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Default Phase One Reboot Experiences?

I started following the South Beach Diet in September of 2008 and did pretty well for over a year, losing sixty pounds. Recently, however, I've found myself slipping off of the diet more and more and have been considering going back to Phase One to (hopefully) get rid of the cravings that have sprung up now. Luckily I haven't gained any weight back, but my weight loss has stalled, and I'd really like to get that started again.

I was wondering if anyone else has done this, and what kind of success they had. Is it necessary to do another full two weeks, or is one week enough? I know that I can't expect the same results I had the first time I did Phase One (I lost about eleven pounds), but have people had success with it at least jump starting their weight loss again?

Also, I was wondering about people's experiences with exercise while on Phase One. When I first started the South Beach Diet, I waited until I was in Phase Two to start going to the gym. I've kept up with fairly regular exercise since, but am worried that it might be difficult since I typically have a good-carby snack right before going to the gym, and that won't be possible on Phase One.

Finally, thanks to everyone who posts on these boards - I've found them to be an invaluable resource over the last year and a half or so.
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In my opinion and experience it is absolutely necessary to have a clean PH1 again.

Here is my story - about 4 years ago I reached my goal with SB. Started cheating and gained it all back. Lots of stabs at dieting. Last winter I started PH1 again and reached my goal again! Started a few cheats. Tried PH2, tried a day or two of PH1, thought my cravings were licked. They weren't. I gained back a lot but not all and slammed on the breaks, finally and did a clean PH1. I started that on December 28, joined this forum, started blogging, and haven't cheated once yet. I feel like a different person.

I don't suggest you go back for a jumpstart - but to get control back and cut out the cravings and get motivated. Regarding exercise, I am not the best to ask because I worked out daily before I did PH1. But I know that energy can lag. I ate beans before tough cardio workouts to help me with that

I am sure that others will weigh in and maybe someone else had luck with a short PH1. But I'd say it is only 2 weeks out of your life and well worth it!

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Jessers, usually re-doing Phase 1 for 3 or 4 days is enough to get those cravings in check again, but it's OK to do the entire 14 days of it, if you feel the need.
The first time I did Phase 1 when I started SBD, I lost 14 lbs., but I've only lost 2 or 3 lbs. each time I've gone back to it again. And I always did some form of exercise while on Phase 1, either walking or Curves, and I always felt like I had enough energy for it.
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I'm a newbie, but it is comforting to me to know I can always go back to Phase I when I need to.


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hi Jessers!

Congrats on your weight-loss! That's great and it's great you came back here

First, since you've exercised before and this isn't your first time on Ph1, I'd say you'd be ok with exercising. However, if you feel too crummy to, maybe tone it down (from 5x a week to 3x?)?

I say how long you do Ph1 is dependent upon what you want to accomplish. Are you looking to control cravings? Then 3-5 days should do it. Are you looking to re-learn how to eat and what to eat? Then do a week. Are you looking to cleanse your system entirely of sugars and bad carbs? Then do the full 2 weeks.

But that's just my two cents I am sure others will chime in as well. Welcome back to the boards!
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Congrats on your great success so far!

I wanted to echo everyone else's ideas that you may not have to do a full two weeks if you don't feel you need to.

Also wanted to say that I've exercised through both Phase 1s that I have done and never had a problem (running several miles, elliptical, aerobics classes).

Don't expect too drastic of a weight loss just from Phase 1. I didn't lose anything the second time I did it, and I did the full two weeks. I did, however, definitely get those cravings under control.

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Thank you all for your responses! I've been planning on starting a clean phase one in the next week or two, and it's great to hear that I'll be able to keep working out and that there's a chance that the cravings could be kicked in less than a week. Honestly, that's the part that's really been driving me crazy - the thing I love best about the SB diet is how it never made me feel deprived, and as a result of some laziness on my part (cheating when I'm out at a restaurant, being lazy about preparing meals in advance), now I'm craving bad stuff all the time!

Thanks for the encouragement and for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'll be keeping it all in mind when I finally pick the day to put down my steel cut oats and apples (my favorite phase two add-ins!) to begin my phase one reboot.
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You got a lot of good answers. If it were me, I would commit to the full 2 weeks of Phase 1. If after several days you feel like your cravings are gone, you could reevaluate. For me, if I planned to do 4 days of Phase 1 and didn't feel the cravings were gone yet, I would have a hard time tacking on days because I had already set myself up for just 4. I would do much better planning for more and adjusting down.
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