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Come on Spring!
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Default Tuesday Twitterings

Just thought I'd share this picture of me down at Bob's Diner reading The South Beach Diet.

We finally have summer and I just unpacked the last of the summer clothes and have them in the washer to freshen up. They were put away clean but the dryer is better at ironing than I am.

Lovely BBQ last night and the food was reasonable. I shared half my burger with Charlie the Dog and completely skipped dessert. I was thinking of Beachgal's Watermelon Warning! Claire served the burgers on those Thintini buns and I was shocked to find they have more calories and carbs than the regular ones. They were whole wheat though. No damage done and my ticker is no longer lying.

It's going to be a semi-scorcher today. Jazz and I have pet therapy at the nursing home this afternoon so I am going to get out to the garden very soon for a few hours. I have to take devilled eggs to a Quilting Biddies lunch tomorrow so will make them later this morning.

Our local strawberries are just starting and are absolutely delicious! I have four packs left from last year but will use them in pies and feast on the fresh ones. Next week I hope to freeze more and am also going to try drying to have with winter oatmeal.

On with the day after a bit of coffee and chat!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Ruth That's such a lovely picture of you I'm sure those aren't pastries in that bag??
I'm on my second batch of dried strawberries. The house smells wonderful (reminds me of cotton candy which I hate to eat but like to smell)! My DD heard I was making those and has requested a jar so I'll get as many in as I can before the berries are gone. I think the rain will put a quick end to our season, but so far they are holding on.

It's an office day for me today with two morning meetings and a newsletter to put together. I've got a late afternoon doctor's appt. that I really , really hope won't put temporary limits on my exercise routine. After that I'm rushing home for a quick dinner then off to see Up. Sould be a good way to end the day.

I'm hoping the sun shows up now and then and I get a walk in during the day.
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I'm going to have to visit that Bob's Diner to see if a miracle can be performed on me! That is a nice picture of you though, Ruth.

I'm going to take the girls with me to day to try to clean my friend's house. She just had her 4th surgery on her shoulder since she got her replacement, and is just having an awful time. It seems the antibiotics do well for about 3 months, then an infection sets in. She may be released from the hospital tomorrow, and I'd like to have her come home to a sparkling clean house at least. I just hope the girls are a "help", rather than a "hinder". Maybe I can entice them with a promise to the pool this afternoon if it doesn't rain.

I need more coffee, then I have to think about what to make for supper and run through the house with a dustcloth and vacuum before I leave this morning. On with the day!
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Good Morning

Cottage, I hope you're bringing some fancy clothes if your going to Bob's, but don't worry about pastries, I think those are Whole Wheat Baguettes in Ruth's bag.

It's amazing how the weather changes so quickly, Ruth. It seems so wet and cold and now scorching hot. Things will start growing now. Enjoy your visit with Jazz!

Cyndi, hope you get your walk in, and have good news from the Dr. I somehow bruised the top of my foot. It really hurts, but I'm going to ride my bike today, anyway.

Cottage, there is nothing better than a clean house when you can't do it yourself. I'm sure the girls will be helpful...and you can come home to a clean house, too.

Me, off to VBS again, but today with the 3 neighbor kids in tow. Moms here now, so I have a real juggling act to get everyone to the right place at the right time. Mom needs to stay happy here, so she can go to the pool with DH this morning. She knows alot of the "locals" so there's always someone to talk to. I may clean the kitchen this afternoon. We had a small incident with the pressure cooker and black beans last night. DH was in charge, and I forgot to give him the final most important detail. They finally got too hot and sprayed gunk everywhere. When I got home he was washing the floor and it was running down the walls. All we could do was laugh....the beans were good, though.

A great day to all of you yet to come. Thanks for all your support. Another day OP!
Debbie R

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What a pleasant chuckle early this morning. Ruth, LOVE your picture and the "quilting biddies" made me giggle. Debbie and your black bean explosion...that's why I always treat my pressure cooker with care...and fear. LOL Cyndi, I need to try using my late SILs dehydrator and make some of those strawberries. They sound wonderful.

Still waiting for summer here. It's been rainy/drizzly for 16 days in June. Should get into the low 60s today. Not really complaining about the temperature as I HATE hot & humid...but some sun would be nice.

Seeing as yard work is on hold, I've been going crazy with my new Wii. Still playing with Wii Fit but anxious to start the Sports Active "game" soon. I am really out of shape & my balance is dreadful. I seem to get a bit better each day which is encouraging. And I LOVE the boxing game. At least I am looking forward to working out each day and spending a lot of time with it. This is a good thing...plus the scale went down too.

Have a great day everyone!

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Ruth- As everyone else said Love your pic So strange how the whole wheat "good" ones can be more more more than the "bad ones"!

Cyndi- Hope all goes well at the DR today, I know how much you love your exercise

Cottage- HOpe the girls are a big help and you get it done in no time!

Debbie- Sounds like you have your hands full today! and thanks for the laugh this morning! I am scared of pressure cookers

Mizski- I love the wii too... but I haven't been playing much since the house is a mess... I sure hope I get back into it when its all put back together! You're going to have to let us know how the sports game is!

As for me I have a LOT to do today! I just started off with some leftover veggie fajita fillings yum. so on my plate other than food today is...
I have to finish grouting the tile... dh ended up working yesterday and today so I decided I would just do it myself! Were going on vaca this weekend and I don't want the house to be left a mess-rather I don't want to come home to a mess! so I got it all done except under the appliances which I am ok with bc I can't see there! LOL we'll do that when we get back. next I need to clean up, make hummus for the week, mow the front lawn, weed the garden, shop for a couple new tops, wash all my new dinnerware I picked up from pier one- get it all put away and take the old to the mission or something, ummmm, thats all I can think of now... better write it down on a list so I am not checking in here every hour to see what I need to do, and then get sidetracked! Have a great day ladies!

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Ruth - the tourists must think there in Paris. Delta is so chic.

Cottage - Sorry that your friend is suffering so much, you are so good to her. Nice to have a friend like you. By the way have you and Ruth met before?

Cyndi - I will have to dry a tray of strawberries, never done that before. Will go picking on Friday morning. I went to the market on Saturday and they were selling for $5.99 a quart, no way was I going to pay those prices.

Debbie - you are your mother's daughter, keeping busy all the time. By the way, my daughter lives in Calgary, Alta and we usually travel by the states and try all sort of routes trying to avoid Chicago, on the way back we come thru Canada. Hope your day is great.

Mizki - Your temperature is great but too bad about the rain. Enjoy Wii.

Rikki - Leaving a clean house before you go on holidays is my thingy too. You will need a holiday after all your chores.

Me - Nothing exciting on the agenda today but tomorrow we are going to Port Dalhousie, which has a wonderful dock on Lake Ontario and will time it to take in the sunset.
take care
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Ruth, I thought you found a picture of ME!

Cyndi, If the doctor tells you to stop exercising, maybe you can get a second opinion. Tigers doctor didn't tell him to quit golf...

Cottage, Auston is a MEAN duster. I bet if you give the girls a task they enjoy, you'll get it done fast. Or else, threaten them.

Lexxiss, I make my hubby open my pressure cooker because I'm scared of it, too. But, I love how fast it cooks and how tender everything turns out.

Mizski, I'd freeze my tush off! It's been low to mid 90s here. I like the heat, unless I have to exercise in it.

Rikki, Good Grief at your to-do list! Good luck!

Sophie, Sunset on the dock sounds delightful!

Me -- My sister forwarded me a picture of my niece's broken ankle. She has 15-20 staples on each side of her ankle! Her whole leg is a sickly green color. Bless her heart!

Not much going on today. I'm going to ask for a half day off tomorrow to take Auston to the pool. Summer is slipping away....
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Hello everyone,

Ruth- Aren't you the elegant one.....

Cottage- Mackenzie loves to help so I let her depending on what she wants to do she helps me by dusting or vacumming. This past weekend I let her mop the kitchen floor. I try not to let her see me fixing what she missed. lol

Cyndi- Hope the doctor visit goes okay for you. Those dried strawberries sound delish I am craving strawberries need to run and get some.

Debbie- I am scared of them so I won't buy one. Glad noone got hurt and you were able to laugh about it instead.

Mizski- Wow you'll are still in the 60's that would be so nice. I don't mind the heat its the humidity that goes with the heat here in St. Louis area. I could do without.

Rikki- wow you have a lot on your plate before leaving hope you get it done.

Chelby- that will be fun to take Auston to the pool tomorrow. I know Summer is half way gone my guys start back up August 14th.

As for me- the play is really pulling together- tonight and tomorrow are last days of rehearsals and the show starts. It is going to be fun with the audience, I really think they will enjoy. Busy day at work and that is about it, not getting enough exercise just don't have the time but trying to fit in some walking- I am going to have to get in gear soon, need a swift behind kick.

Have a great day everyone.
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I'm still waiting on the fridge. Don had a job to remove a 40ft tree from a lady's roof and that took all day. Brian and Alex spent the afternoon helping him by hauling branches that the adults cut and the boys each were paid $50 so they were thrilled. We were going to do the fridge today but by the time we got done with work, I had to go run errands. Oh, well, maybe tomorrow.

Brian wanted to go look at remote control boats since the pool store has then 25% off but we got there too late. I guess I know where we're going tomorrow.
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