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Come on Spring!
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Default Trotting Through Tuesday

Good morning! It's very "brisk" out there this morning at 42ºF. You can sure tell that it's September. We'll need to move very fast, even trot, to keep warm and the deck is definitely not the spot for our morning coffee.

My construction is running behind because the "mudder" can't be here as planned so I have resigned myself to living in chaos for a few more weeks. At least the weather is going to be great for the next whole week. Paul is planning to finish some outside stuff this week and may even get the dog fence moved on Wednesday or Thursday. Then there will just be walls, painting, trim and flooring to do. I know it will be worth the time, money and mess but am getting a tad impatient.

Today I will spend some time in my current sewingroom finishing up a little project and will take a dog (maybe two) to the nursing home for pet therapy this afternoon. I also have the last soccer Bingo of the summer. We still have only half the $$$ needed for the July 2010 but ti's up to the girls and parents to raise the rest. I am not chairing a fund-raising campaign!

Time for some more coffee and dog cuddling. I may even turn on the heat!
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A chilly Good Morning from here, too! We're not quite as cool as Ruth at 52*, but still. It sure is good sleeping weather!

Isn't that frustrating, Ruth, when there are construction delays? I know you are anxious for the work to be completed ASAP, but it will all be worth it. Hang in there, and I hope the soccer bingo draws in a big crowd.

I ended up spending the entire day at Cindy's, as my schedule hasn't been changed much, after all. The girls had quite a sendoff when the bus came, with grandparents, parents, Cindy's groom, and me there to see them off. They both had a very good first day back, and Maggie told me she didn't even have first day "chitters".

I have a chicken roasting in the oven for Jake's supper right now, along with a tray of cauliflower for me, and they'll be done in plenty of time before I head off to work. It will probably be a day filled with errands, and I'm going through the girls clothes. After that, I'll start going through their books and toys. It's so much easier to do when they're not around, and most of the time they don't even miss the stuff we donate to Goodwill.

Time for a refill!
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Good morning Well today is the official day - we can finally go get our marriage license! It's a little silly to get it the very first day when we don't need it for over a week, but I'm not taking any chances. After 11 years I still can't quite believe we are going to be able to do this. If only the food fairy would swoop down and take care of that end of things I'd be much calmer. Ah to be young and have parents who could pay for caterers

Ruth - How frustrating, all the rushing and now all the waiting. Hope you and the dogs enjoy the busy day.

Cottage - I'm glad everything went well yesterday. Sounds like another busy day for you today. Now you have me thinking about roasted cauliflower - yum

It's 48 here this morning, right in the middle. Yesterday never even made it to 70. I don't mind this weather though and would be happy to have a nice, long fall. It is the best time of year here, even with the tourists.

This morning we are picking up our license, then I'm getting a hair trim since I needed to take half a day anyway. Office catch-up all afternoon, should be quiet with the boss gone on vacation. Tuesdays are the best days now. After all the cut backs Tuesday is the one day just about everyone is usually in the office and it feels like old times. We have fun together.

DP is fighting some annoying bug, with a persistent cough that's really wearing her out. I need to find something warm and soothing to make for dinner with no dairy. Off to search the recipes.
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44 in Grand Rapids this morning. Brrr. But I think it's supposed to hit the mid-70s today.

CyndiM, I'm so excited for you! And Ruth, the work you do with the dogs is so important. Cottage, I can't believe you're cooking so early!

Today's my son's second day of Montessori and I get to take him while my husband teaches physics lab. School for everyone!

I had toast this morning with olive-oil "butter". We'll see if I'm a craving monster by noon. Raspberries last night. I'm living the wild life.

What do you do if your spouse is the normal cook and they just doesn't 'get' SB and gets mad when you can't eat their fare - like white pasta soup, or winter squash with brown sugar all mixed through it? Sigh...
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Good morning chicks!

Ruth - Since we're trying to get our kitchen redone in the near future, I hate reading your posts!! "delays" "chaos" aren't appealing!!

Cottage - My kids didn't even miss the big box of toddler toys I gave away. When it was packed in a room, they discovered it, and of course...played with it. Then *poof*, they were gone?!!? Never noticed . I have to do that again shortly!!

Cyndi - Congratulations! I wonder if there'll be quite a crowd? How are all the plans going?

Me - My massage was FANTASTIC. Only had one before, and I thought the whole time, "I'm paying HOW much for this?". This time...."it's already over?!?!" Yeah for DH!! (It was a mother's day gift certificate)

Today - Full day at work. And jammmmmmed packed with appts. That's not bad though, makes it go faster!! I had a successful P1 yesterday, even with having a friend over for supper! Oh...they had fajitas, I made a fajita salad...it was fantastic! Never thought I'd like grilled veggies on a salad, but loved it. I'm even having it for leftover lunch today too.

I just realized how much I have to do before leaving for work...GTG!! Have a great day!!

Daisy Duck (love the name, BTW!!) - I was okay with the cravings as long as I stuck to what's recommended. And I'm very lucky - my husband was extremely supportive (but he REALLY wanted me to lose weight...but that's a whole 'nother story!). I would hope he'll be proud of you to sticking to your guns, then delighted that it really works!! Of course, I've got my whole family very aware of how much sugar everything has now...good for everyone! Good luck!!

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Hi Everyone

50 degrees here this morning. I enjoyed all the temp check ins this AM. Lexxiss and I have been out to check out the yard and now it's time to catch up on everything I didn't get to do yesterday.

Ruth, thanks for getting us started this morning. I have to say I would be impatient, too. I have a bathroom downstairs that really needs a redo, and it's so much simpler not to. Enjoy your pet therapy today. Give the dogs an extra cuddle!

Cottage, I really admire your getting meals thought out so early. I have so much energy in the AM and when its time for dinner I'd rather be relaxing. I enjoyed reading of your bus send off. So important for the girls, even though they may not realize it now. Have a great day!

Cyndi, what a milestone! Enjoy your day and I hope DP gets to feeling better soon. Get the sickies out of the way now, before the wedding. We're liking the new dehydrator. Looks like the peaches finish up in 24 hrs. How many trays can you stack on yours? Ours is 12.

Twynn, great on a successful P1 day. Hope you sail through your day and are home with your family before you know it. I, too, am amazed at what I will eat on top of salads these days.

Me, had a very long day in Denver. We didn't get home until almost 10 and I had groceries to unpack and doggies and DH needing attention. My bro and his hub, Martin, arrive late tonight and we'll have dinner waiting. I was hoping to have a totally OP meal, but Sis, is going to make an interesting dessert w/ritz crackers. A for me. Fortunately, I have the canned peaches which when chilled top just about anything in my book. I can even pass on the ice cream. Today will be filled with getting the house back in shape. Sis wants to head to the farmers market so I may tag along. I'm excited for the family to all be together. It doesn't happen too often.

Have a great day everyone! I'm staying OP today. Did well yesterday, too.
Debbie R

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70 in Dallas this morning. Good morning Ladies!
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Good Morning Ladies!
A chilly one too here Ruth, although its 20 degrees warmer than there! Perfect sleeping weather I say! I opened all the windows last night so this morning I woke up not wanting to get out from the covers! LOL

Its so funny ruth is at 42 cottage at 52 and I am at 62! lol

Ruth- I hope your construction hurries along!!! I hate living in chaos too!

Cottage- my mom used to always go through my stuff when I wasn't there and 99% of the time I never even noticed what was missing! I was such a horder when I was little! Luckily only about 2 percent of that stuck with me...lol

Cyndi- Yeay yeay yeay! I am so happy for you on this special day! How bout some nice hot lentil soup for DP? its a total comfort food for me... and here is a super easy recipe I am going to try next time...SOUP

Twynn- hope your day at work goes smoothly!

Lexxis- Hope you enjoy your visit! Sounds like you have a great plan for staying OP!

As for me, not much is going on today. we had company last saturday so I cleaned the house well before they came and don't have a ton to do today- maybe a couple loads of wash... Also, dh and I went to the grocery yesterday so that is taken care of... we even went to TJs and WF. so I pretty much have the day to myself... I may run to see if I can find any good deals on some workout clothes but other than that I don't have any plans.... I may head back to bed for a bit though... I am still feeling tired!

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Originally Posted by DaisyDuck View Post
What do you do if your spouse is the normal cook and they just doesn't 'get' SB and gets mad when you can't eat their fare - like white pasta soup, or winter squash with brown sugar all mixed through it? Sigh...
Daisy, I really spent some time thinking about your situation today. It's so hard. When I'm cooking, I find it pretty easy to prepare a pan of squash and leave a bit for me that doesn't have the sugar. Does your DH understand how important it is to you to lose weight? It seems that baby steps matter. Perhaps you could purchase the pasta because he may not pick the appropriate one, even if he tries. I notice that over the past 4 months my cupboard is gradually making the switchover. Where I used to have many different varieties of regular pasta, I now have all WW. I am finally switching over a canister of flour today. I had my WW in the cupboard, but now the canister will have WW pastry flour. I just had a chuckle, because if your DH can teach a physics lab he can learn to cook SB style. It just takes finding the right key to open the door to his being openminded about it. Perhaps being guided to a "lightbulb" moment where he realizes that this is a healthier lifestyle for the whole family, especially the kids. My bro used to cook for the entire family. He planned meals weekly. If your DH plans ahead, it might be possible for you to plan together and your "job" would be to make sure he had the items he needed to make something you could all eat-by just switching the white pasta soup to WW.

I might suggest a post dedicated totally to this, where other beachers might respond. Keep us updated! We're all here to offer suggestions and support to help you in a successful SB journey.


Rikki, enjoy your day off and hopefully a few extra minutes in bed!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning everyone,

It is still 50 degrees here but it should be going up to 75 today.

Ruth- hang in there, it's almost finished and then you can enjoy.

Cottage- that's great that the girls had a great send off for school.

Cyndi- wow only a week to go, it will fly by quickly.

DaisyDuck- I am the only one following SB in my family but I do all the cooking so I have changed a few things on the family and they have adjusted to the taste-ww pasta for one. And it is pretty easier to just set aside a portion for me and then add an ingredient that they can have. When I am on track I am not tempted at all. I have cookies and cupcakes sitting out and don't even look twice at them. My health is more important than junk food, but I do try to get the family to eat more health. My DS lost 20 lbs this summer.

Twynn- I am jealous, I need to get another massage but I won't splurge on one, the only one I have gotten was a gift.

Debbie- I love family reunions they do not happen often as we are all spread across the country.

Rikki- Have fun with your day to yourself.

As for me another busy day at work and tonight I need to organize DD2 room all the toys, but she will be there to assist which will make it harder hehe. My DS got elected to Homecoming Court so that should be fun. Him and most of his friends are on it.
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