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Default the miracle noodle?

anyone heard of these? tried them? i know that whole wheat pasta is ok to eat. but this stuff is no calories either. Here is the website. I'd love to hear feedback.
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blech! I tried these recently and now have bags of the things sitting in my fridge. I rinsed them and dried them as instructed. but, they are still these glassine type noodles with absolutely no resemblance to real noodles. And they have no taste so to enjoy them you have to put them in dishes that contain lots of calories; I had envisioned eating them like spaghetti with a low-cal sauce but it just wasn't good. The hype on their site makes them sound tasty but they are not; not only do they have no taste, they are slimy and smell until you rinse them for five minutes. The other thing is that since I ordered them the website sends me junk mail every other day, some unrelated to the noodles.

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I love shirataki noodles- and I disagree with Suezeeque-you don't have to put them in high calorie dishes to make them taste good.

I actually have posted a couple recipes with them on the boards... you should do a search-

Mostly I make them with asian dishes- sometimes I do as traditional pasta with loads of tomatoes and basil. For asian I usually throw in some spices, ginger, garlic, about a tsp of toasted sesame oil, and some sriracha hot sauce!

I always rinse and boil mine then rinse again. then use them in whatever you like! They do smell bad when you open the package but rest assured after you boil them and rinse again they will be fine! I used to buy more often till the price went up so much that now I generally just go without!

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I used Rikki's method and liked them a lot better. They aren't wheat noodles and you can't expect them to taste like regular pasta or you will be disappointed. They are good as another option though, the same way I might use thinly sliced and steamed cabbage as a base. I usually chop mine up ahead of time.
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I, too, love shirataki noodles and use them often in any dish that calls for noodles. You do have to remember that they are not your regular noodle, though. They are glutenous and a little rubbery, but I don't mind that at all.

The key is to rinse them thoroughly, pat dry, and boil them for 3 minutes before adding them to a dish.
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I like them but was somewhat disconcerted by the smell and sliminess when I got my first pack. They re not readily available around here and are very expensive when ordered by mail but I will order some more after Christmas.
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I've never prepared them at home, but I understand they are very health. We have a Japanese restaurant in our area that bases their menu around these noodles although they refer to them by another traditional name, konnyaku.
They claim that they are really healthy.

I enjoy going to this restaurant, because the meals are fantastic, and I feel like I'm eating really healthy. I haven't had motivation to try them at home yet. Based on my limited contact with them eating out, I think I would use them in oriental style dishes were I to prepare them at home.
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