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Come on Spring!
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Default Thursday's Thoughts and Things

Good morning and Happy First of the Month - another renewal time.

It smells like fall outside this morning and I'm hoping to see the sun for a while to light up the trees that are just starting to turn. My fall mums and asters are looking good and I will pick a bouquet later today.

Paul and the electrician will be here soon to finalize odds and ends and then I can start getting my house back in order. I have a hard time dealing with chaos and confusion.

First though, I need to hustle the trash out to the road in robe, slippers and raincoat - I'm a Delta fashionista!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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These dark mornings must be making us all want to sleep in. I know I do! It's really hard for me to want to get up when it's still pitch black outside.

Here we are at Thursday already. I'm eagerly anticipating the weekend, as it was hard to get home late Sunday night from my trip and have to be at work early Monday. I feel like I've never caught up. I'm hoping the weekend is dry, as we plan to go to a huge apple harvest festival and crafts show near York. But if it rains, Monica, Andrea and I are taking the kids to the Please Touch museum in Philly, so that will be fun, too.

I'm looking at a late night, as the girls have gymnastics from 6-7. I should get home just in time to watch Survivor, though. I just put a chicken in the oven for Jake's supper, and made up a pan of delicata squash, brussels sprouts, onions and pecans for myself. Yum!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's definitely fall here though we dodged another frost. tomorrow is my last unpaid Friday so I've got a loooong list of things to get done First I have to get through today though.

Ruth - Gotta love the country. We are on a dead end dirt road so I've been known to run out in similar attire. Just hope no one drives by Congratulations on the end of the messy project!

Cottage - I start counting down to the weekend on Monday morning That museum sounds like a lot of fun. Hope the day flies by.

Just an office day today. I'm working hard on not panicking about carrying two jobs worth of tasks. It's hard to learn to pass on a name rather than do something myself but I'm going to have to get better at that. Should be interesting.

I'm heeding Cottage's warning about the holidays and am using October to get back on track. I've been slipping and sliding for a few weeks now and it's time to put an end to that. Back to logging my food, eating on plan (1.5 primarily) and daily exercise. Must resist my slug tendencies

I'm off to work on time today. I'll feel much less guity leaving early if I start on time Have a good day all
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Happy October, to you, too!

Ruth, I'm sure you are FAB in your raincoat and slippers. I feed the dogs every morning in my jammies and birkenstocks.

Cottage, The Please Touch Museum sounds great! My sister took her boys to one in Houston last weekend. There was also a petting zoo. She took a great picture of her 6 year old holding up the tail of a goat, checking out it's bum.

Cyndi, I'm with you on that 'slug' thing! It's WAY more fun to lay around.

Me: Day 2 of the Excel class. I'm not sure my brain can handle any more "QUICK TIPS, QUICK TIPS, QUICK TIPS" which he yells every time he has a shortcut for us. Sheesh! At least he's not up there saying in a deadpan voice, "Bueller... Bueller... Bueller..." (Remember the teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?)

The puppy started barking at 5:45. We've decided that we aren't going to feed him till 7 every day. Maybe that will stop the crazy, early morning barking. But, it's 6:30, and he hasn't stopped barking yet.

Hope your day is starting better than Sparkit's, who thinks he's fixin' to starve to death!
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!

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Come on Spring!
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Hey! Just back in and saw a necklace of geese heading south so it's now officially fall. I have wee pumpkins on my kitchen windowsills and will change the door wreaths today. If you can't beat it, join it!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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ONEderland here I come!
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just thought I'd stop by and say hi to all my SBD friends. I'm recovering nicely and looking forward to getting back to work and back in a routine....
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Good Morning

I haven't been outside yet, but it appears we have dodged a frost, too. We have had really high winds, and I really looked at the last of the flowers and accepted the inevetible....it won't be long.

Ruth, thanks for starting us up. I'm amazed that asters and mums really grow in yards. I've only ever seen them at the supermarket. Glad to hear the project is winding down. I, too, dislike chaos and confusion.

Cottage, thanks for reminding me about Survivor. Have a great day.

Cyndi, hope your day glides by quickly.

Chelby, I'll bet you're looking forward to the end of this day. Wish I could get just a little tutoring in Excel. Answering your question about Rellenos, Poblanos are used for the faint of heart and Anaheims are used for those who enjoy a much hotter version. Peppers from different growers can vary in degrees of hotness, too. I like mine somewhere inbetween.

Hello, Nessa. Nice to meet you and glad to hear you're feeling better.

Same routine for me here, today, although my walk may be much cooler than usual. Brrrr!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie R

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it can't be October already. Steve put on the furnace last night and it killed him because he tries to hold off as long as possible. Took a humpday off yesterday and went for a drive up north. The colours were not as brilliant as I thought they would be. Got a strange look from DH when I eat the burger and left the bun.

Ruth - Nice to hear that your reno is almost over.

Cyndi - weekend is almost here and thanks for sharing your struggles with us. Some people think that once you get to maintenance its smooth sailing.

Cottage - enjoy Survivor. My daughter is crazy about it, I have never gotten into it at all.

Chelby - hope your day goes well with Excel.

Lexxis - I have no idea what rellenos is, is it a sauce? I still treasure some dried chillies that I got two years ago in Santa Fe.

Nessa, nice to meet you and also glad you are better.

Off, to walk. Had to wait today till the weather warmed up a little.

take care
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Happy Thursday!!

Ruth-- I hear ya about the chaos. It drives me batty and puts me off my game!

Cottage -- Oh to sleep in... like... til spring!

Cyndi -- You can do it! One day at a time...!

Chelby -- hahaha! That scene in Ferris is SO CLASSIC!! Gotta love it!

Nessa -- Speedy recoveries to you

Lexxiss -- I love that little sun smilie... can you send him to brighten my sky right now? It's so drab outside. lol

Sophie -- We went from air conditioning to heating in the same week. CRAZY! But I guess that's Wisconsin weather...

As for me... IT'S DAY 1!!!! I bought my scale and after a few uh.. issues.. trying to figure out how to use it... (I had to take the paper out from under the battery..) I have started. I stepped on the scale and I am 30 lbs lighter than I thought I was so I'm actually stoked today as opposed to wallowing in fat guilt.

I think we need a dancing carrot this morning. oh look! what dya know! lol

Have a great day!
Do or do not, there is no try.
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Hi Ladies
Up to my ears in editing so this is short!
I worked out last night instead of eating and felt so good I worked out this AM
not on any ph till I get groceries but I decided to just do Ph2 I need to complex carbs and Only have 10-15 to go
Cyn we can be detox Buds! I'm in!!

Ruth I exercise in my jammies (don't think they'd appreciate it at a gym!)
Cottage I'd kill to sleep in Love the pleaee touch museum (Liberty science also rocks)
Chelb I wish they'd teach teachers to have energy!!
Hi SHrinking Nessa
Morning Debbie! Stay Cozy!!
Sophie I have a whole technique for eating the burger and not the bun! Food Gymnastics!
Gothik Woohoo on a lower # you can do it
Making a commitment to myself
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Hi everyone,

Ruth- I am with you might as well join them, we need to decorate for fall and my yard already looks like it as leaves are falling.

Cottage I would love to sleep in as well, I am one the road to work at 6 a.m. every morning.

Chelby too funny bueller...try to enjoy your last day of class.

Nessa- so glad to hear from you. I am so happy that it went well, please keep us informed on how you are doing, though I do see you on FB on the weekends when I can see.

Debbie- enjoy your walk, I love a cooler walk as long as it is not freezing hehe

Sophie glad you enjoyed your day off yesterday, we are holding off as long as we can, the house is a bit chilly but still manageable for now. So no air conditioning and no heater atleast for a couple of weeks hopefully.

Gothik- that was a very nice surprise you got when you weighed in so now you should be even more motivated

Kierie I will admit I have exercised in my jammies before as well hehe.

Today busy at work not sure what is going on at home other than submitting more applications to college for DS.

Have a great day
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Just wanted to say hello! It's been a stressful last couple days for me... and although I could have eaten better yesterday, so far today I'm doing alright. I can tell that I'm not eating as well as I was though because my heart burn is back! After doing Phase 1 last time it went away for weeks. Guess it's a wake up sign!

Happy October to everyone - my favorite month - although it's not as enjoyable in SW Florida as it was when I lived in Indiana and the leaves changed colors. Boy I miss that! It is nice and cool here today - only 86 - which is the coolest day we've had in MONTHS! I have to admit, I'm not jealous of you northerners needing the heat already! I haven't turned on the heat in the 5+ years I've lived here. I am jealous of your changing seasons though.

I'm glad that you're all doing well...

Ruth - decorating is so much fun!

Cottage - I live to sleep in

Cyndi - I can't delegate to save my life! Good luck!

Chelby - good luck with excel! Although annoying to learn, I must admit, I'm an excel junkie! I love programming the cells with formulas! I use it every chance I get. Sorry about the pup - I have to unbury my dachshund each morning and BEG him to get up and eat before I head out to work.

Nessa - glad to hear things are good.

Debbie - walking in the cool weather is great - but I agree, not fun when it's freezing!

Sophie - I LOVE bunless burgers! They're also good wrapped in lettuce leaves!

Gothik - you deserve it

KO - I LIVE in my jammies - why be uncomfortable! I wear a suit to work everyday, and the first thing I do when I get home is put on jammies!

Pearlrose - what colleges is DS looking at??

So glad it's almost 5:00. I'm ready for a great OP dinner with lots of veggies AND a salad... and getting to bed early!

Wedding Date: October 8, 2011
I will NOT be a fat bride!!!
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Hi everyone-- a sunny Spring day here in NZ, just waking up with a cheerful little toddler, who is asking me to put hairclips in her hair. She just took a bite of my ricotta/cinnamon/splenda, and gave me a very funny look!

Day 4 P1 and yesterday was totally exhausting, but today I feel great, I FEEL thinner (scale broken so I can't tell yet!)-- looked down at my belly today and noticed shrinkage (which makes me WAY happy! )
I am looking forward to getting my sig option so I can get a ticker going-- great to see all of yours (first I guess I have to track down the very obscure watch battery that my WW scale uses in order to weigh properly!)

Ruth-- I think I need some gardening advice from you! This is my first year to try a picking garden (I have peony poppies in the seed tray ready to go out when it gets a little warmer)-- will try for mums too, they sound lovely! I too hustled the trash out this morning, sweater and wool leggings-- ever the fashionista too! Hah!

Cottage-- the apple harvest sounds lovely! I imagine there is little more delicious than an apple fresh off the tree? I'll know in a few years, we just planted our first fruit trees...

Cyndi, can you explain what 1.5 means for you? Would love to hear how real people do it, should i decide to wait for a bit before P2..

Chelby, good for you with the puppy! What type? Been wanting one lately (we have a middle aged Lab), but I think I'll wait till my daughter is a bit older (and I've had more sleep!)

Lexiss-- LOVED your little haiku /poem for me yesterday, thank you-- it really brightened a tired dreary day!

Gothik-- Good luck! I'm on day four and finding it much easier-- it really works (last time I lost 30ish ppounds quick, but gained it back in pregnancy eating a litre of ice cream a DAY- ridiculous I know!)

KO-- hope the editing goes well! Movies or manuscripts?

Pearl-- arent you a nice mother doing your sons college applications! Lucky boy!!

Hope you all are having a lovely day-- i can tell you, Friday is looking pretty good here!
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Hey Mere
Actually Big Books of corporate info But I am working on something creative too1
Making a commitment to myself
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