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Come on Spring!
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Default Wednesday Warbling

Wow! Two days in a row with no rain predicted! It's hard to believe but I love it.

My raised veggie bed is now planted and my herb bed is half renovated. My muscles are reminding me of all the digging this morning but a hot bath will help.

Today is another day with nothing scheduled. (I'm doing my two pet therapy sessions on alternate weeks during the summer to give myself a bit of a break.) I do have to do some prep for dinner tomorrow since Ian is coming down from the island for dinner. Ian is a "buttonhole relative" - he was married to my cousin who died ten years ago. I suspect he is courting me but he doesn't have a chance since he's Scottish and very cheap - not frugal but cheap! I think the main attraction is my blueberry pie!

I need to do some desk work this morning and then will be off to finish the herb bed reno. I have some shutters to pick up in town but refuse to use such a lovely day for errands.

What's happening on your stretch of the sand today?
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning!

I'm looking at another sunny day, too, although it's supposed to start getting hotter and more humid. We'll have to fit some pool time into our day.

I had an unexpected afternoon off yesterday, and spent it running a couple of errands with Jake, and he took me out for a nice seafood supper afterwards. I hoed and weeded the garden after we got home, so I hope that burned off any excess calories. It must have done something, because I'm especially hungry this morning. I'm thinking oatmeal topped with peaches and blueberries.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Wow, sun all around today We are also going into the low 80s. I might actually wear capris, only the 4th time this year.

Ruth - Sometimes it's just fun to be courted. Sounds like you are enjoying a lovely week with just the right amount of things to do. How perfect that it's one of the first weeks of nice weather too!

Cottage - Your oatmeal sounds yummy. Enjoy the day poolside

Jessie - I can't believe your baby is 8 months old! She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing a pic

I have two visits today, conveniently located less than three miles from my house. I know I could have scheduled them later in the day but I scheduled them for early afternoon. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the weather I'm going to take advantage of being salaried not hourly and play in my yard once I get home rather than do any work. Let me rephrase that, paid work I'm supposed to wear a wrist splint for a week which might interfere with my yard plans but I'll figure out a work around.

Yesterday I brought baby carrots so I would eat those when I wanted to munch. It worked until I got home when I went off the reservation a bit. I don't know what that's about but I need to do better at regaining control. I also need to get back to crunches and weights once the splint is off. It's amazing how often I need to kick start myself even in maintenance. It's no surprise I was as overweight as I was as long as I was. Bad behaviors of all sorts!

Hope the sun is out where you are.
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Good Morning

A happy day to everyone. I'm not feeling chatty; I didn't sleep too well last night. I thought I'd check in then maybe try and lie back down for an hour. I think I tire a bit of entertaining my Mom when she's here.

We are going to take the doggies to the park early and will pick some of the Canadian bird cherries before heading to the pool. Mom got a touch of food poisoning at a baseball game Sunday and hasn't felt well since she's been here. She has to drive back today and I hope she's better this morning.

I got half a box of peaches yesterday, but they need a few days to ripen. I'm curious as to how they are but that will have to wait.

Its always nice to hear how your days' are shaping up. Thanks for sharing. Talk to you all later.
Debbie R

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Ruth, You make me laugh! I'd say let him buy you dinner, but if he's cheap, that won't happen.

Cottage, A seafood restaurant is one of my favorites. It's a special treat because it's expensive! I may be related to Ruth's date.

Cyndi, I kick start myself all the time. Can't tell you how many times I wouldn't show up to class if I weren't the instructor!

Lexxiss, I hope you got to go back to sleep and rest. Auston knocked on my head at 4:50 this morning. "Go read a book, honey." Hope your mom feels better.

Me: I am having lunch with a friend today. We're going to a Mexican restaurant. If I can stay out of the chips, lunch will be OP. I WILL STAY OUT OF THE CHIPS!!!

I did one week of Ph1. Now I'm doing Ph1 plus fruit. The weight isn't coming off as quickly as it did the first time I did Ph1. Is that common?
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!
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a whole new life
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Good Morning... chugging coffee this morning.

Ruth- I cant master a blueberry pie! how do you keep it from getting soupy?

Cottage- I looove seafood! and I love that it's OP. What did you indulge in?

Cyndi- I have a tough time leaving my work at work too! Don't waste the sunshine though. You only get so many sunny days in your life =)

Lexxiss- get some rest!

I'm on day three of phase one and feel pretty crappy, which i'm starting to see is common. i'm really glad I did this while DH was away, we'd be brawling by now if he was home. I'm skipping out of work early today to have lunch with my brother who is in town, gonna go the grilled chicken salad route I hope.

On the upside I made the muffin pan omelets for breakfast and think they are FAB! I will stick with them long after I go off plan.
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Morning all! Getting a late start today. Got up early as usual, then saw that "RUBY" is coming on at 8 this morning with 2 episodes, so I decided to go ahead and clean the house a bit, then hit the gym and watch both episodes on the treadmill. I usually go so early there is nothing on but news and infomercials. I love that the treadmills have cable built in...passes the time quickly.

I'm so behind with posts this morning that instead of personals, will wish everyone a great day. Oh, and I psyhed myself into drinking more water yesterday by buying myself a huge wine glass at the "Dollar Tree" ..why does water taste better in a wine glass?? I actually bought a few huge ones for smoothies that I've been drinking in the evenings for my "treat", but they work great for water too!

MrsB...just curious..why do you think you will go off plan?
Balie nef, blaie prope.

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Good morning ladies,
Ruth I had to read your post twice because the first time I read buttonhole relative, I missed the "on" part. Poor Ian. Enjoy your peaceful day.
Barb, so sorry about the kitty. I hope she does turn up. Maybe she is stuck in someone's garage. That happened to one of ours for a couple of days.
Jessie, thanks for the picture of your adorable daughter! I love that she is working the leopard prints already, I always say you're never too young to start wearing animal prints!
Hello Mrs. B, nice to "meet" you.
Hope you are feeling tip-top again soon, Lexxis.
Cyndi, what splint?
cottage, I am hungry this morning too. I was also thinking blueberries and oatmeal, with a hb egg. Yesterday I just had a strawberry smoothie for breakfast, and that did not do the trick - I was hungry all day.
Have a great day, Cat!

The French bread DH brought home last night to go with the Nicoise was so fresh it was still warm, so I caved and had a little... then a little piece of Brie, and then I HAD to have a bit of wine. Very naughty! I did a lot of swimming to make up for it though.
Currently trying to decide if we'll see Harry Potter today or tomorrow. I'm thinking tomorrow might be better.
Well, I need to get a load of laundry hung and drop DD at dance camp, then get to work. I feel like I should be busier, as I'm throwing a birthday party on Saturday, then heading for the beach for a week, but I'm not.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Recovering Sugarholic
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MrsB--I use 1/4 c. of cornstarch in my blueberry pie and that helps it from being runny.

Thanks for the compliments, ladies! Glad everyone is happy and mostly healthy.
"Every human being has value. That is the basis of all healthy relationships." --Mr. Rogers
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Philippians 3:12

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a whole new life
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I don't expect to stay on plan "forever". I expect to work hard to change my old ways and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I also plan on babies in the next couple of years and worry about the health affects of all the fake sugar. My Ob/gyn has also expressed that the whole milk dairy will be important for me during my pregnancies.
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I can do this!
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Isn't this weather divine, chicks? I'm loving the ability to spend so much time in the garden, not to mention how nice my bike rides to work have been!

Ruth, I love that you're being courted. Enjoy it, and the company. Would love to see pics of your garden!

Linda, I'm so glad you got some time off. When it's unexpected, it really seems like a special gift, doesn't it? Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Cyndi, you are so awesome for continuing to kick yourself into gear, and even more, for sharing the experience with all of us. From meeting the maintaining mods from 3FC, I've learned that sometimes maintanence is even harder than losing, but it's such a rewarding experience that I'm looking forward to it! I'm proud of all you cointinue to do for your health and happiness. I read an excellent Oprah article on why it's so hard for us to change (featuring information on how our brain's wiring makes it difficult)--you might enjoy it.

Hope you get some sleep Lexxiss! Our CSA is growing peaches and I'm eager for them to arrive!

Yup, Chelby, it's very common for the weight not to come off as quick in a repeat P1. However, I have found that if I do P1 because I went off the wagon and gained some weight, that extra gain usually falls off quickly during P1. I never see any major loss of new weight, though. I consider it to be a tool to get rid of cravings rather than a weight loss tool after the first 2 week stint. Love that Austin is up so early and thinks you should be too. Maybe he's part kitty?

Mrs. B, day 3 is the hardest for me. I'm usually craving free starting on day 4, so I think of it as my sugar demons' "last stand"--they try to make me super miserable in hopes that I'll give in and eat some sugar before they are pushed aside. It helps me stand firm. Here's some to help you stand firm and get through to the other side!

Cat, you are adorable! I bet water does taste better in a wine glass! Throw in a slice of cucumber and an umbrella and you'll feel decadent!

Schmoo, I did the same thing with Ruth's post. Great minds and all that... I didn't feel very fulfilled with smoothies (even with protein powder) until I started adding psyllium husk. BOY does that fill you up!!! Try it sometime...

Can't wait to see your pics, Jessie! It's awesome to "see" you again!

Me: I'm still fighting off a major need for sleep. I'm not sure if it was the red-eye flight over the weekend or a lack of sleep before/after that. I'm taking a lot of naps and trying to go to bed early.

Spending lots of time in the garden, but I need to do some inside cleaning today, too. Vacuuming and sweeping and stuff. Plus, I'd like to do some crafty stuff, and need to get organized. I have a pile of sewing projects to get to!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good morning, everyone!

Ruth: Hope your is beautiful, as the weatherman predicted! I had to join the others and giggle a bit when I read about Ian; you'll have to let us know how it went on Friday morning.

Cottage: Isn't surprise time off a nice treat? It sounds like you had a good time with Jake. Your breakfast sounds like it was delish!

Cyndi: I would have done the same thing with the meeting times if I were you. Enjoy your day and I hope the splint isn't too much of a burden.

Lexxiss: I hope you've gotten some more rest!

Chelby: I'm not 100% sure, but I'd assume that less weight coming off on a second P1 is probably the norm. You're body is already somewhat accustomed to the way-of-eating, and most of us may cheat a little, but are still maintaining the basic fundamentals when we go back to P1, so there tends to be less water weight to lose. Hope you have a great day!

MrsB: Hi! Welcome to the chat! I hope the not-feeling-well part of P1 is over soon for you!

Cat: Good morning! I'm sure your house is clean and your workout completed by now, so I just hope you have a wonderful remainder of the day. My water always "tastes" better in my pretty antique juice glasses. No idea why!

Schmoodle: I hope there aren't too many crowds at HP. They had a midnight showing here last night, but I don't think it's going to be "in" our theater until next Thursday. I'm hoping DH will be willing to take me then. I don't think I would have been able to avoid the warm bread, brie or wine either.

Hi, Jessie! I hope you're having a great day!

Laurie: I envy your day at home today. If I were home I'd have the exact items on my agenda except the sewing would be crocheting. Have a wonderful day!!

Me: I meant to get in earlier, but I forgot today was payday, so I spent the morning updating the monthly budget and getting the deposits ready. Now that's all done and I can rest easy for a bit. Work is at a stand-still as we can't really move forward for another week. Boss-man has to certify the appraisal records and that can't be done until the 20th or later. I'm going to do some brainstorming and find some busy-work for the rest of this week, but I'm giving the girls a break today as they really worked their rear-ends off during our hearings.

DH is out in the field today, so I'll be lunching at my desk. Leftover salmon-pesto-pasta with salad is on the menu. I'm back on P2, but I'm not going to eat the fruit for a week or so. The ww pasta, tortillas and bread aren't big issues for me; it's the sugar in the fruit. Okay, off to find something to keep me busy! I hope everyone to come has a great day!!!
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moving on to phase 2 this morning... lost 7 lbs total on phase 1 .... my body feels like i've lost twice that much. looking forward to more consistant energy with the added carb rich foods.. oatmeal is my first addition.. and my oh my is it tasty this morning!!! but I don't know if my stomach will hold the whole bowl! i went ahead and downed the v8 first ... seems like those two things just don't go together very well..

it's all about re-thinking isn't it! LOL I was a little bad last night... my daughters somehow thought I said I was going to make blackberry cobbler.. (I never said it)... so they made a blueberry dessert with oats and I couldn't resist.. I had to have a little bowl! I felt sooo guilty! I guess if it had made me feel sick i would've felt justified.. but it didn't. with a little tweaking that recipe could be SB friendly too.. sooo I must tweak it sometime .. and when I do I will share it!

my daughter is getting so close to having her baby... it's crazy! one minute they're little girls.. the next minute.. they're mommy's to little girls! She's at the dr's for a check up right now.. last week they told her she was already 1 full cm dilated ... sooooo it's getting down to it! Her sisters are giving her a shower on Sunday.. and I'm really looking forward to it!

my goal for week 1 of phase 2 is water water water... that's something I haven't been doing ... DRINK MY WATER!

y'all have a great day!
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long term goal:
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I did talk to Brian last night and I told him his cat was missing. He understood and seemed okay about it. I just couldn't see keeping it from him but I know his personality and I think he will do fine. I told him I'd let him know if she shows back up and I'd call him on Thursday for his birthday. He was going to see Harry Potter last night so at least he had something to look forward to.

I'm hoping to see the movie this Sunday when Don finally finishes the class he is in but he may have too much stuff to do after being in class 9 days. We talked on the phone last night for almost an hour and I stopped by briefly to see him to get him to sign some papers for me to mail in for him. I like helping him out.

Tonight I meet with the trainer for a half hour. My abs and legs are still sore from Monday but I think we're doing upper body today so I should be okay.
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I did NOT eat the chips! Not even ONE! Yay ME!
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!
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