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Default a couple of quick questions for a newbie

I need to loose some weight over the summer, I've been reading a bit about SBD for awhile and think I will give it a try. I have a horrible sweet tooth and I eat way to much processed foods and I'm sick of people asking me when the baby is due lol.

I have to cook for my entire family when I do. How easy is it to prepare meals you can eat on this diet and that a picky hubby and a 1 and 3 year old will eat? That's my main worry since I'm working 2 jobs right now so I can't prepare 2 meals every night.

Also what book do I start with? There seems to be a lot when I look on Amazon (though I think I might pick one up at the library and read it to make sure it's for me first). Is it a good idea to pick up a recipe book too?

Also, is it possible to do this diet while avoiding artificial sweeteners? I do use them occasionally but usually try to avoid them because the tend to trigger headaches for me.

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, TrampledUnderfoot! This way of eating is very doable for your entire family to follow, and will set good guidelines for your children for the rest of their lives. You can cook regular meals, just substitute whole wheat pasta and breads, rather than white, brown rice instead of white, and serve sweet potatoes rather than white potatoes. Of course, you won't be able to have grains or potatoes on Phase 1, but you can enjoy the meat and vegetables. When you buy cheese, always select the lowfat varieties, and use the leanest cuts of meat.
As far as which book you should get, the newest book, SouthBeach Super-charged, has the most up-to-date food lists for each Phase, and includes some exercise ideas. But the older version of the SouthBeach Diet Book will work, just as well. We do keep our food lists in our FAQs up to date with the lastest changes, but it's essential to read the book, too.
There are many South Beach recipe books on the market, and all of them are pretty good, so it's a matter of preference. We also have some wonderful tried and true recipes in our recipes section of this forum.

Good luck to you, and we hope to see you around here often!
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about the artificial sweetners - i get migraines from aspartame and so it makes it a little hard during the first 2 weeks since you can't have any real sugar. Try splenda and see if that works. Once you get past phase 1, try stevia or agave nectar and see if those work for you (they do for me). i think the trick is moderation. if you can make it past the first 2 weeks, you may find an apple or some other natural sugars will do the trick for you!
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There is no need to eat anything sweet if you don't want to Dessert is optional, you can skip it altogether or replace it with a savory snack or plain yogurt.
Baby steps, losing the holiday excess first.

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[QUOTE]Also what book do I start with? There seems to be a lot when I look on Amazon (though I think I might pick one up at the library and read it to make sure it's for me first). Is it a good idea to pick up a recipe book too?[/QUOTE

just read the regular South Beach Diet book, No need for a cookbook when you have awesome places like this to find recipes! I was worried too when I started about cooking for my family but hubby soon joined me and the kids love everything that I have cooked so far, hahah DD actually has withdraws without veggies and beans for dinner!
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