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Default Thursday's Thunder

That seems an appropriate title to today's thread, at least in my little neck of the woods. We're back to rain again, after scoring one day of sunshine. At least the weather is supposed to improve for the weekend.

I don't have anything really exciting in my plans for the day. Both girls are having their class parties today, but I don't think I'm going to go over unless I'm really needed. I'll stay home and clean, instead.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Cottage. We are dull (weatherwise, I mean!) but no rain so far. The Doggage are outside enjoying bones so I hope it stays dry so they won't be tempted to bury them and come in with muddy paws. (Too late! We just had a quick shower and the dogs are now in with muddy paws and no bones.)

I need to do a quick spiff up of the house shortly as I have two chickies coming at nine to do an architectural inventory. They are documenting all the older homes in the village and were told to start with me since I know so many folks. I'm going to be very careful what I say so I don't get in deep doo-doo with any villagers. "Just the facts, Ma'am!" Too bad because I have lots of interesting stories.

After that my time is my own until 11 AM Saturday when I take the float to the soccer girls at their fund-raising car wash.

I wish you a happy Thursday, thunder or not!
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Good Morning Everyone

One of these days I'll be complaining about the heat but not today. The rain managed to hold off until after the picnic yesterday, but not for long. We then headed over the passes so I'm at our ISpgs home now. Going into Denver early. It's really beautiful here, but cool. The lilacs are still in bloom, and all the iris are out. Everything smells wonderful.

Thanks BeachGal and Rdw for the freecycle tip. I signed up but am now waiting for moderator approval.

Ruth, good luck with your AI today. We have alot of interest here in the historic homes. Ours was built in 1887, and while we maintain it well, we don't have the $$ to upgrade to the standards of the National Registry. Enjoy your quiet day.

Cottage, sounds pretty quiet for you too. How old are your girls? I enjoy spiffing things up when I have the time. Having two residences, we always clean before we leave so we don't have to return to chaos. Fortunately, DH's DD is keyed in. She is in out of state right now, but we arrived here to a spotless house and freshly mowed lawn.

I look forward to hearing from everyone. Thanks for all your support!
Debbie R

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Good morning

Cottage - well, one day of sunshine is better than none. Glad your weekend weather sounds promising.

Ruth - Rain here again too. I sure hope I can get my garden in by the end of June!

Debbie - Freecycle is the greatest for house cleaning! The only thing I ever listed that didn't go was a computer monitor. I guess people only want flat screens now. I feel a lot less guilty getting rid of stuff if it isn't going in the trash, so it's been great for me.

I'm off to the folks for the weekend. I won't have much internet access so probably won't post again until Sunday. I plan to leave mid-morning so I can relax and then make huge To Do lists before I go. What's with that?! Speaking of the list... Hope everyone gets some sunshine this weekend!
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Good morning,

Cottage enjoy your day.

Ruth our house just turned 100 this year. Have fun, you need to write a book of your interesting stories.

Debbie the moderators normally don't take very long for Freecycle. I belong to different communities and have used a lot, its a great idea.

Cyndi have fun with your folks.

Last night we had lighting strikes everywhere but atleast no tornadoes, I will be glad when this storm system moves on out of here, areas are getting flooded we have so much rain.

Today is wfh so I am enjoying a couple of extra minutes before starting work. No play practice tonite and no youth group to run kids to so should finally have a quiet evening at home.

Have a great day everyone
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Cottage- Enjoy your quiet afternoon! I am sure cleaning will be much more peaceful than the parties

Lexis- sounds like you are having a beautiful day to enjoy- I love when its crisp and cool! Especially now that its so warm here!

Ruth- Were they told to start with you beause they thought you would spill the beans?! lol... enjoy your free time!

Cyndi- Enjoy your time with the folks! Hope your todo lists aren't too long! And hope you get some sunshine time in as well!

Pearl- enjoy your quiet evening at home!

As for me, I am busy this morning at work but not sure how the afternoon will go... yesterday looked to be this way to and continued to book up last minute- which is a great thing! Doesn't pay too well to sit around! Ive been a superstar when it comes to my water- IMO. I have been drinking 70-100oz a day and have drank nothing else! I can't believe I am living without my caffiene loaded beverages! I have been taking a supplement called Alive! and I love it. I don't take as much as the bottle says bc it has lots of some vitamins that your body won't get rid of if it doesn't use- but even with that I feel better and have more energy! I have also been gluten and dairy free for over a week now that may have something to do with it. I think I have gluten allergies or celiac... anywho- I am rambling... Hope you chickies have a great day!

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Cottage, you're so virtuous! I must say, though, after cleaning a lot for Ange's visit, that it's really nice to have a tidy home. We didn't get the predicted thunderstorms here, but it looks like we'll get rain today. Good thing, since I spread some of that "grows-even-on-a-brick" grass seed on the patches Angel created on the front lawn yesterday. Hopefully the rain will help it sprout!

Ruth, you should write a history of the village, to be published after your death (so you avoid any angry people! ). Someone wrote one for the tiny town in ND that Sean's ancestor founded, in honor of their 150th anniversary or something. Sean's G'ma has a copy and we learned SO much about his relatives from the book! It would be a great treasure for so many who are searching for their past. Plus, it would be kind of fun, eh? Hope you enjoy the visits today. Too funny about the pups! I gave Angel this treat that I thought might be a little smelly. Because of possible smell, I gave it to her outside. When I looked over about 10 minutes later, it was gone. She buried it! I found the treat and gave it back to her (she was not thrilled) only to have her bury it again. I never found it. She didn't even chew it before burying it! So funny...

Wow, Debbie, I can barely keep one residence tidy...bless you for taking care of two! Must be fun to have a change of scene from time to time! Enjoy Freecycle! I looked for similar groups on Yahoo Groups and found one in my area that is actually even more busy than Freecycle is. So I use that one, too. It's a great way to ensure that used stuff goes to a good home.

Cyndi, there are some places that will take old computer equipment and refurbish it for use in schools. If you still have the monitor, let me know. Like you, I've had great luck with Freecycle...everything has gone, often with 4 or 5 people on a waiting list if the first doesn't show up! Have a great trip!

Chelby, I'm so glad you know why Auston has his rash. Fifth's disease sounds horrible! Hope he feels better!

Pearlrose, I'm excited for when our home turns 100--we have five more years. Owning an old home can be challenging, but it's such a joy, too!

Rikki, you're such an inspiration. I've been having a lot of trouble lately with gas and I'm thinking I'm going to have to try a week or two without carbonated beverages (only drink them at lunch and dinner, but still...) and/or without any sugar alcohols (don't get many of them, but can't think what else is causing this!). But then I read an article that said it might be lactose intolerance. I LOVE dairy and consume tons of it--always have. But this came on suddenly. Not sure if it's possible, but if trying no soda and no sugar alcohols doesn't do it, I may have to try a week without lactose. Yikes! Still, if it makes you feel better, it's worth it, right? Hope you keep feeling good! As for sealing the grout...it's a lot of work, but it really helps in the long run. Even dark grout may end up crumbling and such if it gets too much water, so it's a good idea. We tiled a countertop about five years ago and the tile shop gave us a sealer that's spray on, wipe off. It worked GREAT and is still working wonderfully. Plus it made the job so fast!

Did pretty good sticking to plan yesterday. Hope today is more of the same! I have cardio after work, then dashing home so the Nielson guy can remove some test boxes. Yoga later on, possibly with DH (who went for the first time last week, much to my surprise), and then he's cooking dinner. :

Today's my "friday" and tomorrow I'm looking forward to a visit from a good friend who moved out of town. We may head over to Toys 'R Us and get a Lite Brite cube to play with. We figured out we both loved that toy as kids and think it would be a great thing to play with now!

Hope your day is cozy!

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The Pook
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Morning All

I had a pretty rotten day yesterday. Long story short is I'm going to have some dental work done and I'm fairly terrified of the dentist and spent the whole of yesterday a jittery mess and I'm still stressing it. I went off plan and my plan was shaky at best. I've blogged about it and that made me feel a bit better, I'm also back recording my food today and that made me feel better too. I don't cope with stress well.

I had a meal plan all set out this week but halfway through I was getting really sick of the food I had planned to eat. I'm still on plan but had to re plan my food for the next two days. Next week's food plan is going to have to be much smarter in including foods I actually like and can eat multiple times, which in Phase 1 is hard due to how restrictive it is. I can do this though, it's only 1 week. The stress of the dentist didn't help either.

Oh well, have to carry on can't crawl under a rock and never come out again! Stuff to look forward to: we're switching out TV systems this weekend and getting a new TiVO and HDTV system! Plus our veggie garden is doing awesome despite 90+ weather.

Plus, only two more days and it's the weekend.
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Good Morning Everyone!

Pook -- I always ask for gas at the dentist. Makes me nervous, too. Be strong, friend.

Rikki -- FYI. If you plan on having children some day, put EXTRA sealer around the potty. Grout and little boy peepee are not a good combination. And little boys CANNOT hit the hole!

There is a fly in my office today, and I don't have a fly swat! It's making me crazy! I'd open the doors, but would probably let more in instead of letting one out.

We're almost to the weekend. WooHoo!!!
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Hi chicks, I'm home and just waiting for my babies to get in from school. It was a frustrating trip, as not much was accomplished in the stupid all day meeting. However, I did get to drink wine, hang out in the hot tub, and eat Godiva chocolate strawberries. I did miss the cabana boys though. Also, while killing some time at the mall, I found the cutest summer sandals, so I bought a pair in each color (not red). They are awesome and so comfy and I plan to live in them for the next three months. http://www2.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx...arch1Prod=True So, the trip was not a total loss!

I have to go out and check my tomatoes - we had a couple of storms with hail while I was gone, and DH said he had to pick them up off the ground afterwards.
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You trip didn't sound all that bad, Schmoodle, with the chocolate covered strawberries and hot tub. It's a shame the meeting was a waste, though. And I love those sandals! I would have gotten a pair in red, though. Anyway, welcome home! Did you manage to get together with K.O?
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No cottage, Kierie is still celebrating her birthday - family has first dibs, ya know? But we will get it together eventually. I'll be going back up there periodically.

I love the idea of red shoes, but I've never been able to wear them. I feel like I am wearing clown shoes.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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