on and off issues. It's much more stressful with boy cat though, and his is acting up again after 2 really good weeks. Poor kitty.

Not sure what else this week will hold. I'm glad there's some rain in the forecast because it's very dry here.

Time to drink that latte
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Enjoy your latte, Cyndi. I put an extra shot of expresso in it, as I think you'll need it for today. Good luck with your poor cats, I hope it's a simple fix to make them well again.
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Morning All!
Summer has officially begun! So glad to have a few weeks of "leisure" to look forward too. I have a lot of plans to work on for the next school year, but no rush to get them done. I sure have missed the daily log-in to visit with you!
Off to the gym in a bit without having to rush. I love it!
Balie nef, blaie prope.
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Hey everyone...I'm back! Cottage and Cyndi, so nice to see old friends first thing this morning. I'm starting back on Phase 1 today. I'm determined to do a very clean phase 1 and then really monitor myself as I move into Phase 2. The month of June is all about my health and well being for me. I was shocked that I only gained 4.5 lbs. after falling completely off the wagon. Tomorrow I'll measure for the real deal.

I see there are so many new friends here and I look forward to getting to know everybody. I'm going to read all the new posts now.
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Working on healthy
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Cat & Mmc - So good to see you both again What a perfect way to start a new week and a new month with old friends

Mmc - Wow, what a great idea, dedicating a whole month to your own health and wellness. Looking forward to reading more about it.

Cottage - As always you've got my number. thanks for the extra shot!
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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Good morning chicks!

Cottage - YES. I will be completely messed up on my days this week. Of course, I was messed up last week, what was my excuse then??!

Cyndi - sorry about the kitties . Do they have FUS/FLUTD (or whatever they're calling it today?) That can be very frustrating. I'm grateful none of my cats have had problems like that before. One does like marking the toilet when it hasn't been cleaned in a while!!

CAT! So glad to see you again! Welcome to summer!

MMCK - welcome back!! Glad to see you again too!!

me - Just a normal day, I hope. We have reservations to go camping this weekend, so I need to start planning menu, etc. Our "big yellow house" goes on the market this week, I am hoping, praying that it finally sells....that will be such a relief!

Have a great day!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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I've lost over 15 pounds!
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Back to work I go!! Only 6 more student days and two more teacher workdays. The Holiday weekend was a nice preview of summer, but I would have rather gotten the school year over.
Goal for 9/1: 209.5
Progress toward my final goal (started 4/26/2010):

I weigh myself everyday, but only update tickers on Saturday.
One carrot for every 10 pounds:
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Happy Tuesday. If it's an election day where you live, Go Vote!

Cottage, Will BH&G have pictures of the farm on their website?

Cyndi, I'm sorry your kitty is sick. Hope the vet can fix it cheaply.

CAT! Good to see you!

MMC, Welcome back!

Twynn, Camping in a tent? Potty close by?

Frances, You can do anything for two days.

Me: Back to work after a 4 day weekend. It was lovely! Date night Sunday night was too much fun! Yesterday, my hubby made the best ribs EVER! I made a grape salad for dessert, which is extremely SB friendly. Yum!

My brother's wife is having surgery today. She has a soft-ball size fibroid tumor in her uterus. There is a possibility they will have to do a hysterectomy. She and my brother are newly-weds and are still hoping to start a family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers today.
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!
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Come on Spring!
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Lovely soft rain has been falling for the past three hours and my garden is smiling. Me too! A friend and his son came over yesterday and moved all the field perennials into the border for me! That job would have taken me all week and lots of Tylenol3 but they worked just an hour and have it done.

I am going to take a "me" morning and soak in the tub for a while. I'm tired and not feeling chatty.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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S/C/G: maintaining


Good morning.

Linda - LOL. I am screwed up too. (Oh, that doesn't sound so good.)

Cyndi - I hope you figure out what is going on with the cats and it is something easily fixed.

Cat - Summer is here too. Nice to see you.

Mmc - Hellllooooo.

Twynn - I hope you get great weather for camping.

fcmonroe - Ah, you are so close!

Chelby - I will think about her today. I have one that fills my whole uterus but have avoided medical intervention and am done with having kids. Glad date night was fun.

Ruth - What a beautiful way to picture rain

I have PT again this morning. Then DS and I meet with his counselor. I am getting angry just thinking about it and intend to remain calm during the meeting. DS found out via the grapevine the day before school ended that the computer option he was given to study AP Physics was no longer available. No one officially told him he no longer had a science class on his schedule. Helllooo! Poor guy - four years at that school and not once did he just get the schedule he wanted or even all the classes filled. So now we have to find an alternative class, either another AP science or something else altogether. And hope it can fit in his crazy schedule. Sorry... ranting.

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good morning ladies,

got up this morning got my walk in before the kids get up. busy summer planned running kids to sports and friends. wanting to get refocused on my eating.I have 10 weeks to do it. today is day 2 of phase 2 and doing fine. I need to drink more water which I find very hard to do here at home.

the kids are starting to stir so off I go to get the day going..
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Good Morning

Linda, thanks for getting us started. I'm definitely headed into busy days. Mom is leaving today and I am more than ready for a few routine days before heading over the hill again. Kirk leaves Alaska a week from tonight and I'll be ready for a little help again.

Cyndi, sorry to hear you are still having kitty problems.

Cat, good to see you back! I've missed you lots!

Mmc, welcome back!

Twynn, hope your normal day goes as planned!

Frances, I'm counting down the days with you!

Chelby, I'll send good thoughts for your SIL's surgery.

Ruth, what nice friends to come over and help. Enjoy your "me" morning.

Karen, I hope DS schedule gets figured out!

phxsunflower, glad you are back and have some time to refocus on your eating.

Me, exhausted today and hoping I can get back into a routine here when Mom leaves. Despite a major list of chores I may take a long nap when I get back from the pool and see if I can "start over" with some energy. I missed my vitamin packed breakfast yesterday and really feel it today. I had my BF before I sat down at the computer so I wouldn't repeat today.

See ya'll later.
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Hello and good morning everyone! I'm actually glad to be back into a routine. It makes staying on diet so much easier for me. Yaay for Mondays, um Tuesdays? LOL you know what I mean.
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Have the day off & lots to do before DS's party this weekend. Spent the last 3 days helping my oldest move apartments in Minneapolis. It was exhausting, but I'm proud to say I stayed on plan and made great choices when out eating. We grilled steaks yesterday and had a lovely Cajun chicken salad the night before. My dogs have been having trouble with loose stools, blood in them sometimes. Vet gave us several things to try, probiotics & stuff. I may start giving them yogurt daily as they suggested that may help.
Beautiful weather here the last few days. Supposed to get rain tonight and we do need it. Hope you all have a lovely day!

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