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Working on healthy
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Default This and that Thursday

Not much of a title but all I can manage on my first cup of coffee

Good morning Grab a mug of coffee or tea and stop by on your way to your day. I love stopping here in the morning, helps me get in the right frame of mind for my day

What's happening in your world today?

*I'm starting to wake up now

Anne & Karen- My Dad is really excited about Cornell. It's hard not to cheer for a team that's never gone anywhere in the conference and doesn't even have basketball scholarships

Today is an office day for me. I need to finish off that newsletter than head off to a meeting this afternoon. It looks like the legislature is about to sign off on the efficiencies fiasco that will put an end to small community agencies for families. I'm not surprised. It will be an interesting next few months around here (and I know we are far from the only state facing this sort of disaster).

Weird weather around here this week - warm, then rainy, now cold and windy. At least the s stuff has stayed away. Not sure what the weekend will hold. DW has a website to finish up Saturday so we will probably stick close to home but maybe some local birding. Maybe some basketball
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Good morning everyone!!! Today is my early day at school so I need to get ready but wanted to pop in and wish you all a great Thursday! Today will be a beautiful 72 degrees here so I am looking forward to a beautiful day!
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Good morning!

Hi Cyndi, I hope that coffee is doing it's magic for you!

Teacher workshop here today, and it's one I'm looking forward to so that feels good. Our district merged with 2 other this summer so I'm still not used to having so many elementary school teachers in one place yet. We'll be meeting in a brand new elementary school and I've been dying to see what it's like inside, so I'm looking forward to a great Thursday.

Lisa, I saw your question about SBD Supercharged workout in yesterday's thread but it was already locked so I'll answer you here. There are lots of clips on YouTube (maybe the whole thing even, but it's so chopped up I couldn't tell). I looked at those when I was trying to decide if I wanted to buy the DVD or not. Here's a link to a list of them. I don't know why that first one is on there, but the rest are SBD, I promise! I decided not to order the DVD because the workout didn't look incredibly different from several workout DVDs I already owned [and didn't use ].

Debbie, I saw your comment about the flooding being early here this year and you're right. We're usually still playing in the snow in March and April here. But the snow melted early so the rivers got high early. The flooding hasn't been as bad as they'd warned some secondary roads are closed but that's about it. A non-event, just the way I like it. My students were all excited when they got to school yesterday though - they couldn't wait to tell me that the ball fields were totally underwater and the portapotty was floating up against the fence.....

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Coffee and 3FC are the best ways to start off the day. Thanks for getting us up and running, Cyndi.

Today is going to be cold and overcast, so I'm putting any outdoor activities on hold. I really don't have any plans for the day except for running down to Sports Authority to look for some new handle grips for my exercise bike. The ones that are on there now are uncomfortable and I want something cushy. I may stop by Target to cruise around, too.

What's happening on your Thursday?
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Cyndi, hope you enjoy the day and the weekend, with whatever you decide to do.

Litar, 72 degrees, woohooo! That's the kind of weather i've been waiting for!

Heidi, aren't 5 year olds great? LOL. Hope you enjoy your teacher workshop. Do they have interesting topics for you? Or just your superintendent speaking?

Cottage, hope you are able to find handle grips you like.

Yesterdays passover seder was a HUGE success. My kids from the Bronx were walking around all day going, "Happy Passover day, are you Jewish?" and then they told everyone they were

As for me, busy, busy, busy. Today I have to pack. Tomorrow afternoon after school, i'm driving to Albany and spending the night there with some friends from college. Then Saturday morning we are driving to Rochester, where we are attending a bachelorette party and wedding shower for another college friend. So much to do!....

Have a great day!
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: ~Lauren~

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Hi everyone,
I was on plan again yesterday...feeling great. Seems like everyone is busy at work these days. So am I - our fiscal year is coming to an end and since I 'manage' the budget, I'm busy with meetings etc. But, it seems to be going pretty smoothly this year! I swear my boss has started taking some kind of medication. She's usually chronically disorganized and panicked about the budget, this year we went through about 6 lines and finalized them with no stress.

My visit with the CBT therapist went well yesterday. I found out he is the sometimes guest host of a program called "The Positive Mind" which airs on public radio. Anyway, he agreed to work with me on a six session basis. That was the most important thing for me - that I did not enter into some kind of undefined term. I went through Freudian based psychoanalysis for 15 years and don't wish to make that kind of commitment again! I also made what I consider to be several important distinctions during the session about the way I view/interact with my boss and separately, my husband and son that had not been clear to me before. I have an "assignment" before next week also. So, it seems like this will be very positive for me.

I made my rolled omlette for the week last night...I'm going to have to post the recipe. I like it because it is just as easy as the egg muffins but not as dry, and I feel like I can get more veggies etc. in. Have a great day everyone!!
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Good morning chicks!

Cyndi - I thought that was a great title! Sorry to hear there's so much going on with your job. That's got to be tough to just sit and wait to see what happens.

Lisa - can I go to your house?! I believe today's our cool off day. It was beautiful yesterday!

Heidi - how exciting, a new school!! My DD is quite excited about starting kindergarten in the fall .

COttage- I have a bunch of things I need from Target...you mind picking them up for me? I joke there's some kind of rule that you're not allowed to spend less than $100 going there, because my bill always seems to be above that.

Mary Jane- so cute about the kids, you must be proud! The parties sound fabulous, have fun!

Me - I think my schedule is booked today , ridiculous I have to work for a paycheck!! It's going to be a busy next few days (weeks?), but my running is keeping my sanity!

Yesterday, I wanted to go on a run SO BAD because it was so pretty after work. But, DH had an errand, and then we had to help some friends moving some things. So, I left their house (1 mile away), ran around the neighborhood a couple times, then ran back here. My second pass around, some little (expletive) dog ran out and attacked mine! I was SO MAD!!! Especially since I was screaming at the top of my lungs with all the snapping and snarling, and the owner didn't even show up. I was a bad vet, guess what I did to get that little you-know-what off mine?!? (I don't need to get bit too!) Luckily, she came out okay...she had a look of WTH? Why is this thing attacking me? Thank goodness, she is SUCH a good pup.

It's getting time to wake up the DS. Y'all have a good day!!

MMCK - glad to hear things are going so well for you!

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My first cup of coffee wasn't too good, I couldn't get the milk to foam up properly, but this second one is much better.

Cyndi, that's just so sad about the agencies closing. I wonder what will happen now? It must be extremely frustrating for you.

Lisa, I hope you're able to find time to get out and enjoy the warm temps today!

Heidi, Yikes, floating portapotties! Your day sounds interesting and I hope it's fun.

Lauren, I'm glad the seder was a big success! It sounds like the kids really enjoyed it. Your weekend plans sound like a lot of fun! Have a safe trip!

Mmc, I'm so happy that everything is on a positive upswing for you! Congratulations for having another great OP day, and I'm eager to see that rolled omelet recipe.

The sky is just starting to brighten up and it looks like the sun is coming out for a while. It's supposed to be raining by late afternoon, though.


Good morning, Twynn! I'm glad no one got badly injured during the dog attack!
Live simply
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Good morning.

Love the title Cyndi. My husband's real favorite is K-State. But if you live here, it is hard not to get a bit caught up in Jayhawk fever. Welcome to spring weather!

Lisa - Have a great day. It is a late one at our school.

Heidi - Ah - what kids can find to be amazing. Floods and portapotties.

Cottage - I wear padding gloves. It helps some. I could still use a super extra cushy-for-the-tushy seat.

MJ - Sounds like fun.

Mmc - I admit that I don't know anything about CBT. I hope it gives you what you are hoping for.

Twynn - How ironic that he attacked you of all people! DH and I finally got a target credit card. Each time I charge the bill is actually lowered by 5%. I buy a lot there!

My dilemmas: Do I keep my doctor's appointment tomorrow am for my shoulder. It still hurts and movement is still limited but clearly there has been some level of improvement in the last week. I hat to waste money to be told to let pain be my guide but want to get back to exercise and be ready for my next vacation.

And, do I be a good DIL and go with DH to visit his mom again today, or take advantage of him being gone (he has no job outside the home) to work on his upcoming birthday. Guilt either way. Sigh.

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Come on Spring!
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Great title! My day is certainly going to be T&T since I haven't even brought my suitcase in from the car. I hit bed at 7:30 last night, barely managing to get undressed and get my teeth cleaned! I had a terrific time though and would do it again next week.

Cyndi, today our provincial budget is tabled and I fear there will be cuts to many of our agencies. Stupid deficit!

Whoops! I've read all the posts but need to follow my own suggestion and not do personals to all although I've read them.I just heard the garbage truck over on the next street and have a freezer full of "stuff" that has to be out at the curb asap.

I'll catch up later.
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YUummmmm......I forgot how much I love protein pancakes!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Originally Posted by Ruthxxx View Post
Whoops! I've read all the posts but need to follow my own suggestion and not do personals to all although I've read them.
I'm in the boat with you this AM, Ruth. Welcome home! We pulled in very late last night, as well. We slept in this AM and it's time to get rolling very quickly if I want to get to water aerobics.

Twynn, I'd be knocking on the door at that house and very politely discussing that situation! Very scary! My SIL and her pup were attacked in LA many years ago. Details weren't pretty....glad you're ok.

I love hearing from you all in the mornings. It really starts my day on track. Now....finally....coffee!
Debbie R

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Good morning,

Quick flyby for me last day in the office and then we head to Florida tomorrow for a week. I will not be checking in at all during that time, so I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Chelby- Hope the news from the doctor is good for you.
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Morning everyone!

Cyndi- I like the title. Thanks for starting us up! Hope your day goes well!

Mary - Have fun at all your different events this weekend, sounds busy and fun!

Mmc - Glad that you are back on plan and feeling good! I know it was a struggle for you to get back on.

As for me...my first class was cancelled this morning, which was both good and bad. Bad being that we had a paper due today that I worked really hard on last night and managed to finish in time and now we don't have to hand it in until Tuesday. Plus she was supposed to give back our midterms today... but its always nice to have an extra hour and 20 minutes to relax. I'm really excited for tomorrow. Heading into NYC on a costuming field trip and one of our stops is to meet the tony-award winning costume designer for Beauty and the Beast!! So exciting!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday! (It's ALMOST Friday!)
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Mini Goal:
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blah, I need to wake up earlier just to post here!

big project to do today so no time for dailies. Plugging along here. Hope all are well.
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