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Default Considering South Beach...

Hey everyone! My name is Nicole, and I'm considering trying the South Beach diet lately.

When I began my weight loss journey, I felt strongly that I wanted to be able to keep this up for life. I chose to count calories so that no foods were limited. After trying this approach for a while, I lost a bit of weight and hit a standstill. Though the weight is now coming off slowly, I get the feeling its at least partially because I've learned what works for my body. When I eat sugars on their own, I get hungrier quicker than I would if I didn't eat anything.

South Beach Diet abides by principles I try to follow on an every day basis - whole grains, low fat proteins, and plenty of veggies. I like that nothing is permanently off limits - it's just restricted so that you really think about what you're eating.

My blood sugar is mildly high (99), so this diet also intrigues me for it's abilites to lower blood sugar. I know any weight loss will do that, but results are significantly better following South Beach from what I've read.

I'm worried about induction. I don't do well with heavy restriction. Did it seem difficult to any of you?

I also have some other questions: What made you chose this diet? If you used other diets in the past, does this one seem to work better for you? Do you feel satiated on this diet?

I know that's a lot of questions, but I'm really trying to get a good perspective. I'm interested in both losing weight and (more importantly) getting as healthy as I can be. I only want to try eating in a way I can sustain forever, that will make me a healthier, happier person.

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Hi Nicole, welcome! I'm new to South Beach too, I'm just finishing up my 3rd week. This forum has been SO helpful to me! The reasons you're interested in South Beach are the same ones that made me look into it. It really is a healthy way of eating, and you can do it forever.

Phase 1 (the first two weeks) is pretty restrictive, especially if you're used to eating a lot of carbs like I was. In fact, I felt physically ill for a few days. But it passed, and I feel awesome now. And since Phase 1 is only for 2 weeks, the restriction isn't that bad - you know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Most people lose several lbs during that 2 weeks too, so there's a payoff. I really only feel hungry right before meals, because you have 3 meals a day, 2 snacks, and dessert, so it's actually a lot of food - much more than I expected.

Best of luck to you!

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First of all.... to the Beach!

I'm not going to lie, the first 2 weeks can be difficult. But you know what? Its 2 weeks out of your life!! Anyone can do anything for 2 weeks if they really want to. I think it's well worth it to acheive a weight that makes me happy. If you follow Ph1 and don't deviate, you'll find that in Ph2 it isn't difficult to stick to on plan foods.

I chose this diet because I needed something that actually worked, and something that felt healthy. I had done weight watchers before and I felt like it incouraged me to eat unhealthy processed foods because I could assign a point value to them. I became obsessed with "counting points" and it just got annoying.

I like SB because it doesn't feel like a diet. Theres no countng, weighing, etc. It has simply taught me to make healthier choices. I feel like I lose weight without feeling completely restricted from eating yummy food. Plus, in this day-n-age with so many diabetics, you can find just about anything made with low carbs/low sugar!

Good luck to you!!
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Same reasons as the other posters. Very healthy, no counting, great resources here. My weight had stalled with WW. My husband enjoys eating what I make and I love the satiety factor. It's the first diet I've been on that I've quit thinking about food all the time. I know I can stick with this for life. Also, I was mighty impressed when I lost 8# in the first two weeks and 3 more the next two. My cholesterol returned to normal and I've been able to maintain my loss. My Phase I only had one day where I didn't feel good. You'll be surprised how much you don't miss the grains in Phase I.


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My brother and his wife South Beach. I love eating there! And they both look phenomenal!
... Susan
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HI Nicole! I think that the science behind SB is all about healthy eating for life. And I like that.

I agree with everyone else. And yes, PH1 is hard. But it is only 2 weeks out of your life and well worth it to lose the cravings and get on track.

I was just talking with my husband today. He needs to lose weight but is so against any "plan." I told him that after my years of yo-yo dieting I finally know that the solution is to find a plan that you can live with forever. It really is about a lifestyle, not a diet that ends when you reach your goal weight. I feel empowered on SB.

That said, it is not for everyone. If you give it a try, hang out here for ideas and support and motivation. It helps a lot! Good luck

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Hi Nicole! welcome to the beach

You sound similar to me as far as trying different plans and approaches when it comes to losing and managing weight. I needed something I could live with for the rest of my life and as far as the first two weeks go the only advice I can give you is 1. it is only 2 weeks (I am on day three LOL) 2. as with any program that has limitations plan plan plan your meals and snacks until they are second nature. 3 it is a great way to try new food combinations.
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I also started calorie counting- lost 8 lbs then was stuck for AGES.

Then decided I had to change and switched to South Beach and I agree- the first few weeks were very difficult- but as I have PCOS my doctor strongly recommended it.

The first three days were miserable, I had headaches and I was really grouchy- but after that I was fine. Make sure you eat beans- that really helped me.

Phase 2 has been great- I'm still on it and slowly but surely am losing

The best part is now I can say no to french fries and chips and other stuff that used to be what would trigger my binges.
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It's funny; I'm definitely a carb addict and didn't really find Phase 1 all that hard. I did experience the "South Beach Flu" which is kind of a withdrawal. But, I just found that I could eat so many foods I liked it was not all that hard. I did not restrict fat as much as you are supposed to - I didn't go overboard, but I didn't measure out 2 tbsp. of fat per day, I just was moderate in my use of mayo, salad dressing, and oil when I cooked.

I've lost 10 solid pounds since January which may not sound like a lot, but I've kept it off and don't feel at all deprived. I've gone off plan and been able to refocus after a day on plan - the diet seems to work like that if you are on top of things. Frankly, I just feel so proud of myself for eating so many veggies and generally stuff that is good for me.

One important realization: I used to think I had a problem with food and couldn't control myself. Through South Beach, I've realized it's just carbs that are a problem for me, and that is because of the physical reaction I have to them. I'm not binging on fats or proteins on South Beach; so to know that it's not all foods that cause me a problem is huge for me. I love South Beach!!
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Hi Nicole

Yesterday I read an article in Prevention magazine, "The Case for Natural Foods". It encouraged women, especially, to choose real, whole foods over processed ones. The article certainly gave all the positive attributes that I have found with South Beach Diet. One thing that I find very helpful following SBD is the emphasis on low-glycemic foods. I feel that low glycemic foods really aid in the weight loss process and it is the reasoning behind some of the seemingly healthy, but off limits, foods on SBD (potatoes, corn, pineapple, etc). I can honestly say I don't miss the few off limits foods because I have so many other choices.

I chose SBD for the exact reasons you have mentioned. This works far better for me than anything I've tried before. I am not hungry and if I am I know what to eat. I'm not a calorie counter although I have found that in order to lose weight I have to eat portions as described in the book, "The meals should be of normal size-enough to satisfy your hunger, but no more than that."

I don't know how much you have to lose, but what I observe is that my body has progressed much differently as I lose now that I am not ingesting white sugar and flour(the leading cause of belly fat).

My health issues have gone away. My blood sugar is stable and I am totally off blood pressure medication. I feel so much better without the continual ups and downs of BS.

You have indicated that your are worried about Phase 1 and that you don't do well with heavy restriction. I felt that way, too. I DID understand from the beachers here that a totally clean P1 was essential. That is what I did. It was somewhat difficult, but I resolved not to cave no matter what. What I have gained from those two weeks is nothing short of a miracle. Any time I have ever tried to lose weight I have battled cravings and hunger. By having a clean P1 and resolving the insulin resistance and ridding my body of the unhealthy cravings caused by eating bad carbs, I feel "normal" for the first time in my life. Because I enjoy the flexibility of Phase 2, I don't stray off plan too much because I don't want to have to do P1 again and I enjoy living without cravings.

Best Wishes!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Thanks everyone! I'm going to give it my best shot. I think the benefits will outweigh any trouble I have on Phase 1. I know I have a sort of "carb addiction" with sweets, and breaking that cycle is important. With my dad being diabetic, I'm at the point in my life where I'm really realizing that what I eat is going to be as important as how much I eat.

I'll see you all around the boards!

Oh, and for Lexxiss, I have about 36 pounds to lose to get to my typical adult weight, but I'd settle for losing 26. So you all will likely see me for a while!
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Thumbs up

One good news story about SBD - my hubby and I followed SBD for about a year. We did lose a good amount of lbs in ph1 - which WAS hard on about day 4/5 and then a few days off and on. If you allow yourself all the meals and snacks, it is MUCH easier. I def noticed that I was far more famished and prone to binging if I skimped on ph1.

ph2 was very rewarding. really learned to enjoy healthy carbs.

We did fall off the wagon and it literally took about 2 years to put the weight back on, and that's being totally lazy, no work outs, eating WHATEVER, WHENEVER. I've been on every other crazy diet, fad weight loss gimic around and always gained the weight back quickly. this is by far the one that kept the weight off, the one my body responded to and maintained for the longest.

I'm back on SBD and doing good. I have faith in it because I know it just takes a SMALL amount of effort to maintain on ph3 and I am very willing to give it another crack.

Good luck and Welcome to the BEACH!!

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So far my Phase I has been going great! Once I got my kitchen stocked w/Phase 1 friendly foods it isn't hard at all. There are lots of good recipes and ideas on the South Beach threads here.

I had headaches my first couple days but now I feel so much better. It really is a miracle that my intense sugar cravings are GONE. Counting calories never did that for me!

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Phase 1 is hard, but I think what made it easier for me was to have a clear and definate plan. I sat down and I planned my meals lunch and dinner for the two weeks. I also thought about breakfast. I then made sure that my dinners were very yummy and filling. I also tried a few new recipes that week. I also roasted a big pan of veggies. I used these at meals, snacks, anytime. I also made a big pot of a type of bean soup to eat at lunch most days with some type of veggies. I wasn't hungry and therefor the two weeks weren't bad.

I have done it all. I don't do great with the counting thing. I do good for a day or two and then I get bored with the actual counting. I do better with the eat this don't eat this type diet. I like this diet because it is whole food and really I don't have to cook anything different for my family. I usually just add something extra for them like real potatoes if I have sweet potatoes. they don't like the sweet.

This diet works if you work it and it is something I can stick with forever.


I can be loose with my eating or I can be thinner. I can't be both!!!
I am not like the little train. I don't think I can. I KNOW I can!!!!
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Nicole - I posted earlier about my lack of success in calorie counting this year! I tried SB a few years ago, but didn't make it (skinny hubby needs/loves his carbs). This time I'm focused and planning so it works for both of us. I've lost almost 10 lbs in 21/2 weeks - 20 or so more to go! I'm finding this easier than Weight Watchers points. WW worked for me in the past, but my 50+ year old body seems to require a different approach.
My worry was if I was going to have the motivation to keep going after Phase 1. I think the success is keeping me motivated. Good Luck!
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