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Old 05-17-2010, 05:17 AM   #1
Be happy.
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Default Marvelous Monday

Good morning ladies

I'm back in Maine this morning and back on the SBD wagon.
I actually didn't do bad at all weight wise while I was in Massachusetts, but I ate quite a few off plan meals and snacks. Today I'm back on phase 2 and back to my exercise routine.

It felt really good to sleep in my own bed last night but boy was it hard to leave my mom last night. I'll be heading back on Thursday or Friday, but Fergie and the pup will go with me this time.

I wonder what I'll find in my classroom this morning? I've been teaching for 24 years and never been out this long. I'm anxious to see my kiddos again.

Have a great, on plan day!
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Heidi--I know exactly how you feel about being out!! I sure hope you come back to a peaceful orderly classroom. That always makes things so much easier.

I'm almost over this cold. I stayed home last Friday and I'm hoping that the kids aren't too stirred up. It's so close to the end for them that they're starting to get a little wild. Seniors are done after today, so I'll be left with mostly sophomores.

Let's hope it's a great day!
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Working on healthy
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Heidi I've missed you in the mornings Hope all is calm and routine in your classroom though I know the kids will be thrilled to see you. Hope your day back is full of happy little hugs.

fcmonroe - Good luck with that cold. Here's to a mellow day

Today is a late day for me. Actually the only reason we aren't leaving for Maine is that I committed to help with this gardening class. The morning will be food and house prep and then I'll spend the afternoon getting my desk in order and watching the clock move

Tomorrow morning we head to Maine for 3 days. We cut our time short a little because we don't want to kitty to get stressed and sick again. Three days will still be awesome though. Lots of great birding, some bike riding and walking and time away. Can't ask for better than that

Hope your Monday is smooth and easy with no unpleasant surprises
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Good morning and Happy Monday!

Heidi, it was nice to see you getting us started today. I hope it's smooth sailing getting back into your regular routine again, and I'm sure your classroom is very anxious and excited about having you back, and I hope you have a super day, and week!

Francis, I'm glad you are feeling better, and hope your day goes well, too! I guess the kids do start getting antsy this time of year to make your job a bit more tedious.

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. And the sky was a bright orangy-red while the sun was rising, and now it's looking pretty dreary out there. It's just as well, though, as I'm sure there's a mountain of laundry waiting for me at Cindy's to keep me occupied.

Morning, Cyndi! It sounds like you had a nice birding day yesterday. I hope today goes well and you can look forward to your holiday in Maine. I'm passing you a tall latte to start your day.

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning.

Thanks for the start-up. Heidi, and welcome back. Be gentle with yourself this week as you adjust to the "new normal".

Frances, I hope the next few days aren't too difficult as you wind up your year. What are your summer plans.

Cyndi, just one more sleep until your mini-vacance. I hope today goes quickly for you.

Cottage, our weather looks great for the rest of this week. Wanna drive north? Patience as you deal with a counterless kitchen.

I had a meeting scheduled for this morning but it was canceled so I have the morning at home. I love surprises! I may get the laundry finished at last and a rum cake baked for tomorrow. This afternoon I have a long and tedious meeting of the Mill Board. We have students hired as guides for the summer and have to set up some rules for them. The big 200th anniversary celebration is in two weeks and there's lots to firm up for that. This will probably be a "no gardening" day unless I have some energy left after supper.

In the meantime, another coffee on the deck with the Happy Gang is needed.
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Ruth, surely you can stir up some fun to make that Mill meeting lively this afternoon! I do hope the meeting goes quickly so you can get back home fast. Your sunny weather sounds tempting, but I have to be here this week. Maybe you can lure me up there in July, especially with the promise of that delectable rum cake!
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Good morning.

Heidi - I hope your day is filled with hugs and little smiling faces.

fcmonroe - I don't remember if you ever said what subject you teach. I've been wondering.

Cyndi - Where in Maine are you going? DH and I would love to go back to Bar Harbor.

Linda - Enjoy your day, despite the laundry.

Ruth - It is nice to to have unexpected free time. And you always sound sooo busy.

I had a senior moment already today... got up early to make a phone call at 6:00 but then realized it was supposed to be at 7:00. Oh well. DS1 comes home late tonight for just under a week. Bringing a friend then driving his car back to college. (18 drive time) I am baking him cookies and my plan is not to eat any, especially not the tempting dough. My legs are still sore from my little jogging intervals on Saturday! Makes me think that doing it more might actually do some good for my muscles

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South Beacher
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Morning Everyone!!

Cyndi Have fun bird watching.

Heide great to have you back.

Linda- We conquered mount rushmore yesterday!! Well hubby did!! LOL

Ruth Have a good day with some free time.

Karen- Hope the muscles feel better soon.

Me- Not much going on today. I am tired today for some reason.

Have a great day

I can be loose with my eating or I can be thinner. I can't be both!!!
I am not like the little train. I don't think I can. I KNOW I can!!!!
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Good morning chicks!

Heidi - Thanks for getting us started! Hope it goes well in the classroom. I'm amazed you were able to do so well (kept the weight the same?!!?) while going thru such an emotional time.

FCMonroe - good luck in your classroom today too!! I imagine this time of the year is pretty rough.

Cyndi - hope the clock moves quickly , and that tomorrow is here before you know it!

Cottage - I swear laundry reproduces.

Ruth - Rum Cake? Must do mapit.com and find out how far to drive....

Karen - I've gotten to enjoy running too...makes me proud of myself I can run further now then ever in my life. Never mind I can outrun all the younguns at work

Tammie - hope you get your energy back!

Me - well, work just called, and my only surgery cancelled...so it's a free day! I have a lonnnnnng list of mommy errands to do, and there's no excuse not to get a work out today. I really didn't feel like cooking, but made myself a mushroom/spinach omelette too. It's kind of a dreary day, but that's not such a bad thing!

I finally got my garden planted yesterday!!

Have a great one!

Natalia - I meant to tell you that I saw "bush cucumbers" that are meant for the pots as well. My kids are excited about their own plants, and we had fun digging yesterday!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Working on healthy
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Back from the farm with eggs. Now to prep some breakfast food

Cottage - Thanks for the latte. I can sure use it today. I still want to plan a meet-up in Maine. Such a nice place to get together.

Ruth - Enjoy the extra morning

Karen - Our annual birding trip is to the Wells area. We have been to Bar Harbor and loved it but it's a long drive. I definitely want to go back.

Tammie - Have a good day

Debbie - Are those dogs actually letting you sleep in or was it an early out and about?

Time to get some food prep an cleaning done before work. We don't usually do a lot of processed foods but I decided to go convenience for this trip. It will still be better than eating out and I don't need to make myself crazy prepping. There's also a really good grocery store across the street from the condos so easy to get everything we need. I'm making a veggie frittata and beans for breakfasts. Other than that we are bringing some Lightlife frozen meals (all whole grain, good ingredients, sauces on the side so totally optional), veggie burgers, extra refried beans and salsa, and maybe a freezer soup. We will just supplement with lots of giant salads. Not exciting but easy and healthy. I do plan one off plan meal, always a part of my Maine trips (but not fries or onion rings on the side!).

ETA - hi Twynn! You know that clock will absolutely crawl all day Hope the day doesn't demand too much and has some down time.
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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I just finished my workout and got the flowers and garden watered. It seems silly to water if it's going to rain, but I've learned to never depend on the weather.

Ah, Bar Harbor! Caitlyn and her boyfriend left yesterday to spend the week up there to see her friends and former roommate and get the rest of her things before the semester is over. I'm sad that she's decided not to attend college there anymore, but I am happy that she'll be attending college right in Phila. in September.

Well, I'd better get ready and head out of here. I have to stop at the bank first, and was just waiting around for them to open the doors.

Have a marvy Monday, everyone!
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Hi Everyone

I actually did sleep in (530) but between doggies and my computer that doesn't want to start up I just got here. I wanted to check in but I'm trying to get to the 7am aerobics class so I'll check in as soon as I get back.

ETA-Made it to class 10 min late, back to try to finish morning chores then back to the pool for yoga. I read all the goings on-it sounds like Monday, for sure. We have a benefit/memorial for the woman who was undergoing treatments. It's this Sunday, and the animal groups are joining together for the annual Pooch Parade...I'm on the silent auction committee, so any of my spare time this week will be making baskets for sale. Sorry I couldn't get to personals this morning I hope to get up earlier tomorrow!

Ruth, congrats! to both you and Jazz on your successful eval!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!

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Good morning ladies,

Just found out that our vacation spot for the summer is covered in oil. If it's not a natural disaster (flooded basement), it's a man-made one! Our family just can't win. I feel terrible for all the businesses that are being affected by this, too. Losing a vacation house is small potatoes compared with losing a livelihood.

Have any of y'all ever done sauna treaments? I've read they're really good to do after you exercise, but I'm not 100% sure I buy that. However, the idea of relaxing in one after a hard workout is not exactly unappealing!

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Hello Chicks.... nice to see some things don't change. Mondays are alway so busy. I am so glad to be back here. I think of you chicks often but just didn't pop in.

Not much new in my life the same ole same ole. Still looking after little ones and being busy being a wife and mom. I am however exercising several times a week, and I love it...... I can't believe that I actually say that. But I do, I have been doing boot camp, tae boxing and zumba and walking. I have lost almost 10 inches over all and 12 pounds since jan. Wishing the weight loss was more but my eating is really not that great. Which is why I need to get back to the beach.

Well gotta to dash for now I have a wee one coming in 15 minutes and have a few things to do to get ready for him. Have a great day.
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Hello everyone, been crazy the past week and half just super busy with work and home life.

Sounds like everyone is doing well.

I am on the count down for graduation its thursday night.

Take care everyone
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