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Default Tuesday Talk

Wow, am I the first? I am up early this morning - couldn't sleep, got up around 5:30. I'm having coffee and slowly waking up.

I worked on my photos yesterday. Photos are such a loaded thing for me, especially photos of my son. I used to save every single photo and had about 20 photo albums at one point, an unmanageable amount. Last fall I gathered all the photos together and whittled them down and now I'm going through them one last time and organizing them for albums. I've been successful in discarding most of the outtakes and duplicates; it's the ones of my son I struggle with. I did some work on it last night and will continue this week. It's emotionally draining, though.

Yesterday my boss abruptly told me she was removing some of my responsibilities (and then refused to discuss it with me further). We are supposed to meet today to talk about it but knowing her, I won't get very far in finding out exactly what is being taken away (I am supposed to just know this) or why. However, I've decided that it's just all good - whatever it is. I can already see a benefit in not have to deal with what is (probably) being taken away, and if she continues, I'm going to propose that I cut my hours and work 4 days a week instead of 5. We'll see.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Whew! Thanks for starting the thread Mmc! I hate to start it. I hang around doing other things til someone posts. lol

Your talk about weeding through and organizing photos makes me think about doing mine. Years ago I pulled ours all out of the albums because they weren't acid free. I've got them in photo boxes according to decades. lol It's fairly easy to find a specific picture when I need it because I know which decade... but it's not much fun to go through the photos and reminisce..... Maybe I'll work on that this summer. So many of our photos of the kids are Polaroids and they've faded out over the years. I scanned quite a few of our favorites a few years ago but there are others I could/should do before they're gone forever.

We've got a thick frost on the ground this morning. I hate it when the weather changes abruptly, so many parents send their kids to school without warm enough clothes. I spent most of my lunch break searching for extra jackets and sweatshirts yesterday. It's been so warm that this chilly weather came as a surprise to those who didn't listen to the weather reports.

Enjoy your Tuesday friends!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Mmc. I still have quite a few photos from my film days. Have you considered having the pics of your son scanned and saved in digital format? They take up less space that way
Funny about the four day thing, I'm hoping my boss will suggest a cut for the summer again. I loved working 4 days last summer and didn't actually notice the money as much as I thought I would.

The newsletter is still hanging over my head and I'm determined to send it to the printer today. If I can get that done before my noon conference call I'll escape for a visit and then a couple of hours of working at home this afternoon. hoping for no unexpected interruptions this morning.

How is your day shaping up? Grab a cup of coffee and sit for a few before heading into your Tuesday

ETA - good morning Heidi It's always a challenge to dress kids this time of year. My Mom has been making memory books for all of us with pictures of everyone. My daughter got the first one as a Christmas gift and loved it. One hint - make sure those photos are labeled. We have lots of my gram's old photos but many aren't labeled and there isn't anyone around who knows who some of the people are.
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Morning everyone...today is my early day at school so I am grabbing my coffee and a few minutes to catch up with everyone! I am happy to report my hubby has decided to join me on the "beach!" This is great because meal time will be so much easier!
Mmc...Sorry about the work issue but good for you b/c your attitude is great! Hope all goes well with your meeting and your boss does a better job of communicating with you! I wish I could get organized with my photos- that may be a summer project for me!
Happy Tuesday!

Hey Cyndi and Heidi...Have a great day!

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Cyndi, since I got a good digital camera I have been using Shutterfly and have made two photo books, one each for the last two years. This seems to work for me and it's going to be the way I go in the future. I'll make one each year for my parents and my husband's, and maybe another one just for us of more family shots. I love photo books!

Once I finish this photo project, I'm going to start a blog. Not a weight loss blog, but a blog about supermarket/food shopping, budgeting and planning meals. Supermarkets/food markets are kind of an obsession for me, it sounds ridiculous, but they are something I am intensely interested in and whenever we go someplace new I want to check out the supermarket! I'll let you all know when it is up and running.
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Good morning! I've been here, but doing other things.

Thanks for getting us started up today, Mmc. Your boss sure likes to keep you guessing, it seems. I hope it all works out on your behalf.

Cyndi, get that newsletter out today, pronto! Then breathe a huge sigh of relief!

Heidi, our weather has taken a turn to cooler temps, too, but no frost, thank goodness.

When I was cut down to a 4-day week for the school year, I was a tiny bit concerned how I'd be, financially, but I haven't really noticed the pay cut. And I love my long weekends, so it's worth it. I'll probably go back to working 5 days once school is out for the summer, though.
I keep my photos in boxes, and I keep promising myself to get them sorted and make sure I write on the back of them who, what and when. Monica was just going through them a few weeks back, looking for pictures of when she was in high school in Germany. She just reconnected with a lot of her former Augsburg classmates on Facebook, and we had a lot of fun going through the old pictures. I just wish I had labeled all of them, though, as we had a hard time remembering who people were. That will be a pleasant project to do one day soon.

It's looking like rain today, so the garden will appreciate it. I think Jake will, too, as he's really been working hard outside.

Hi, litar, that's terrific that your DH is going to join you on The Beach! It will make it a lot easier for you and you can give each other support.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. Thanks for starting us up, Mmckellen. Sometimes just a quick "good morning" and does it. Your boss sounds like a "winner" - NOT!

Heidi, it's cold here this morning but no frost that I can see. I hope those parents check the forecast. Seeing little kids cold is heartbreaking.

Cyndi, I loved working a four-day week. Actually I liked the three-day weekend part best. The 8˝ hour days were not so great.

Litar, it's great that your DH is joining you on the Beach! Remember that guys lose much faster than us chicks and don't let it discourage you.

I am feeling rested and ready to tackle mountains of work this morning! A whole 24 hours without the Net or my phone worked wonders. Today is going to be fairly full. Paul is coming to start repairing my side porch, a dog is coming for a get-acquainted visit before he stays here for a weekend, we have pet therapy this afternoon and I will be making cookie dough for a bake sale this weekend. I hauled my breadmaker up from the basement and may do a trial run on it for dough. It has survived two floods and still lights up! Of course I can't find the manual but I'm sure I'll manage.

So Happy Tuesday to all. I hope you get a chance to enjoy Spring today. My peas are up and the Bloodroot is in bloom in my woods!

ETA: at Cottage.
Change isn’t easy. But if you don’t change, you stay the same, and where’s the fun in that?
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Good morning.

Mmc - That photo organizing sounds like quite an undertaking. I am sure when you are done you will be glad you took it on. I hope the work stuff turns out ok. And I am looking forward to your blog.

Heidi - I used to watch the weather every morning and give my kids a report so they could dress appropriately. Then they got old enough that they wore whatever they wanted regardless. For DS2, one year that was shorts and no coat all winter long!

Have a great day Cyndi and Linda.

Lisa - I wish I could get my husband on board!

Ruth - I can't imagine 24 hours without those conveniences! I love cookie dough even more than cookies. The old me used to freeze a bit of choc chip dough to eat (in secret) later. Sigh. Maybe you can find a manual for the machine online.

It will be busier than usual here for me including a lunch out, son's track meet, and then his induction in the National Honor Society tonight.

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howdy all...
cat antagonized me awake super early , albeit purring all the while....ugh! freeezing cold and dreary outside-meself: exhausted and penniless off to the supermarket to get prepared for phase uno

mebbe squeeze a dimpled baby to improve my mood

sideline: do any of you have severe trouble saying NO????

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South Beacher
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I am home today with my son who is sick. I plan on getting a bunch of stuff done here at the house.

MMC- I have ton of pictures too. I am going to scan those eventually.

I would love to work four days a week.

Have a good night.


I can be loose with my eating or I can be thinner. I can't be both!!!
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Morning all,

Quick post for me busy... sounds like everyone is doing well.

Tonight DD1 has a soccer game so glad I got up early.

Karen- still no final decision on college, should have last package this week hopefully, this is the school he wants to go to so we are pretty confident that is where he will go but don't want to burn bridges before we see everything.

I would love to work 4 days a week. My one wfh day is soon coming to an end due to a coworker who didn't stay accountable for his work when wfh, darn it. My boss did say we could occasionally do a day from home, just not a scheduled day.

Have a great day everyone.
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Good morning, everyone! Quick fly-by for me as I woke up late and am just now eating breakfast and getting the work-day started.

One more work day until we leave! Yay!
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Good morning all! Just checking in really quick before getting my DS ready for preschool. Still in the throes of Aunt Flow so I'm not stepping on the scale and just trying to cope for a couple of days (I have endometriosis so my cramps are pretty horrible.) I've discovered that I overeat every month during this time to distract myself from the pain, and yesterday was pretty rough. I ended up binging on sugarless gum. Gross, but better than some alternatives I guess.
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Good Morning

Running very late here. I had an off night with food and am back on track today. I got up early but decided to get some more rest. I'm off to the pool! I've already had my breakfast but might have enough time for coffee!
Debbie R

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Good Morning everyone!! I hope you all are having a great day thus far! Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Jessica and I started on the south beach back in late 2004 and lost about 85lbs. I kept most of it off but then got married and I guess I got a little to comfortable and have since put back on much more than I wanted. So I'm back on the beach. I started Thurs and have lost 6lbs! Very encouraging! So here's to the South Beach! I hope you all have a lovely day!!

"Tomorrow is always fresh" - AGG
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