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Terrific Thursday Chat!

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Old 10-27-2009, 06:34 AM   #1
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Default Terrific Thursday Chat!

A cheery good Tuesday morning to you! I have my coffee in hand and am ready to take on the day. Even if it is raining. Again.

I'm heading over to the farm early to spend the day with Audrey. Maggie stayed fever-free all day yesterday, so we're sending her off to school, but Audrey's fever is still lingering. At least they had a relatively mild case of flu, so we're thankful for that. I've taught Audrey how to knit, so we'll spend part of the day working on a beret that she's making. If she's feeling up to it, perhaps we'll bake some pumpkin bread, too.

I'm going to take the leftover butternut squash soup over for lunch. There's just enough left for Audrey and I to share, and it will go good on a day like today.
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Wild Rose
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Default Tuesday Cluckings

Good morning. I stayed up until after 11 last night watching a Monty Python documentary and am wiped this morning. Of course, I woke at the usual 5:30!

Donna comes this morning and is finally going to tackle the floor in the back room. She used Mop and Glo on the floor for years and the wax and dirt buildup is terrible. M&G obviously doesn't clean - just dissolves the dirt and redistributes it. She's been putting off dealing with the problem for months but today is THE day.

Jazz had am afternoon at the doggie spa yesterday and is looking all sweet and cuddly. We do pet therapy at the nursing home this afternoon and the ladies (and some men) will appreciate it. He has a sweet nature but yesterday I heard growl for the first time when one of Holly's horses started to walk towards me in the paddock. What a fierce guard dog! The horse, a huge Percheron, stopped dead in his tracks.

How does your Tuesday look? Terrific? Tempting? Troublesome?
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning

Cottage - Hope you and Audrey are able to enjoy the quiet day at home and she doesn't share any germs with you.

Ruth - Wow, just looked at your ticker A Monty Python documentary sounds like something up our alley. Not a bad way to spend an evening

Nothing too extraordinary on tap today. It's an office day with paperwork and a late afternoon meeting. Dinner will be Co-op take out again. We are so lucky to have a quick and healthy option on the way home. Yesterday was a complete washout. I was mildly under the weather and hungry all day. Today looks better already

We have one more day of sun before it rains again. I'm planning a long walk at lunch since I have a long day at the office.

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Old 10-27-2009, 07:11 AM   #4
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Good Morning

Hi Ruth and Cottage. Tuesday is looking Terrific here, but it's only 5AM. There were stars earlier, but last time I checked the clouds have moved in.

Ruth, pet therapy sounds much more fun than the floor project. At least you can cross it off your list. Too bad you don't have a picture of Jazz and the Percheron.

Cottage, enjoy your day with Audrey. Glad to hear the girls didn't get too sick. I just finished making a big batch of Pumpkin Spice. I hope the ingredients are just right.

Hi, Cyndi. Hope your day goes smoothly. I wish we had a healthy dinner option for take out. If I want healthy I have to cook-which is ok by me.

I've been working in the office this morning. Pitched a bunch of stuff, but it still needs some work. I'm going to the pool early and have a meeting at noon for our pet therapy group. I'll let the rest of the day fall into place.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Old 10-27-2009, 07:25 AM   #5
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Good Morning, Chickies!

Cottage, I'm glad the flu was mild for your kiddos. My MIL started running 101.6 fever yesterday. Yuck!

Ruth, "It's just a flesh wound!" Love it!

Cyndi, My kitchen is the only healthy option around here. Your avatar is beautiful!

Debbie, Congrats on pitching stuff! That's hard work!

Me: My boss called yesterday. His mom died. She was terribly sick with Lou Gehrigs Disease. I know he's sad and relieved at the same time. Please keep Jerry's family in your prayers today.

Yesterday, after I said good morning to all you chickies, I went up and got Auston out of bed and ready for school. THEN, realized that there was no school yesterday. It was some kind of teacher inservice day. Auston was mad at me. He actually wanted to go! He needs to understand that his mom is old.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!
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Old 10-27-2009, 08:38 AM   #6
Live, Laugh, Love
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Hmm slow here this morning and I'm late! Slept in until 7:25. Today's the "late" shift for me at work. We're on a rotating schedule, so every so often, we have to work 10:30-7:30. Yak.

Well, I'm hittin the couch for another hour and a half. It's still dark so I'm in the mood to be all snuggly and sleepy. Hope you all have a great OP day! I'll check back later!

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Good morning,

Cottage- glad that the flu was mild for the girls- enjoy your day

Ruth- He is a fierce guard dog LOL have fun at pet therapy

Cyndi- Love your new avater- have a good day

Debbie- I am always impressed you are always deep cleaning- I need to tackle the basement one of these days.

Chelby- I will keep Jerry's and his family in my prayers- I probably would have done the same with my kids unless I repeat something to myself several times LOL

Weezle- good morning enjoy the rest of your snuggle time.

As for me another rainy day- got downstairs and realized I still haven't filled out graduation form for cap and gown and pictures and they were due today. So I hurried up and filled those out and in the meantime completely forgot to take my vitamins and b/c. Had to write myself a note so I remember to take tonight. Nothing on the agenda for tonight.

Have a good day everyone
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Old 10-27-2009, 09:23 AM   #8
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Hi All

I haven't been around the past few days- I have had a pretty bad run with motivation and falling off plan. On Friday it was a friends birthday and I set out really well, making sure I had a proper on plan dinner before I left so I wouldn't be tempted with party foods. I had 2 drinks which I know isn't allowed but I still thought that wasn't too bad...
But it was Saturday that I really slipped. I stayed over after the party and the next day was guilted into trying one of the leftover cupcakes that our friend, a professional cupcake maker had made for the birthday cake... then I ate some chocolate that the table was sharing... THEN went out to lunch and had fajitas.... which I spose isn't so bad apart from the wrap but I had it with 9 MARGARITAS. One just began to turn into the other.


Back to square one. What a massive binge. I don't feel too bad for it as I had a great time, and would have been miserable denying myself, but I would have liked to make a decent slim down in time for this weekend and my Halloween costume.

Is there anything I can do or cut back on to catch up?
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Woke up with horrid migraine this morning. Took pain meds and went back to sleep. Just woke up to a full inbox for my work email. YAY Viking express day and sadly someone else has to do it because I'm not there. I'm going ack to sleep. Be around later ladies
"It's always better when we're together... Or somewhere in between together..." ~Jack Johnson
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Meelsie, typically after a binge like that (which I have been known to do over the years,) I start over on Ph1. Clearly the cravings were still there and you need a good strict Ph1 to kick them to the curb. 9 MARGARITAS? A girl after my own heart. However tasty they might have been, there's SO much sugar in just 1.

So, IMHO, I say start over. Drink PLENTY of water (and peppermint tea in the evenings to decrease bloat, if you have it,) get your OP veggies, and do a hard 2 weeks of Phase 1. Trust me. The first few days feels like the end of the world but after awhile you notice that you're sleeping better, you feel better, your clothes fit better, your body changes for the better, and you wonder why in the world you ever ate the way you did before. (For most of us, it's peer pressure or emotional issues.)

You can do it sister!!!! We're here to help too.

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Old 10-27-2009, 11:06 AM   #11
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9 Margaritas. And I didn't mention but we went onto a bar and had 3 bottles of wine.... it was over about 6 hours, but it was all consumed either way! eep!

Starting over it is then.

Why do you say peppermint tea in specifically the evenings?

Maybe i'll get into my costume tonight and take some unflattering photos, that should work. I'm kidding myself if I think I can make a noticable difference by Friday but I need the motivation.

The boy I like is coming to visit me (he lives 5 hours away and is coming into London just to see me!) and I had hoped to look really slim for him. I'm so disappointed in myself.

SF Sorry to hear you're having such a horrible day- migraines are horrendous, I suffer from them also. Rest up and feel better soon.
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Meelsie, I suppose the peppermint tea doesn't HAVE to be in the evenings. I just find that since it's caffeine-free and very soothing, it tends to make me sleepy, but you could drink it all day if you wanted to.
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Hi ladies. I've shopped and made 2 creations today. I made a mexican taco dish (found the receipe here) and I'm now making chicken cacciatore in the pressure cooker. I did slip a lot on Sunday but I'm back to it as of yesterday. I'm trying not to weigh myself until Friday am.

I also found a riccotta muffin recipe here that I'm going to try later this week. Nothing like some new ideas!!

Sillyfluff, hoping you are feeling better. Migranes are miserable!

Its a dreary day here. Not much going on.Another hour till dd comes home, we need to have an early dinner and then there is a halloween majic show tonight at 6. Should be fun.

Have a good day!

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Hey everyone.

SillyFluff, I get bad headaches alot. Take Excedrin, it's the only aspirin that works for me unfortunately.

Weezle, Peppermint Tea sounds interesting. Sounds like it would be good for colds or something. I still have yet to find Cinnamon Spice Tea to try.

Me: Well, woke up late, and feel like crap. Gonna have a K-CUP (meaning coffee) I think if there are any mugs left, lol.
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I love Peppermint tea. I drink it in the morning with caffeine and then switch to decaf. Always hot tea.

Don called me yesterday to tell me he and Joe were at the neighborhood bar and did I want to join them? I had two margaritas myself but I can't even imagine 9. The one time I had 3 I couldn't walk straight, much less drive. I joined him at his trailer later and we went to the hot tub at LA Fitness for awhile before scouts. It was a nice relaxing evening. I'm really hoping he is free Friday or Saturday night so we can celebrate his birthday. He'll be at Alejandro's football game next Tuesday on his actual birthday so I want to celebrate early while Brian is with his Dad.

I'm planning to workout at LA Fitness tonight while Brian is at Faith Formation. I'm planning to fix Ham Asparagas Pasta tonight for dinner which is always a favorite.
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