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Default Marvelous Monday

Good morning on this marvelous March Monday!

We're in for a few more days of mild, sunny weather before the rain moves in later in the week. Most of the snow has melted away, and I can finally see large patches of grass in my yard, although it's very soggy and muddy.

I'm talking to our insurance agent today about our basement disaster and hoping for the best. The guys got all the flooring torn out over the weekend, and Dustin will be working here all day today while Jake and I are at work. I will be glad when all the dirty work is done, but it is a great way to get a lot of decluttering done, although I wouldn't recommend it!

How's everyone week looking?
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Good morning

Cottage - Glad things are going smoothly. I sure hope the insurance company comes through.

It's a very quiet Monday for me - reports, paperwork, and catching up on messages are all high priorities at the office. I'll definitely get out for a good walk at lunch. It looks like another beautiful day around here.

Did my second workout in the Wii Active 6 week challenge. I think it's trying to kill me Hope that adds the extra boost I need to shake things up.

Hope your Monday is smooth and bumpless with a big dose of sunshine tossed it
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Be happy.
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Good morning!

I'm glad you're able to look on the bright side of your basement disaster Cottage! Not much of a rest for any of you this weekend though, eh? I hope things go well with the insurance agent, and that you truly do have a marvelous Monday.

Hi Cyndi, I'll miss my wii fit today. I wonder what the little balance board will say when I fire him up tomorrow? lol I hope you get your walk in today.

Fergie and I are heading to Portland as soon as I get home from school. We're staying overnight because his flight to Pittsburgh leaves early Tuesday morning. I need to finish packing my 'last minute' things so we can leave as soon as I get home. I'm not sure how we'll spend our evening - the hotel is right at the mall so I suppose we'll either do some shopping/window shopping or maybe take in a movie. The motel advertises free high speed wireless but the last 2 times we stayed there it wasn't working..... so I'm not sure when I'll check in again. (They're clean and we can take our dog Penny with us, so we haven't let the wi fi problems chase us away yet.)

Hello to those who haven't checked in yet. Have a great Monday friends!
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Come on Spring!
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Marvey Monday Morning, Chickies.

Cottage, I sure hope the insurance guy is in a mellow mood for you. It probably is a good thing to have ditched some stuff but still....

Cyndi, sorry you have to waste a glorious day in the office. As Oscar said, "Work is the curse of the drinking class."

Heidi, enjoy your wild overnight in Portland. It's nice that you can take along the doggage.

I am off to the gym shortly - first time since I got the sore back from this dratted bronchitis. I plan to take it fairly easy this morning but do need to get back in the habit. I'm turning into a sloth.

The weather continues to be Spring-like. It'll be sunny and 50 again today. We may get some rain later in the week but the temps are staying above normal for March. It just might be an early spring. I'm crosssing my fingers.

I hope your Monday is really marvelous.
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Happy Monday Morning
Cottage - I'm very excited about the springlike weather for the next day or 2. Heck, 55 degrees, i'm tempted to break out the sandals!
Cyndi, I'm so impressed with your walking. I need a friend to join me or I feel self conscious. Where do you walk? Roads, a park?
Heidi, have a safe trip to Portland and I hope you have fun shopping or going to a movie or whatever you decide
Ruth, don't push too hard at the gym. Hope the bronchitis is a thing of the past soon!
This weekend was productive for me. I finished report cards and did a ton of cooking. I made the deep dish spaghetti squash pizza, (yummo!), the sausage and cheese cups (just ate one for breakfast) and the bean brownies (second time i'm making them and they turned out better this time). I'm debating what to make for dinner, possibly chili parmesan chicken or pork chops. I started off my monday morning by coming into my room from the shower and being face to face with a big bug on my wall. I'm not a girly girl, but he had to die. So score is bug - zero, me, one I triumphed. Tehe.

Have a great day everyone!
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: ~Lauren~

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Hey everyone! Cottage, Cindy, Heidi - hey. You guys are up early.

Without going into the food porn aspects of it, I went off plan totally on Saturday and moderately yesterday. It involved pizza, white bread and pasta. Yes, I know. My first time really going completely off plan since I started. I did enjoy the food, but not enough to eat it all the time. I'm going back to Phase 1 for this M-F. I'm so bloated my fingers look like sausages.
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Good Morning

I lost my first post, and Ruth showed up in the meantime. That's what I get for not having coffee at my side.

Ruth, take care today.

Heidi, safe travels!

Cyndi, may your office day pass by like a soft breeze.

Linda, glad to hear your project is moving ahead.

Lauren, uck, I don't like smashing bugs, either. Glad you got a bunch of cooking done it will make the week go easier.

Mmc, how was your trip otherwise?

I've got to pour that coffee and head out with Bing. I did buy a ski pass, so I have until April 4 to ski my heart out. Going up today-for several hours. Kirk is refinishing a table from the church so he's happy to stay home.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Hey chicks!

A few hours and I'm on a plane! I'm pleased...meals went really well, yesterday. My DH considered going to Red Robin (a local hamburger chain he's never been to) until he saw the look of the devil I gave him .

Have a great one!

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Linda, I'm glad you got so much done this weekend! What a great son to help you out like that. You know how to raise 'em right!

Cyndi, are you liking the Wii Active? I haven't been on my Wii lately and I'm afraid my little Mii is going to be sleeping when I finally turn it back on!

Heidi, safe and happy travels to you!

Ruth, have a good time at the gym! I hope your weather isn't as cold as ours - 25*F when I left the house this morning. I was shivering all morning and my hands are still cold!

Lauren, sorry about the bug scare this morning. I hate killing bugs, so there are always more around when Tom's gone than when he's home!

Mmckellen, I bet once you've gotten in a couple good, clean days, you'll be feeling back to normal.

Debbie, enjoy your skiing today!

Tammy, have a GREAT trip!!!

I was out all morning but am home for the rest of the day now. I volunteered at MOPS, picked some things up at the post office, got a birthday present for a party we have this weekend, stopped and made a payment on our new dining room table, and delivered my hand mixer to a friend who needed to borrow it. Connor just walked in the door and hopefully we can finish his homework and homeschool math and violin practice before getting the girls. Kadyn got her phonics and grammar done and Avery got her phonics done this morning before school but Kadyn still has to practice her violin, so it's going to be a busy afternoon. I have to do the cleaning, too, since I was out all morning. I think I'll sleep well tonight!

Edited to add: My scale was up two pounds this morning (and NO I did NOT move my ticker because I have been perfectly on plan, so clearly my scale was just grumpy that it's Monday) but when I put on my pants, they are so loose that I can almost take them off without unbuttoning them. The hems have been dragging on the ground all day because they keep drooping at the hips! Never thought I'd be excited about that.

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Good Monday morning.

Cottage - I am glad to hear things are moving along. Thanks for getting us started with such a cheery title.

Cyndi - Enjoy your quiet day and the sunshine.

Heidi - How nice you can take your dog

Ruth - I am glad you are feeling well enough to return to the gym. Smart to take it easy. I'll add my fingers to yours.

MJ - I love that sp squash pie and need to use my squash before it is squoosh. LOL - good for you, not so good for the bug.

Mmc - I thought your advice to Platinum about lessons learned was great and timely if you had a similar experience.

Debbie - Have fun today.

Twynn - Have a great time! BTW - I have been to Red Robin OP in the past. Burger, no bun.

Kara - Go by the pants and ignore the scale!

It seems like many of us will be off on vacations next week! Maybe we need a whole thread to keep track. Today marks 10 days OP for me... not one cheat the whole time. I'm sharing this because you chicks have been huge in that happening! As has the Spring Challenge. No way do I want to cheat and have to post about it. I'm a bit worried about my vacation... but very determined. It would be easier if we weren't traveling with friends.

DS's second ankle injury is indeed worse than his first so he probably won't run this week and hopefully will heal for snowboarding. My mom's husband is settled and doing well at home and they found a young man to help out around the clock so I can get back to my workouts at the gym this week. It may indeed be a marvelous Monday.

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Karen, don't you mean 10 weeks OP?
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Originally Posted by Mmckellen View Post
Karen, don't you mean 10 weeks OP?
LOL at myself. Yes! Maybe Dr. Freud would find some meaning in that little slip.

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Cottage: You busy bee

Cyndi: I empathize. I hate office Mondays.

Heidi: Stay safe!

Ruth: Enjoy the weather!

Lauren: I am deathly afraid of bugs. Deathly. So I feel your pain *shiver*

Mmckellen: Way to get back on track. Hope the trip was fun. We missed you around here this weekend!

Debbie: I've never been skiing *jealous!*

Twynn: Red Robin has chicken burgers and other burgers too. Just get one with no bun I used to love going there - Still do. I kind of make my own sandwich -grilled chicken or a burger with cheese and guacamole (I take half off). And no fries (if you want, they can do fruit).


Karen: Great staying totally OP!!!

I resisted opening my wine last night though my class starts today so I should have. I had a little more energy this morning which is nice but then I went back to feeling groggy. Hey, I guess 10 minutes of feeling no morning pain is better than none

Have a good day chickies!
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Hi ladies! The funniest thing happened to me yesterday! I was watching tv, the next thing, I'm asleep. I don't even remember how that happened 'cause I'd been planning to watch the Oscars!

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Good morning everyone,

I woke up with another three pounds down this morning. I'm at 20 total - it feels amazing! I know this rate of loss won't keep up forever, but I am enjoying it while I can.

My work craziness is done, and it was an amazing experience. We were shooting commercials for a college athletics program (I won't say where, just in case), and the athletes + locations were amazing to work with. It was my first time directing a major shoot, and it was a good week to be a female director, considering what Katherine Bigelow accomplished last night!

Cottage - Sorry to hear about the basement disaster! Hope it all gets resolved.

Cyndi - I haven't used my Wii fit in such a long time. You are inspiring me to start again, since I'm getting a little bored of my usual gym routine.

Heidi - I hate when hotel wireless doesn't work. Or when it's super slow and cuts out a lot and you have to pay for "premium" speeds. Grrr!

Ruth - Good luck getting back into the swing of things at the gym! I didn't make it hardly at all next week, and I know my butt is going to get kicked tomorrow.

Mmc - At least you are being accountable for going off plan! It seems that when I admit my mess-ups, it's a lot easier to get over them.

Debbie - OMG I am jealous. I haven't been skiing in years. There's nothing I like better than strapping planks of wood to my feet and falling down hills, haha.

Twynn - Have a great trip!

Kara - Good luck with the busy day! I am sure you will enjoy falling into bed tonight.

Karen - I am sure you will figure out a way to do well on your trip, and even if you have a few splurges, well, you're on vacation, right? Vacation calories count...but I never feel as guilty about them, lol.

Jenn - I used to make it through about 15 minutes of class before falling asleep. One of my professors liked to point out very loudly who was sleeping - made for a few embarrassing mornings!

Obsessed - You didn't miss much; it was a weird ceremony. But it was awesome seeing Bigelow win!

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