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Old 05-26-2009, 06:15 AM   #1
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Default Tuesday Beach Happenings

Good morning! I'm enjoying a coffee although I really shouldn't have it. I have my mammogram scheduled for 8am, and they say you shouldn't have caffeine beforehand, but, believe me, we'll all be in a happier place if I have it. I will limit it to just one cup, though!

It was a terrific weekend, and I hated for it to end, but I'm looking ahead to some short weeks. There's 4 days left of this week, and next week I only work 3 days before I go to Maine to bring home my granddaughter from college. After that I work 3 weeks before I have a week's vacation. So I'll try not to complain.

Come and share the rest of this pot of coffee before we get this day rolling.
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Come on Spring!
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Default Tuesday Clucks and Coffee

Come and sit on the deck and watch the sunrise and the loon commute. Better grab a quilt though as it's a tad chilly. I'm hoping my wee basil plants survived.

Busy day yesterday and another one ahead with an appointment at yet another bank this morning and pet therapy this afternoon. I think it'll be Disney's turn as her ears are clearing up and she seems to be perkier.

Our dinner meeting last night went well. We sat outside on Susan's deck although it was darned chilly. We all had sweaters and even light blankies! Her house is very small and just could not handle 12 people at a table so.....

So what's happening around your beach towel today? Remember this is Tuesday, not Monday, so you may need to cram in extra "stuff" - not food, of course, but work, that word!

Have a coffee first and chat a bit.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Mornin', Ruthie! I beat you to it today!
I'd need a heavy blankie to sit out on my porch this morning. Brrrrr! It will be a confusing week, what with Monday starting on Tuesday.
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Cottage, I think the best part of a vacation is the looking forward to it and planning it part. Being on a vacation is wonderful, but once it starts, its over. sigh.... I'm having the Vacation-is-over-Blues. Hot tea with powdered milk this morning, as I haven't been to the grocery yet and the cupboard is bare. It was so good to sleep in my own bed last night.

This should be a quiet week at the office. The therapist is out, so we won't have clients. My boss is trying to get a grant finished. He had 5-way bypass surgery 12 weeks ago. His sternum didn't heal. They are going to re-break it and wire it back together. He has another 6 weeks recovery. Poor guy! But, he can't have the surgery till the grant is finished.

I'm leaving a few minutes early today so I can get salad stuff for lunch. Phase one, here I come!

Ruth, I saw another Tuesday thread. Please move this were it needs to go.
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!

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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Cottage - I love your perspective. I'll have to work on that Hope the mammo is quick, easy and warm.

Ruth - I would love to watch the loon commute. I haven't seen any loons yet but absolutely love them. I can lay awake half the night listening to them when we camp on a lake with a family

Chelby - Have a good quiet day back at work. Gotta love non profits - you live and die by grant requests and nothing is more important. Blah

I'm going to use Cottage's approach. I'm back to work after 10 days off but it's only a 4 day week. In fact all my weeks from here on out will be 4 days. In June I'm finishing off my 2009 vacation days and in July I will only be employed 4 days a week. I'll focus on the short weeks not the short paychecks This might be an extra long day. There is a 6 PM meeting I may need to be at. I'm hoping not but will find out this morning.

In the meantime the frost didn't hit us last night, very good news since I didn't cover my tomatoes.

Time to get moving.
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Good morning ladies, school is out and summer is here. The weather has been in the 90's so the pools are still chilling but still welcoming. Did some moving and packing yesterday at school alittle sore today but not to bad.
I am hoping to refocus on my eating and getting caught up with everything that has been happening. My walk is up to 5 miles every other day and that is taken care of for today and the water has been started.

Hope everyone has a great day and a safe one too
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It's hard to get back to it after such a perfect weekend - a little work, a little playing, time with friends and family, and gorgeous weather - what more could a weekend want? Today is cold, windy, and wet, so maybe that will help me focus on work. Have a good one chicks!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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good morning

Cottage - hope the mammo isn't too painful and its nice to look forward to seeing granddaughter.

Ruth - I'm sure your day will be so busy. Enjoy the cool weather before we get a heat wave.

Cyndi - sounds like you will be more relaxed in the near future and I am sure you will fill your time nicely.

phxflower - Nice that school is over. I guess its too hot there to keep them in any longer. Our grade schools finish in the last week of June.

Chelby - glad you had a good holiday. Hope your boss takes good care of himself, infections are dangerous stuff.

Schmoodle - sounds like your weekend was great, it must be hard to work from home when there are other things calling you.

me - so I got most of my windows and sheers washed yesterday. I always work so hard before I go on holidays, I don't know why but I have to leave the house spic and span clean. We are leaving on June 8th for a week to Quebec. I wish I good say that eating was on plan this weekend, I'm having such a hard time.

take care
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Good Morning

Hi Everyone! It sounds like everyone had a great weekend! Everyone seems to be chilly so far, except for you, PhxSunflower.

Me, chilly here again, but the plants all seem to be doing fine. I'm back on schedule. to Yea!!
I did go get some good exercise yesterday and stayed OP. I think thats really important for me right now. The scale: is broken at the Club. I'm hoping they get a new one soon. That has been my weigh in for years now...
I'm going to weed in the garden this afternoon. I like it when they're small and take very little effort.
Debbie R

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Buzzing in quickly to say good afternoon. Enjoying my summer vacation..
got up early and got the house clean, then hit the gym for a LONG time and a LONG steam and am now working on powerpoints for the fall....but the fun thing is that I don't HAVE to!!...

Went to N.O. yesterday to the national WWII museum and enjoyed it, but got my car booted by some parking lot attendant and had to pay 90 bucks to get the boot off. No one was around when we parked and it was storming, so we figured we paid when we left. While waiting for the boot to come off we "saved" two other cars of people who were about to walk out of the lot who also didn't realize it was pay ahead. And of course the attendant was standing right there and didn't say a word to them. Apparently it's a "racket"...grrrrrrrrrr. The museum was nice, but not THAT nice!!

have a great day, all..
Balie nef, blaie prope.
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Hello everyone,

Busy day at work we are interviewing for an open position so have lots of scheduled interviews today. But it will be a short week so that is good. It was a humid and wet weekend here and again today a bit of the same. Pools opened but too cloudy and rainy to go. Plus my kids are still in school for 6 more days.

Have a great day everyone
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Passion Fruit!
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THANK GOD FOR SHORT WORK WEEKS. LOL Helps make up for being back to work after the long, wonderful weekend. :: sigh ::

Have a great day, ladies! Off to exercise in half an hour before lunch!
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HI, hi, hi! I was going to put some effort into reconnecting with my internet "life" today, but things at the office have kept me too busy. I hope everyone is doing well!
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