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Old 11-25-2009, 05:49 AM   #1
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Default Workable and Welcoming Wednesday Beach Chat

Good Morning

Thought I'd get things started here. Ruth and Cottage can sleep in a wee bit this morning.....or just over Real ...

It's finally Wednesday and plans are coming into focus as we anticipate gathering with our friends and family. The good thing for me is to remember that South Beach is Workable. For some of us TG is a day to stay OP, and for others it's a SB holiday. Either way, it's Workable. One thing I love about SB is that if I go on holiday for a day, it's easy to jump right back on the bus and head home to healthy habits.

I'm going to hit my kitchen early today and come up with a Workable Thanksgiving meal. (PS I do know we're not eating until tomorrow). My family loves SB and if I plan ahead, everything can be delicious and delightful and no one need suspect it's SB compliant.

Gothik, My heart goes out to you today. I'm sending good thoughts your way that things start working out for you.

Best wishes for a great day everyone! Stop by and say hello before you tackle the events of your day.
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!

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Be happy.
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Good Morning Early Bird! I hope things go well in the kitchen for you today.
Cottage and Ruth, enjoy yourselves today!
Everyone else, have a great day, too!

I am so excited I could burst - I pick my daughter up at the airport this afternoon!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Debbie! Wow, look at your ticker. I don't always remember to look but yours is moving right down.
I think I have our meal planned. Then again it's just the two of us so the trick is not overdoing it. No reason to spend the entire day cooking a meal for 2.
Hope you are mixing family time and dog hugging time in there with all the cooking.

Heidi - Enjoy your visit I can't wait to see my DD in a couple of weeks.
(note to Schmoodle - much nicer when they are grown and off on their own

Ruth & Cottage - Did you get plenty of time to chat once the plane finally made it in? I know you will have a fun day today

Gothik - The unemployment extension won't kick in for you? That totally stinks. Just take the best care of you that you can and get through this.

I've probably got an almost full day of work today. Almost everyone I know is getting out early but my boss isn't big on that. The best I'll probably do is 3 instead of 4:30. I could leave early but the only other person in the office is our one salary person and I hate to leave her there by herself. I will probably slack off a lot though so I'm sure you will see me here

If you are traveling I hope there are no delays, no storms and no sick kids If you are playing restaurant remember to take a few minutes for you before it all gets crazy. Have a good day friends
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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I like today's thread title, Debbie, and thank's for starting us up. Have a good day planning and cooking a healthy SB Thanksgiving dinner. I think it's pretty easy to stay on-track, and yet enjoy a delicious meal.

Heidi, I hope your daughter arrives safely and with no delays! Where is she flying in from?

Ruth finally made it here around 1pm yesterday. I thought I heard her moving around upstairs earlier, so I'm sure she'll be down here soon, looking for her coffee. I think I kept her up too late last night.
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Be happy.
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I'm glad you had such a good visit last night.

My daughter is flying in from Houston, TX. She and the 'grand-cats' are already in the air - they've got a 3 hour layover in Atlanta.
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Morning all! Today's plan is to cook all day long. Actually I'm looking forward to it. My kitchen is cleaned and stocked and ready to go. My oven was acting up last night, so I'm praying it behaves today and tomorrow. Time to start saving money for that professional stove I've been eyeing at the restaurant supply place!
Off to the gym to get some energy before the fun begins.

Lex, enjoy your day in the kitchen!

Heidi, have fun with your baby girl! I am missing mine a lot this week. She asked me to email her favorite holiday recipe so she could make it to bring to the dinner she is attending. sigh. Wish she was eating it here!

Cyndi, I'm sure you will come up with something fun and yummy for tomorrow. You always find great stuff to eat!

Cottage and Ruth...have a blast together today!!

To everyone who comes after, have a great day...
and to Gothik, it will work out the way it is supposed to...it always does.
Balie nef, blaie prope.
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Hi Heidi *chirp* I hope DD and the grandcats make it in with great speed. How many grandcats do you have?

Cyndi, I'm glad to have 4 warm souls tomorrow. It gives me a chance to hang in my kitchen a bit. Sorry you have to work today, but kind of you to not leave your coworker alone.

Cottage, I think Ruth is going to need a vacation after her vacation. Have a super fun day!

Cat, enjoy your day and that your oven doesn't act up. I'm so excited for you to start saving for your professional stove! They are soooo nice, but sadly didn't fit into my compact Victorian kitchen.

I have to get the store for one forgotten item. Think I'll do that before the crowds move in. First I'd better complete my HC exercise since I didn't do it yesterday Heidi, would I received 1 point for posting that I didn't do it I just found an agave pecan pie recipe.
I'm going to try-actually I just put a bit of pecan pie mix on top of my pumpkin pie. Ok, my are right here....
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning, everyone! I finally get a chance to reply to everyone this morning. I was going to head to the office for a few hours, but decided that I am just plain ready to start my holiday. I'm enjoying my first cup of many this morning, I'm sure.

Lexxiss: Thanks for the great start-up this morning! You are hitting the kitchen early, but I'll be doing the same thing after lunch. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for the reminder to make Thanksgiving work for US!

Heidi: Good morning! Sounds like you have a wonderful week ahead with your daughter and grandcats on the way. I hope they arrive quickly!

Cyndi: Bummer that you have to work today. I hope that the day flies by so that you can get home and relax. I'm sure your coworker really appreciates you sticking around.

Linda: I'm guessing there was a bit of a chat-fest going on last night. I'm glad Ruth is there safe and sound and I'm sure you will all have a wonderful time! Be sure to post all the fun details; I think some of us are living vicariously through you and her being able to meet up IRL. Have fun!!

Cat: Ooooh....a shiny, new professional stove. You'd be the envy of the group! I do hope yours makes it through the cooking extravaganza you and DS' girlfriend have planned. Enjoy the gym!

Me: Surprisingly, this is going to be a bit of a lazy day for me. The only cleaning that has to be done is to sweep and mop the floors and dust the furniture. DH is going to hang the new curtains in the guest room and re-hang the shower head that soaked in vinegar last night.

I'm planning on making two pumpkin pies and a pumpkin cheesecake tonight, but that's all the pre-cooking prep I'm going to do. My sister works today, but should be on her way by between two and four, so she'll be here between eight and ten tonight. I think we're going to build a fire out back and enjoy the evening with a bit of wine or rum, whichever she decides.

I do have to run to the post office and the grocery store today and I'm making sausage-lentil soup for lunch, but it still feels like I have the whole day stretched out before me, maybe because I feel I planned so well.

Ooops, coffee has run out, so I'd better go get a second cup and get the breakfast dishes done. I'm sure I'll be popping in throughout the day!
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Good morning everyone,

I have to work today so I am in office, hopefully it will be super slow so we can send some folks home early today.

I have to bake some more tonite to get a head start, I made the SB version of carrot cake but DH did not like- I give up on him- I will just worry about my own health and the kids- let him eat his junk food then.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day if you are off and a Great Thanskgiving tomorrow
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gosh, thank you ladies...

I haven't even posted today and yet, you remember from yesterday and longer... whats goin on with me. It's nice to know people pay attention when you post. Thank you.

There's a possibility that the newest extension will kick in for me. I do not know yet. I've had the original extension already... but I know Congress just put through another 6 or 7 weeks for some?

The temp agency is still working on possible jobs for me and I continue to look in the paper and at my bookmarked webpages every day.

Something will work out. If I have to take a job at a fast food place, I will. That is, if they will take me. With a social work degree, I'm highly over qualified and I keep getting asked in interviews why I wanna work these other jobs when I have a degree in social work.

I've finally come up with an honest and useful answer to this... and I think that's why I was so close at getting that last position. I was "second". I think the other person got it over me probably because she had more office experience and probably a better work record than I do. I had some issues over the past few years with my bi polar getting in the way of work so that kind of works against me too.

But anyway, thank you for being such a great support not just on SB but in life. I really appreciate it.
Do or do not, there is no try.
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Hello chicks! I just wanted to pop in and wish all a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your time with friends and family. Those that are traveling, be safe, and those that are cooking, be sure to stop and put your feet up, and don't expect perfection.

DH took me out for my birthday lunch today and it was fabulous. I won't go into the food porn, but we will definitely be back to that restaurant, and hopefully soon. It was so good that when DD called in the middle, crying, to tell me she'd lost her job, it didn't phase me a bit. For some reason, whenever DH and I sneak away for a date, DD1 has a crisis. Anyway, we went by her place after lunch and comforted her, but as I told her, she doesn't have a family to support, always has a home to come to, and is getting ready to start back to school in January, so it's not the end of the world.

I'd better get to cooking, as I'm planning a mini-Thanksgiving dinner just for the family tonight, and still need to pack for our trip. "See" you all on Sunday, when it's back to Phase I!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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