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What's for breakfast?

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Default What's for breakfast?

I have the most trouble with this diet at breakfast time. I'm never hungry in the morning and I never have enough time to cook, but I know it's very important to eat breakfast. So, my question is... what are YOU having for breakfast?

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This is also my problem... I usually eat a thing of fat free yogurt because its quick and easy to grab... I sometimes have a special K waffle with light syrup but that takes more time than the yogurt.
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Good Morning, Tryin'

Great question! I, too, am never hungry in the morning, but when I didn't eat I would really crash about 10:30, usually when a meal wasn't an option.

I came up with a morning routine over a year ago which does work for me. I have different vitamins that I take every morning, followed with a smoothie that takes me 30 seconds to make. My smoothie contains a scoop of my protein powder, a scoop of a live greens product and usually a bit of fruit. No matter what, I have my "breakfast" before I go out.

Best wishes finding something that works for you. I was fortunate to have found my answer before starting SB. For me, it seemed to make some of the other changes a bit easier.
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I almost always wake up hungry, and most weekdays I have oatmeal, which I prepare the night before. I just measure my oats into a bowl and pour a little milk over them, cover and refrigerate. Topped with some fruit and agave, it's quick and easy in the mornings. I do like to nuke it for about a minute, but it's great cold, too. We like to go out for breakfast on the weekends, then I'll usually have an omelet or whole wheat French Toast.
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My summertime usual is 1/3 cup Fibre 1 with sf vanilla yogurt and fruit - usually berries. In winter I do the same but with oatmeal on really cold morning. I do vary things a bit - i might have chili, soup or PB or Laughing cow on ww toast with some fruit.
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Originally Posted by HaleyisLove View Post
This is also my problem... I usually eat a thing of fat free yogurt because its quick and easy to grab... I sometimes have a special K waffle with light syrup but that takes more time than the yogurt.
Don't know if you're on SB, but Special K waffles are not allowed (not whole grain). If I'm too rushed for breakfast, I sometimes eat a piece of string cheese or my almonds. I'm a great believer in packing my breakfast and lunch and if I don't do it the night before, I never have time in the morning.

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If I don't eat a good breakfast I'm starving, cranky and headachy by 10 so I've learned to eat in the morning. Most mornings it's refried beans, whatever veggie is easy or (better yet) leftover, salsa and either an egg or some veggie crumbles. Some mornings I have whole grain hot cereal with fruit and a scoop of PB. I've discovered I really need the protein in the AM
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I always make my breakfast the night before, I would rather have that extra 10minutes sleep in the morning, especially when I get up at 5.30am(yuk!!!!)
here are some of my breakfast items.

make a omelete the night before, nuke in the morning-works great.
I sometimes add a turkey sausage which I cooked up the night before.

low carb wrap with laughing cow and hard boiled egg.

cottage cheese and berries

oatmeat(steel cut oats -I prepare a batch on the weekend, and freeze into portions)

since i eat early, I am noramlly feeling the hunger at about 10.30am, a cheese stick, or boiled egg works for me until lunch.
breakfast is so important, if I do not eat this meal, then I am just so hungry, and I begin to look at the vending machines!!!! so that is why i will never leave the house with my brekkie!!!!
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Lately I have just been doing plain, fat-free Greek yogurt with 10-12 almonds and a piece of fruit. It's okay and tides me to lunch. I prefer egg white scrambles with loads of veggies. You can even do them in the microwave.
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I make my breakfast the night before also. I eat at school after I get finished at the gym (I get up about 4 and get to school at 7).

For me, it's about the same thing every week day and I still love it.
Flat out or Ezekiel bread or whole grain tortilla, with turkey, spinach, sprouts and whatever other veggies I can cram in it. And a 1/2 a bannana. I save the other 1/2 for a midmorning snack at recess along with other fruit, like grapes. I don't have lunch till 1 and that breakfast holds me well.

On the weekends, I go all out on breakfasts...eggs, omelets with shrimp, veggies, fresh herbs, salsa etc.

I can't eat when I first get up either.
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Kalyn's Kitchen has some great breakfast casserole recipes. We've adapted a couple for busy weeks when we want quick, hearty breakfasts. You can make a big pan on the weekend and have breakfast all week
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I have really noticed the difference if I skip breakfast.....it seems like the body never catches up during the day and I am starving!!!

Some of the things I have for breakfast-
V8 low sodium
egg whites with salsa
hard boiled agg
greek yogurt with sugar free vanilla syrup
cottage cheese with sugar free strawberry preserves
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I can do this!
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Good for you, Tryin2, for figuring out a problem you're having and looking for ways to fix it! That's a perfect way to set yourself up for success!

There's a great thread full of breakfast options in the FAQ called Breakfast Alternatives to Eggs .

You can also find some awesome ideas in the breakfast recipe sections in our SBD recipe forum. One idea might be the crockpot steel oats.

When I have to eat on the run, I sometimes grab a cheesestick and some cherry tomatoes. I through the tomatoes in a container, cover in water, then use the lid to strain the water out. Slap the cover on, grab a cheesestick, and you have the perfect portable breakfast! If you can sit to eat when you get where you're going, perhaps you can pack your lunch the night before? Cottage cheese and tomatoes or cut-up fruit (or berries!) makes a great breakfast and is easy to pack. So is some cereal in a container with a small container of milk.

If you have time in the morning to make it, why not blend up a smoothie? That's easy to eat on the go, too.
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I too have a problem with breakfast in the morning during the work week. I need something that I can drive and eat as I have, well it's about 1 hr 15 min now commute to work.

My standard that I get ready the night before is:
2% Brick Cheese - 1 serving wedge
1/2 WW English Muffin (I can eat it untoasted but usually throw it in the toaster while I am getting ready)
1 cup Veggies - It is usually carrots as that seems to be about the only thing I can stand to eat in the morning.

My weekends are different though. Favorite breakfast is Turkey Sausage Patties, One Egg usually fried w/o any grease and the Apple Pancakes Recipe off of the recipes here. I have tried all kinds of fruit in it and my favorites are cranberry or blueberry and apple/cranberry.

Oatmeal is another big favorite at my house. We have it with just about anything in it. Cranberries, blueberries, warm apples, walnuts. I love making warm fruit compotes to serve with oatmeal or the pancakes.

Hope you can find what works for you and your schedule.

P.S. Love your Dachshund. We have one to!
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This morning I had 2 boiled eggs sprinkled with a sprinkle or 2 of lemon pepper as I jetted off to work.

Tomorrow I'm shooting for a BLT on Multigrain toast but we'll see how I do in the AM.
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