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Old 09-24-2009, 04:49 AM   #1
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Default Thursday On the Beach

Good morning!

My bags are packed and waiting by the door, I saw Jake off to work, and now I'm just waiting for my son to pick me for the ride to the airport.

We'll be checking in from time to time to see what's happening here, so behave!
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Cottage, have a safe trip!!!!!!!

It's been crazy here at work, but I'm slowly getting it all organized and getting the kids on track. Can't believe the first 6 weeks will be up tomorrow and report cards are going out next week. Just have to do it 5 more times and summer will be here.
Had to skip the gym this morning because a design client had an emergency I had to handle. I have 2 clients left who refuse to find another designer and it makes me nuts. Like I have time for it with teaching. I hate skipping the gym in the mornings cause I have to go to school without my "high".
Balie nef, blaie prope.

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Come on Spring!
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Waiting for the shuttle to SYR Airport. BE GOOD!!!!!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Did anyone notice how those Mods keep saying, "Be Good" and "Behave?" It's like they think we may not! Us? What are they thinking?

Okay, who brought the wine, cards and dancing girls?

Ruth and Cottage, I hope you have lots of fun on your trip!

Cat, I've been missing you! I bet you know how many days till Christmas break.

Me: Today should be so much easier than the beginning of the week. This week has been a whirlwind of activity. So busy that when someone gives me something else to do, I just have to laugh.

It's almost the weekend! WooHoo!!! We can do anything for two more days.
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Cottage & Ruth - Of course we will be good! Why would you think otherwise?!!
Have a great time and be good

Cat - Sorry you missed the gym but nice to hear from you

Chelby - Hope the day is a little easier!

We are off to the ocean tomorrow and I can't wait. I feel so ocean deprived this year! Before that I have a busy day today though. Still no idea what's going to happen at work. The boss has definite control issues but likes to let us think she is taking our ideas into consideration - like I have time to waste at useless meetings! Ah well, she is the boss so gotta humor her. In the meantime I'm going to have a very full 40 hours a week

Time to get things going around here. Have a good day gals
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Good morning all!

Ruth and Cottage - maybe its US who should be making sure YOU guys behave!! . Have a blast!

cat - whoooaaa...six grading periods? Wow.

Chelby - That's a good way to look at it...I can do anything for 2 days, right?!?

Cyndi - I hear ya on the boss thing. Good luck with going back to 40hour weeks!

Me - been a busy week. Today is the long day, I have no idea what my schedule is. Ignorance is bliss, right? And saturday, I'm doing a spay/neuter clinic (for cats only), I'm really looking forward to that.

Eating has been okay...tuesdays are bad now with a church class we're taking...both meals so far have been pasta (and not very good pasta at that!). I'll try to eat heavy on the salad, and small amount of pasta. I'm getting more running in though, yesterday went 5 miles . Considering it was hot and humid, and it actually felt good, I'm pretty happy with that!!

Hope y'all have a great day!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good Morning

Busy morning, but I wanted to check in with everyone I missed yesterday.
Gothik, so glad you're here and excited to start. I think a big part of my success is because I got to know the beachers on the daily thread. Don't feel bad about "jabbering", we seem to all enjoy it here
Barb,glad your computer is back-hope it is in working order soon.
Sophie, I'm so glad your back with us. I've missed you. Enjoy your trip up North.
Sunshine, I looked for you before I closed up shop last night. See you didn't get here until late. Glad to hear everything is well with you. Where are your 2010 trips? Thanks for getting here everyday even though its late.

I got here late today, as I slept until 4. Kirk got up too, so I didn't get my usual quiet time. Decided to put his presence to good use and had him help me clean out the veggie bins into the dehydrator. I have 2 classes at the pool this morning and a meeting tonight, so I'll see what happens inbetween. I have a cauliflower on the stove right now for my "smashed potatoes". It is my new favorite.

Cottage & Ruth, have fun. You know we're all good girls here
Chelby, only 2 days! Yea!!!! BTW, hows the sporty Tahoe?
Cat, so glad to see you. I've missed you lots since school started.
Cyndi, busy busy, how do you dehydrate your eggplant? Peel first? Enjoy your day. Ocean tomorrow!!!
Twynn, glad to hear you're getting your runs in. I got back on my bike yesterday. Thanks, for the PM. I appreciate the kind thoughts.
Pearlrose, I'm workin' on it but think you'll pull in first. I'm trying to really get back in the swing of things, but have really missed my usual exercise taking care of the pup.

I'm looking forward to my day, enjoy yours, everyone!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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woohoo! what's that saying? if the cat's away the mice will play?

I'm actually crabby this morning.. or I thought I was.. till I came in and read all these lovely comments.

Cottage and Ruth: Have loads of fun!

Femme: glad you enjoy your 'workout high'! I generally get workout high followed by the 'i need a nap' low. LOL

Chelby: taking your word for it: we can do anything for 2 more days... personally, I think a 5 day work week is ridiculous but maybe thats just me. Then again, I'm crabby this morning so maybe I"ll change my mind after my coffee. lol

Cyndi: Oh to be near the ocean! I do live right next to the Mississippi... which I love. But the ocean would be cool for a change!

Twynn: wow 5 miles!? I seriously need to quit smoking again. Even at my best fitness ever... with having been a smoker and having asthma my best run was 2.5 miles. Way to go! 5 miles! woot!

Me: ... I stayed up way too late and had to be up way too early. I have to be to work in 45 and I haven't even finished my coffee in my robe yet. *grumble* I'm not gonna make it in on time. And surprisingly .. I'm ok with that. Lucky to have a boss who pretty much lets me come and go as I please as long as the work gets done. I so wish she would hire me full time.
Do or do not, there is no try.
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In Pursuit of Divatude!
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Morning Ladies
yesterday I found out I have a new boss. and My company is being spun off. same company different organization corp
long story short Stress ate yesterday
Homemade mac n cheese for dinner then promptly passed out WLS + too many carbs out cooold
Stayed up till 1 working on a news letter
I better have energy tonight we're going to U2 and I'm goign to dance my arse off!
I gotta run!
Making a commitment to myself
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Good morning everyone! I can't believe I made it here so early. I had a few minutes before I head out to make another dollar. Just waiting for my son to be picked up for school.

I am glad I'm still doing well on the Beach because this is usually the time of year that I fail. I re-started this journey 7/7/09 but as you can see, I've been doing this for some time now. The difference this time was that I finally understand that this is a true lifestyle change in every aspect of the way. Of course there are many other reasons but I'll have to write a book about it.

For all of those who are traveling, enjoy your trips. Safe travel to you.

For everyone else, have a fantabulous day!
"All of the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening."
-Alexander Woollcott

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Good morning everyone I have to tell you that this site is really helping me to stay motivated.....I was very excited to be down another pound this morning so thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with all of us newbies!!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day
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Good afternoon,

This will have to be quick as I am swamped at work, sounds like everyone is having a lovely day.

Last night went real well, parade was nice and so was volleyball and the football game. Tonight is relax and my boss is letting me do wfh tomorrow which I didn't think I was going to get to do this week so I am exicted!!!! Tomorrow we have to run afterwork and get DS tux and then Football homecoming game and a crazy weekend LOL.

Have a great day everyone
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Hi Everyone

Hi, Kierie Rock on!

KDHW, glad to see you here! This group really helps keep me stay motivated. I check in every day, no matter if I'm up or down. If I'm up it's really fun and if I'm down there's always a kind word to help keep me focused. When my mind starts to wander off the SB path, I find it much easier to get back on track knowing I have such cheerleaders

Pearlrose, have fun tonight and glad you can wfh tomorrow.

Sunshine, I'm always happy to hear from you and I was very suprised to see you here so early. We can do this, girl. Last Fall was when I took my fall and put back on 20. I'm determined, like you, to stay close and have a successful SB holiday season.

I just got back from Costco!!! We bought a 7 cu ft freezer and I stocked it SB style. I'm so excited. By this evening my side by side will be all organized and my bulk will all be frozen. Now I'll be ready to harvest those pumpkins.
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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