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Thursday Thoughts and Thumps

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Old 05-20-2010, 06:48 AM   #1
It's coming!
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Default Thursday Thoughts and Thumps

I'm thinking that I'm running out of steam and thumping myself upside the head for taking on too much this week! Not much I can do about it because a commitment is a commitment. Sometimes I wish my parents had not brought me up to be responsible.

Liz came down last evening and we christened my new porch furniture with a class of wine and a playtime for the dogs. Her wee Yorkie is a puppy mill rescue and is just learning to play at six years. Jazz is giving lessons and Disney is coaching.

I'm not going to whine about all the stuff I have on my schedule anymore, OK? I'm starting to bore myself!

I think I'll go to the greenhouse and pick up my porch planters today - and maybe a couple of hanging baskets. 'Tis the season and I intend to enjoy it.

Any thoughts today? Or thumps?
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Good morning Ruth - I hope you are able to find a little time to relax and enjoy today, despite your overly full schedule.

It's supposed to be a beautiful, summery day here today with temperatures near 80. The kids have "filled the marble jar" at school so they've earned an extra recess today and couldn't have gotten a better day for it! I'm looking forward to a nice, long walk after school. I haven't done my "long walk route" since the last week of April because I've been away.

I didn't do so well food wise yesterday. For some reason I seemed to think that lousy weather and a sore throat were good excuses to shove food in my mouth. I plan to do better today though.

Enjoy your Thursday friends!
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Good morning Ruth! The new porch furniture sounds delightful. A glass of wine was part of my evening last night too .

I woke up early (freakin' darned it!) with a headache despite going to bed exhausted last night. So, my coffee is brewing and the day starts soon. Nothing exciting on tap today!

Have a great day chicks!

Good morning Heidi! It should be a lovely day here as well, enjoy your walk!

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Good morning The sun is up, the sky is blue and it looks like a perfect day! We will be on the go as long as there is daylight but I had to stop in to say good morning

Ruth - Hope there is time for basket buying and some plant appreciation. Sounds like a Scotch on the porch kind of night.

Heidi - I love the extra recess idea! At my Mom's school it's still things like ice cream parties but recess is such a fun and healthy alternative. Glad you get lots of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine

Twynn - Hope the coffee scares the headache away. Will there be time for a run today? Sounds like good weather for it.

Okay, we're off to look for morning warblers (and mourning warblers, excuse the lame birding joke which only amuses me). Have a good day friends.
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Happy, happy Thursday!

Ruth, you wrapped up your day in a delightful way yesterday! I capped my day with a glass of wine, too, but had mine inside.

Heidi, Twynn, I hope you both have a better day today, and that Heidi's cold is better and Twynn's headache eases.

I'm having a cup of tea right now, as my kitchen is all torn apart and I have no countertop to set the expresso maker. I have to be out of here by 7 to take my car in for maintenence, so I'm planning to walk next door to Cracker Barrel for some good coffee and some breakfast. If I get out of there in good time, I'll swing back home and try to get some things done before heading over to the farm for the rest of the day. It's my late night tonight, but it's also my Friday, and tomorrow my new countertops get installed.
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Good morning all! I really enjoyed my personal day yesterday. Once my online meeting was over, I had a nice lunch (at home) and went to the grocery store during the day. What a treat to go to the grocery when there are no crowds!! Today I'm back to real life, but it was nice to have a taste of what summer will bring, just a little more freedom to my schedule.
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Good Morning

I'm up, occupying myself until dawn. I've got the refrig cleaned out and am working my way to the freezer in my side by side. That should get me through to daylight! It sounds like everyone is in for good weather, so far. I'm thinking positive-I can see stars!

Today's agenda:8 walk w/my friend and pups at the river, 9 water aerobics, 11 Bing-Vet Cardiologist,12 lunch, 1 work on silent auction, 3 meeting for fundraiser.

Ruth, take care! Your Yorkie friend sounds adorable. I'd love to see the 3 playing together! Thanks for getting us started-no thoughts or thumps yet!

Heidi, your day sounds fun! Extra recess, long walk and nice weather sound like a great combo.

Twynn, sorry about the headache-take care!

Cyndi, I'm soooo glad you get a great day! I look forward to your post warbling report!

Linda, it sounds like you'll be back in the latte business soon!

Frances, I enjoy nice lunches at home! Summer IS almost here!

Ok, off to the freezer. It sure is quiet here! Thank goodness for BBC.
Debbie R

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Cyndi - no time for a run , it's my long day at work. That darned paycheck!! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!

Cottage - I didn't realize you live NEXT door to the cracker barrel? Ohhhhh..dangerous!! Can't wait to see pics of the kitchen!! As my boss said yesterday, "makes up for Monday" (I didn't have to work at all!)

Monroe - ah, glad you enjoyed yesterday! Hopefully reality won't be too bad today!


Debbie - you are way too ambitious for it not even being light there! Bing at the cardio?! Why? Is he okay!? Hope so!! PS - I made some oatmeal choco chip muffins for bus ministry today, they're lovely! Great bake sale option some time!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Originally Posted by TwynnB View Post
Debbie - you are way too ambitious for it not even being light there! Bing at the cardio?! Why? Is he okay!?
That's what we're hoping to find out. The rescue group said he was 5, our Vet said more like 7 with a heart murmur which didn't improve as he's lost weight. Blood work-good, but xray shows his heart is a bit enlarged. It would have been nice to do this sooner but $$ were one thing and I was really hoping it would improve with diet and care. Thanks for asking, I'll let you know. From all outward appearances, he seems healthy and is definitely happy!
Debbie R

My last 58 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Ruth - I love the title today. And you paint a fun picture of porch frolicking.

Heidi - I hope you are feeling better today. Rain here again. But we get those 80s tomorrow. I would love it to feel seasonal for a change.

Twynn - Poor head Hope the caffeine helps.

Cyndi - Glad you got nice weather today to enjoy.

Linda - Sounds like a hassle but it will be so worth it come tomorrow

fcmonroe - Summer will be here before you know it!

Debbie - Wow - You have quite a day! Busy. Our dog had a heart murmur too. Putting her on diuretics helped her a lot. She got other stuff eventually too. It is amazing what they have for our pets now. I hope Bing is okay.

Thoughts and thumps... I think that having baked goods in the house for my son is driving me to overeat on other stuff. I think that taking our guest out for barbecue was very bad for my diet and the biggest cheat meal I have had all year. I think the scale agrees. Thump on my head for not making the right choices. (I just read a book that tells us to always use that word... I choose to eat this, etc.) I think I will probably be best served to cut out grains again for a while. I think that is enough thinking about it for now

Have a great day everyone.

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Good Morning Chicks!

Ruth, you sure sound busy! I hope it all goes smoothly and you get some time to relax.

Heidi, when I don't feel well I tend to use that as an excuse to eat crap too. What did the kids have to do to earn the marbles? Enjoy the beautiful day!

Twynn, I hope your headache feels better!

Cyndi, have a great day! Find lots of warblers!

Cottage, woo hoo for new counter tops!!!!!!!!!!!

fc, I love grocery shopping when the store is empty too. I try to go after my Chemistry class on M and W nights... theres never anyone in there around 8pm. Lovely!

Debbie, it's not even light outside and you've already cleaned the fridge??? Wow! I'm impressed! I haven't beat the sun up since I went on my honeymoon, and I had to DRAG myself out of bed just to catch the plane! Sounds like you have a busy day too! Fingers crossed that Bing's heart will be a-ok!

Karen, I find it really tough to stay OP when we have guests staying with us too, and especially when we go out to eat! Good luck with the grains.

I have quite a busy day planned too. Class has been winding down to finals which has been extremely stressful. I've been writing 2 research papers, one for English about how our society's view on acceptable capital punishment has changed over the ages, and one for chemistry about the chemical combination that makes lethal injection possible. Morbid stuff and a bit depressing, but I thought it would be easier to choose two topics that were closely related. After school Andrea and I are going on our "harbor walk"... I can't wait! It's beautiful outside. Then I am meeting my mom and her cousin Helen, who is visiting from Florida, at Hula's (Hawaiian restaurant) for dinner and then we're off to UCSC to see "Hair". I hope to only order a salad!! lol.

Things have been a bit stressful at home financially. DH's unemployment decided to just stop unexpectedly for some reason, so I'm in a bit of a predicament with bills and the upcoming rent. Hopefully the UI will get sorted out and start back up for this month because DH should be back to work in the union in June. I was so stressed that I cried and cleaned all day yesterday, but I've been telling myself it will all work out and be ok and that seems to be helping.

I hope you all have beautiful weather and a beautiful OP day!!

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