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Old 05-27-2010, 05:15 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default Thundering Thursday

Very noisy storm was my alarm clock this morning - re-run of the one we had last evening. Disney has decided to just cross her legs until it's over.

The good news is that I won't have to water all my plantings this morning. We're supposed to have a more reasonable temperature today too - only 82F/33C compared to yesterday's 39C which is too scary to convert.

This morning I plan to finish the Village plantings and perhaps do the Church too. I have a meeting at the bank at one re $$ for the Sweden trip and may get a chance to drop in on my sister after that. Time for a bit of relaxation.

Hope your day is peaceful without too much thunder.

"Thunder only happens when it's raining." There's a Fleetwood Mac ear worm for you!
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Good morning, Ruth! I hope you really do get a chance to enjoy a bit of relaxation today. We're due for some heavy thunderstorms later this afternoon. But we still have another steamy day ahead before the storms cool us off.

I have the washer humming already this morning and plan to do a quick dust and vacuum so I'll free tomorrow up to play. Oh! I just remembered that I have a 4-day weekend ahead of me!

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Let's hear it for rain!!

I was wrong about the number of teachers. I spoke to a more reliable source, and we're being cut 23 teachers. I don't think that anyone will lose a job, but I'm sure that a lot of people are going to be relocated.

It just doesn't make sense. Constitutionally mandated class sizes of no more than 25 students in a core class starts in the upcoming school year. NONE of my classes this year were less than 25, a couple had 32 and several science teachers had even larger classes. So we're going to cut teachers and class size??? I don't see how the math will work. Guess we'll find out for sure after the master schedule is built.

You all need to come to Florida and spend money. Either that, or we need a state income tax. This race to the bottom for school funding in Florida has got to stop!
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Gooooood morning chicks!!

Ruth - thanks for getting us started. No thundering today. Although, I did make a batch of beans we're having later....

Cottage - YEAH for a four day weekend!! I'm grateful for three!

Francis - it's crazy. I bet they're scared to do a state tax, because they'll lose a lot of snowbirds. It's sad how education loses.

Me - just got back from a run I was actually happy to get up, and the weather was almost perfect (96% humidity is NOT perfect). Actually saw a couple of people today too. I'm glad to have it over with, and since I work 9-7 today, there's no way it'll get done otherwise. PHEW!!

I think I'm going to browse recipes to find some new summer salads for the holiday weekend!!

PS - there's a mom from gymnastics lurking here (I don't know your name, sorry!), come join us!!

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning Storms here last night too but ours hit around 11. Then the cat storms started around 4:30. Little beasts

Ruth- I'm so glad you have a mellow day. Enjoy your visit

Cottage - Happy 4 day weekend ahead Hope there's AC in your day.

Francis - The sad thing is a whole lot of states are in similar positions. Apparently CA has decided (well the gov has) to cut all funding for child care and I know first hand the crazy stuff going on in New England and NY. I'm glad people aren't losing their jobs though because that just makes everything that much worse. I hope there is something fun and relaxing ahead in your weekend.

The heat broke here too so life will be back to normal for us. It was so hot last night I didn't even bother trying to ride my bike or exercise. I'm looking forward to a day of easier movement. Best of all it's our first CSA day of the season! Our guy is a little late starting but tonight is our first pickup. We're getting baby bok choi, radishes, white turnips, salad greens and lots of spinach. I can't wait!

Hope all your thunder is connected to rain (thanks Ruth )
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Ruth - You are right, I am singing it to myself now!

Linda - We had them yesterday. Typical this time of year for Kansas.

Francis - Sounds crazy. We moved to our house for the great schools... and years later, many cuts later, they are still good but not the same. Next year since they can't afford to hire and AP physics teacher, my son and others kids will sit in a class and learn the material themselves on a computer. Hmm. That should be one classroom that is NOT overcrowded.

Twynn- Funny about your impending thunder.

Cyndi - Sounds yummy. That reminds me that there is a new organic farmer's market near that I meant to go to yesterday but forgot about. Sigh.

DS1 is safely back on campus and started his research job yesterday. I am glad his long drive was mostly uneventful. DS2 has finals again today. Not sure yet if DH and I will bike outside; need to figure out how wet things got here yesterday and if there are lots of puddles still remaining. Errands. Food planning. SOSO

Have a great one all.

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Good Morning

Nice day here! I'm sitting in front of Starbucks with my new laptop. Rudi knocked my other one off the table yesterday. I was already planning a new one, but not sooo soon. I had to find a public connection because my laptop connect card didn't work with Windows 7. As you can see, I'm now up and running-literally. They are bouncing around in the pool right now wondering where I am-I'm headed home and will jump on my bike and make it for long enough to socialize.

I'll be back later!
Debbie R

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Happy Thursday!

Ruth, I love a good thunderstorm.

Cottage, Hooray for a 4 day weekend! I have one, too.

Frances, I'm sad about school funding. Alabama is talking about supporting charter schools. They aren't sufficiently supporting our public schools. I don't get it.

Twynn, You have a long day today! Hope it's uneventful, but interesting.

Cyndi, What was your high yesterday? We've been in the low 90s.

Karen, I bet your family will be ready for summer vacation!

Debbie, That's why I loved Jazzercise so much -- socializing!

Me: You would not believe our office. The boss is gone till Tuesday. The therapist has been out for almost a month after surgery on her foot. No one is creating work for my supervisor or me! I can't even pretend to be busy! Even the filing is done. Tomorrow, I'm taking the day off. Hooray!

Tomorrow, I'm going fishing with my guys. Saturday is our last teeball game. Yay! Sunday, Jeff and I are going to watch a friend and his band play at a club called Zydeco. Hopefully, they'll have some boiled crawfish. mmmmm Monday, we are celebrating my birthday. Let the party start -- without cake!
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Hi Everybody!

We had the storms and crap again yesterday - it's been every day for a week I think! We had flooding pretty bad last night but the streets have cleared up today. I was re-routed 9 times trying to get to Chris' house after work last night. Lots of damage done from it, but not to our homes or cars thankfully. Hopefully we stay dry for awhile!!!

Today is puppy day! YAYYYYYY! I'm getting off work at 4:45, heading home, and Chris, Anna, and I are running to Edinburg to pick Voodoo up! Gonna be a busy weekend so I apologize in advance if I don't post a whole lot.

I AM still OP though. Chris made me a big pot of veggie soup with broccoli, tomatoes, red pepper, spinach, and green onions so I have plenty to eat over there with salads and fake meat, too.

Anyway better get going. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!

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Good afternoon,

Had to take my 3 guys to get their school physicals this morning, so that is taking care of- no shots so they were happy.

Frances- Illinois has a state tax and that is not helping our schools but then Illinois budget is in terrible shape and has been for quite awhile.

Glad everyone else seems to be doing well.

Have a good evening everyone
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Pearl -

I - L - L.........
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Working on healthy
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The storms last night knocked out power in town including my office. Free day off! Hooray
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Live, Laugh, Love
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(Pearl - the proper response is I - N - I!!!! You know, just in case anyone thought I was saying you're ill.)

Cyndi - MUST. BE. NICE. We're so used to storms here that when the power went out, everything shut down for about 3 seconds, and then the gas generator kicked on and everything came right back up. Only time we get out of working is when the tornado sirens are going off, and then we have to pack 170 people into the 2 downstairs bathrooms and sweat to death until we get the all clear, then go back to work. :P
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CW: 129
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Be happy.
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Hello, I couldn't get online this morning and I MISSED you ladies!

Budget cuts are pretty scary in our schools, too. Partly because state funding has been cut so drastically and partly because so many jobs have been lost in our area that people are genuinely worried about being able to pay their taxes. It's a hard, hard situation.

On a brighter note, it's cooler today and I worked up the gumption to go for my long walk this afternoon.
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wow, and wow!
39 degrees in Ont!? That's like 102! and its only May!!

and, I am picturing cramming 170 people in a bathroom. The air would get hot and stale mighty quick , LOL Hope you aren't claustrophobic!!

Me- Phase 2, day 2...
I had one grain and one fruit today. I wouldnt have had the fruit, but ds was "wasting " it, so I made the conscious decision to have it. Salmon was yummy for supper. I wasn't hungry for my ricotta creme so I may have it later.
I think I'll stick with 1 grain, 1 fruit, or 2 of one for awhile. Its a lot when added with everything else you can have. Really amazing how P1 has totally quelched the cravings and sugar monster.
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