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Old 05-20-2009, 06:03 AM   #1
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Default It's A Workin for the Weekend Kind of Wednesday

Well look at me first in today! Ok who I am kidding, its only because I set my alarm wrong! So the coffee is strong, the tea is hot, and there is yogurt and berries in the fridge, help yourself.

Lots to do to get ready for this weekends graduation, the fun really starts ramping up today. Final Choir performance tonight, Honor Night tomorrow, preparations all day Friday & Sat. Morning and then the tears roll about 4pm. Nah I will be ok!

Hope you all are going to have a great day, we are supposed to be in the low 80's. Never did find the culprit of the smell at work, lets hope this heat doesnt make it 10 time worse!

Be good today ladies, I'm off to hit the showers!

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Pacer. You are pacing at full speed I see!

Today is not going to be fun as I am doing the yicky prep for a colonoscopy tomorrow - nothing is wrong, just routine because of my family history. Right now I am enjoying a coffee with sf Irish Cream syrup in it. The rest of the day is clear liquids, Jello and broth. I am allowed beaten egg white and am wondering if I can do something with egg whites and Jello - maybe a mousse? Anyhow I will be monitoring the BGL during the day to be sure it doesn't drop too low because I am allowed hard candies! Woo-hoo!

Disney has a slight yeast infection in her ears according to the vet. I will be treating it twice a day which shouldn't be a problem. I'll slightly warm the liquids just as I did with ear drops for my kids. I feel so badly when my furry babies are uncomfortable.

I'll stop whining now. Have a great Hump Day!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning, Stephanie! I'm helping myself to a cup of that coffee, mmmmmm! You have a busy couple of days ahead of you, it's a good thing the coffee is strong! It's going to be hard to keep a dry eye during the graduation ceremony, you'd better take a lot of extra tissues along.

We had a great day at the zoo yesterday, and today is promising to be a gorgeous day. I have errands and grocery running to do this morning, but the afternoon looks free until it's time to pick up Audrey from school and get the girls to gymnastics.

Ruth, have fun preparing for your procedure today! I hope Disney's infection clears up soon with the antibiotics.

I'm looking forward the long weekend, and it's almost here already!

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Good morning Chicks . I'll try to control the vacation enthusiasm.

Pacer - Hope all goes smoothly with graduation prep. Tears are a Mom's hard earned right

Ruth - ugh, good luck getting to the end of this day. I know the news will all be good and then you won't need to do this again for a few years.

We are off to Plum Island again today. When plans changed DP decided to just take today and tomorrow off for day trips. We were going to do something different but things are so busy bird-wise that we decided to do the Island again. I'm bringing my bike and hope to ride it today. It was way too cold Saturday. yesterday I tried a ride and discovered my legs are seriously out of shape. Ouch!

The lasagna gardening experiment is leading to garden expansion. I sure hope it is low maintenance because I have this all down to an art form - work in the spring then ignore it until the crops come in

See you all tonight!

ETA - Cottage. Enjoy your afternoon
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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Good morning to everyone! I hope everyone has a great on track day!

Stephanie - Looks like you will be busy today and over the next few. Make sure you take a couple minutes for yourself to relax.

Ruth - Good luck with your procedure. Also I hope Disney's ear infection clears up soon.

cottage - have a great day today and enjoy that free time.

As for me I start school today. I can't believe I am almost 42 years old and going back to school. I am starting off slow with one class over the summer and moving to 2 classes in the fall and hopefully 3 in the spring. I am going after my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. I have a lot of school ahead of me but I am determined! So today I will work from 9-12 and then school from 1-3:20. Wish me luck!

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Good Morning!

Pacer -- My son graduated 4K last week, and I cried like a fool. Bring your kleenex, just in case.

Ruth -- My mom just had a colonoscopy. She said the prep was the worst part. When I have to do something I don't want to do, I tell myself, "I can do anything for one day."

Cottage -- Have fun doing errands! I actually like grocery shopping.

Cyndi -- I'm glad you are enjoying your vacation. Have fun on your bike ride. Your legs will catch up.

Vking -- Good for you for going back to school! I hope you really enjoy your summer class.

Me: I am having the nicest morning! Auston is still asleep. Jeff left about 5:15. My kitchen is clean. The tea is perfect! My boss is out of the office today with a doctor's appointment. AND I've been given permission to wear my Birkenstocks to work as I promised they aren't flipflops. Life is good!

We are leaving for the beach Friday morning. Hooray! There is a 50% chance of rain everyday. Hopefully, we'll be the 50% that doesn't get rain! It will be a nice change of pace no matter what happens.

I hope you all have a nice day. Friday is coming!!!
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!
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Good Morning!

Stephanie, thanks for getting up early and putting the coffee on-even if it was due to equipment malfunction!

Ruth, take it easy today. Maybe you could take advantage of some home grown pet therapy. Ahh..and a prescription for hard candy!

, have a great day.

Cyndi, happy birding!

Vicki, congratulations on going back to school and follow your dreams!

Chelby, enjoy your perfect morning! How are those abs?

Me, I'm enjoying the fact that I actually slept in-5:30 but thats late for me. I looked out into the garden, and saw the plan for the tomatoes. I've been waiting for the inspiration and it came at the right time. Hubby, a friend and I are going to the hospital for a visit, then headed to our friends' home to clean and mow. This family has had a rough go lately. It's my one day that I don't have a water class, and I rode my bike extra yesterday, so I think the cleaning and gardening will have to do for exercise today.

I feel confident about staying on plan, and want to thank you all for helping me make a wise choice for dinner last night. I was wavering, and when I thought of you all and my personal commitment to be accountable, I made the better choice. YEA!

I'll check in later.

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Hey ladies I'm swampalicious! day 3 OP even survived italian takeout! Thank god for Chicken Cheese steak!
I ahd to share these Quote with you all (I'll be putting them in my work notes to survive Pizza Lunch with my salad!!)

If someone tells you cake is low-calorie, so it's ok, you tell them, so is poop, but Betty Crocker didn't put that on the refrigerator aisle.

If someone tries to tell you that a potato is healthy because it's a vegetable, let them know that potatoes contain more starch than Dracula's collar, and itchy collars make vampires grumpy. Then flash your canines.
Making a commitment to myself
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Good Morning Ladies- LOVE the name of the thread!!! I have been seriously slacking in my posting here lately! We've just been so busy and more excuses more excuses! I will try to check back in here tonight!!

Pacer- hope all goes super smooth this week!

Cyndi- enjoy your day again! and hope you get to ride!

Ruth- Hope all is routine tomorrow with the Colonoscopy!

Cottage- enjoy your free time!

Vking- good for you for going back! Hope you have a great day!

Chelby- hope the rest of your week goes quickly so you can get off to the beach- and hopefully have great weather!!!

Lexxis-Aren't these girls great?! Good for you for making good decisions!

Well, I best be off to work or I will be late!

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Good morning ladies!!! Happy Hump Day!

Stephanie - Sounds like your going to have a wonderful, joy filled weekend. I hope today is just the beginning!!!

Ruth - Hope you're not feeling too deprived this morning. So proud of you for getting your colonoscopy done. I get to start those in a few year. oh boy!

Cottage - Sounds like you had a great time at the zoo yesterday!

Cyndi - Have fun on Plum Island. Hope you're able to see some great birds!

Vicki - Congratulations on going back to school!!!! What a noble cause!

Chelby - Glad to hear your morning is already wonderful Hope the day continues to be as such!

Debbie - What a wonderful thing that your DH is doing for that family. How very kind! And we're so happy that you've joined us, we all love to help around here!

KO - OK....the Betty Crocker quote is funny....thanks for the laugh!

Rikki - Good morning!!!

Me - So Idol was good last night, but I felt so bad for both of them having to sing that "No Boundaries" song. It was AWFUL!!! I'll be a tight race to the finish, but I think Kris is going to end up being the winner. We'll see....
Had dinner last night at my in-laws, Dad seems to be doing ok. Unfortunately, the recovery time for this surgery is quite long, so I hope he doesn't push it and try to get better too quickly.
We've got a large ground coming in to visit our school tomorrow, so today is making sure everything is spic and span. So I guess I should get moving....
Have a great day, Ladies!!
I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me

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Lexxiss, I'm still aware of the pulled muscle, but it will be fine. Thanks for asking. You are a good friend to clean and mow. That absolutely should count for exercise! Hope your day is fabulous!

KO -- More starch than Dracula's collar -- FUNNY!!!

RDW -- I've been missing you! Figured your feet were stuck in tiling grout.

My morning got hectic as we were walking out the door. Auston asked, "What's for breakfast?" I forgot to feed my baby breakfast!!! For shame! He got a quick corndog to eat on the road.

Good Morning, Heather! I love your happy face and straw hat.
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!

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Hello, everyone! It's been a few days since I've been here. It seems like things are winding down at the office and I will probably only have to go out on inspections once a week from here until July. After that, we'll be going out in teams, one team a week until January. It will be a lot of work, but will get us ahead of the game for next year.

I hope everyone is doing well! I'm just trying to get some motivation up to get some spring cleaning done before we start the big kitchen paint job this weekend.
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Just a super quick peep. . .Survived Lunch and ppl were Jealous of myyummy salad HECK YEAH!
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Hello! Just a quick run-by-fruiting for me, as well. My phone has been blowing up all day! Little Guy got out of school at 12, so he's home with me. Then we ran a delivery, came home and had lunch. My bride for tonight called and is having 6 guests. WOO HOO! But that's a LOT of women around the kitchen table for me to talk over! I can't wait! It's gonna be a great night!

In the mean time, I have to get all my product ready to go for tonight, and my mom is bringing the dogs by this afternoon because they're staying with us for 10 days. Oy.

Better start on getting my bride's custom look together. Have a great night girls!

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good afternoon

Ruth, hope your prep is going well. Are they still making you drink that awful stuff. I had one done 2 years ago and dr. said see you in 5.

Chelby - If you really want to go to Japan, find yourself a good travel agent. DH went on a business trip in 1994 and I really wanted to come along but the ticket was just too much money so someone recommend this travel agent (lost contact and don't remember her name) but she arrange a stay for us for two nights in Hong Kong and the ticket price went down by hundreds of $$$.

Everyone else had a nice afternoon and evening.

So I decided today to clean out the linen closet and wash everything and dry it in the sun. I have 33 pillow cases. Lots of them were sewn by my late mother, they are all white with the ties (if any one remembers those). They are all still in beautiful condition and the cotton is so soft. I will keep throw out all my polyester/cotton and use them and then some for the kids.
Next all the curtains and blinds are coming down for cleaning. I told DH that after that I can die in peace.
take care
I think I had too much fibre yesterday.

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