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Come on Spring!
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Default Thoughtful Thursday Cluck-In

Good morning! Back in a but., The radar shows rain is approaching and I need to trudge out to the road with the trash. Coffee's ready though!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Working on healthy
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Thanks for the coffee Ruth. I can sure use it this morning (like most mornings!).

So our vacation plans are up in the air. Our girl kitty is having kidney stone problems again and I'm going to call the vet as soon as they open. It's so frustrating because we really didn't get any answers last year. It seems like there must be something going on for a barely 2 year old cat to have all the stones she had last year. I keep thinking it has something to do with spending the first 10 months of her life in a cage at the shelter. I just hope we can get her comfortable again without surgery. I don't imagine annual surgery is any kind of solution. Poor little brat
I have a couple of appointments today but will wait to see what the vet has open.

Last night I made a really yummy shirataki thing to go with roasted broccoli. I just drained, rinsed, nuked, rinsed again then added 2 laughing cow wedges and a little parm and nuked for 2 minutes. It wasn't exciting plain but was quite good with roasted broccoli mixed in. I discovered chopping the noodles makes them much easier to eat.

Daily weighing is good for my perspective - I know it's impossible that I gain and lose 2.5 lobs overnight but the scale says I do all the time. Luckily I don't take it too seriously.

Hope your day is bright and sunny (I typed "hoe" first - I think the universe is hinting that I need to get in my garden ASAP!)
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Come on Spring!
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Made it! It's just starting to sprinkle. I even hauled some very old meat out of the downstairs freezer and pitched it. It was a donation for dog food from the Long Horn and it's been closed for 18 months now! The meat was probably from the last century. I need the space in the downstairs freezer for the Big Cook Claire and I will be doing in June to get ready for a fund-raising dinner for our Church. 94 pies? Ya gotta be kidding!

Cyndi, your poor kitty! If only pets could take for a minute every day to let us know how they are. I hope the problem can be resolved today and your vacation happens as planned. By the way, shiratake noodles are hard to come by around here. I may try the health food store.

This morning I'm off to Bulk Barn to stock up on baking supplies. We have a bake sale as well as a plant sale this Saturday so.... I seem to manage to be strong during my baking marathons - having a glass of water really helps. I've got four cakes in the freezer but want to make cookies, squares and maybe some fudge. Sorry! Food porn!

After pet therapy yesterday I picked up one of my quilts that needs squaring up and binding. That'll give me something to do if I need "filler" because today is not going to be a gardening day!

By the way, my ticker is finally telling the truth - I've been on some sort of roller coaster ride the past month but I'm hoping it's over now.

Have a productive day, Chickies. It's a gift.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning. I finally was able to make it out of bed and into the shower, hoping it would clear my head a little, but it didn't work. Maybe coffee will help. Yesterday was a long day, and to top it off the girls both had parent's observation day at gymnastics. Their mom met us there, and I got a lot of "looks" with all my coughing, sniffling and sneezing. When I finally made it home, I ate some supper and was in bed by 8:30. I'm hoping today will be better. At least I have the morning off, and Maggie is going to a friends' for a playdate after school, so I'll have a lot of time to myself.

Cyndi, I hope the vet can get to the bottom of exactly what is bothering your poor little kitty, and I hope it doesn't ruin your vacation plans.

Ruth, we have a rainy day here, too. I'm glad that I don't have to go out and water the garden, at least!

Cyndi, I make Mollie Katzen's Spicy Peanut Sauce to serve over shiratake and broccoli, and it's to die for!

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Good Morning
Ruth and Cottage, I hope the rain brings new growth to your world. Cyndi, I too, hope that everything turns out well, especially for your Kitty, but for your vacation, too.

Ruth, am so impressed that you are out so often doing pet therapy. We have a group here, that my dogs and I participate with, but we are still growing and trying to add a new facility right now which will give us more opportunity to volunteer.

Me, I am on the go. Thanks for the coffee! I think I'll grab another cup and get everyone packed up for the drive to our GWS home. Everything is done here, and if I get there early I can participate in my water classes. I get more happy exercise when I'm near my pool.

Thanks everyone for helping me get through another clean P1 day...and thanks for the recipe hints.
Debbie R
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Good Morning chickies!

Cyndi- sorry to hear about your kitty! Do you have her on a special diet? We have a cat that has kidney problems and she is on a very special(EXPENSIVE!) diet food- but it seems to help her a lot so thats the way it is I suppose! I think mainly its a lower protien and other things that are hard on the kidneys... may be worth looking into something like that if its a recurring problem- poor lil baby!

Ruth- thanks for the coffee I really needed it! it used to be really hard for me to find shiratake noodles too in the town we lived in... now there are a couple stores that carry it and one publix charges almost 4 bucks for a package! they are really ripping people off! However, whole foods here has them for under 2 bucks. I used to order them in bulk online to keep at the house... wow- that went on for a while! I must be chatty kathy today! and 94 pies! Holy Moly!

Cottage- I sure hope you are feeling better soon! Enjoy your afternoon of rest!

Lexxis- Congrats on getting off to a good clean start!

as for me, just working is on the agenda today- i would love to get to the gym but don't know if I will make it... hopefully we will be slammed at work today and I will be so tired I won't wanna go! LOL... a great paycheck would be nice one of these days!anywho- hope you ladies have a great day and I will try to check in later!

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I can do this!
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Hey, Ruth! Love the new avatar!

Cyndi, so sorry about your little girl! No clue if it works on kitties, but a friend of mine had stones that they took care of by hitting her with sonic waves. Those broke up the stones small enough that she could pass them. Wonder if they have anything like that for small animals?

Cottage! I'm so sorry you're suffering! The people at gymnastics might have been giving you looks ("they don't call it gym-NICE-tics" after all. ), but I hope Cindy and the crew don't--after the illness you nursed them through this spring, they can hardly look askance at sniffling!

Lexis, how awesome that you do pet therapy!

rdw, hope you can get to the gym today. It makes me feel SO good! :

Beautiful Spring weather here...warm days, cool nights, and a soft rain fell yesterday that perked up all our growing things. I have so much to do and am having trouble prioritizing! I'm giving a talk tonight to a group of elderly ladies at church about why young adults aren't coming to mass anymore. Should be interesting...I'm trying to figure out how much I can say without offending anyone.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Snazzy Person. :]
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Well, day four of phase one! I really hope I do better on the amount of foods I eat. I haven't eaten non-allowed foods, but I ate like 3-4 tbsp. of peanut butter yesterday. D: I hope I'm not as hungry as yesterday too. My mom said she was really hungry on Day Three, but not yesterday. [She is a day ahead of me.] Well, two cups of coffee down. I just had some eggs, and two turkey sausage patties. I'm gonna have to force myself some salad. Its sooo hard to eat vegetables in the morning.

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Pass the coffee! I am sleepy this morning, was up at 3 am checking the radar and storm warnings (can someone tell me when I became my mother?). Looks like we are in for a few hours of dryness today with more rain moving in later, after almost 5 inches yesterday we have had enough!

I finally found a pair of shoes for graduation! Ebay how I love thee! What a bargin I got too, sure they have been worn a few times but look to be in great, like new condition. Looked them up on Nordstroms website (well the brand) and they start at $139 and go up from there. What did I pay you ask??? $9.99 and free shipping!!! Go me!

Alot of work to do today, guess I should hop to it. Hope you all have a great day without too much rain!

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Good morning ladies! Happy Thursday!

Ruth - Glad to hear you got stuff hauled in before the rain. Have fun baking today....I'm so impressed that you can stay strong as you bake. You're amazing!

Cyndi - Sorry to hear that your little girl is not doing well. I hope you get some answers today from the vet.

Cottage - Hope today is much better for you than yesterday, no fun being stared at for having a what appears to be a cold.

Debbie - Good job sticking to your first week of Phase I. Keep it up!

Rikki - Here's hoping you have lots of clients today!

Laurie - I would love to hear what you have to say tonight. I'm sure the talk will be extremely interesting AND informative. Good luck with it!

Katie - Good job getting your veggies in in the morning. Keep it up!

Stephanie - What a fantastic deal, way to go!

Me - LOST was AWESOME last night. If you don't watch the show, but have some time on your hands, I highly suggest you go back to season one and watch the whole series.....it's fantastic. And with only one more season before it's over, I can't wait!
Today will be extremely long as I have Open House tonight, which means I stay at school until 8:00 this evening. I've got things to do between school and Open House, but it still makes for a very long day. I'm hoping we have a good turn out. Nothing makes the night drag more than a bunch of parents not coming. We'll see
Other than that, I'm hoping to get my Survivor in tonight. And do some prep for Bunko tomorrow.
Have a great day, ladies!
I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me

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Hi, Ruth! Thanks for the coffee; we needed it this morning!!! 94 pies! I need your willpower, woman! Have a nice day today and stick to that water.

Cyndi: So sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope the vet is able to figure something out and that you are still able to make it to your vacation. Have a nice day!

Cottage: I hope you feel better soon! Get some rest during your free time today.

Debbie: WTG getting through a clean P1 day. It can be hard, but the rewards are so great at the end! Keep it up!

Rikki: Hope you get the agenda figured out and that you have a busy, busy work day.

Laurie: My prayers will be with you tonight; that sounds like it's really going to be a tough speech to make, but I'm sure you'll get through it.

Katie: I struggle with veggies in the morning as well, even after all this time. A great way to get them in, I've found, is to scramble them with my eggs. It doesn't tend to feel as weird as eating a salad in the morning.

Stephanie: Wow, what a great deal! I never have the patience to find the really good ones on Ebay. I hope you have a nice day and can get some extra rest in.

Heather: I hope a lot of parents show up for the open house and the long day is worth it. Do you have a relaxing weekend planned??

Me: We had a bit of a rough evening yesterday. We got home from work and were getting our water bottles filled up for our workouts when we discovered that our tap water was so chlorinated there were fumes coming out. Of course, we got answering machines everywhere we called and the situation did not improve after running the water for 1.5 hours. I went to the utility office this morning and they told me it was safe to drink and that running the water for 30 minutes would take care of it. I told them that if someone wasn't there to flush my lines out by 5 pm, hubby would be in the office to raise **** in the morning and a letter, accompanied by the photos I took, will be on its way to the newspaper. So, we'll see what happens. Our poor neighbor is an elderly guy and he came over and told DH that his throat burned when he drank it. So, nice guy that he is, DH went out and bought gallons of water for us, the elderly neighbors and a young couple who have a newborn on formula down the street. I understand they need to chlorine to clean the pipes (the whole south side of the city is finally getting up-to-code water lines put in), but some warning would have been nice so we could have prepared to be without water all night. Getting into the shower post-workout, it smelled like I was jumping into a swimming pool. Not fun!
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Good morning,
Ruth - a bake marathon is awesome, but lots of will power dust to you. Its for a good cause.

Cyndi - sorry to hear about your kitten. Hope things straighten out before holidays then you can go with peace of mind.

Cottage - hope you feel better. Right now everyone is in some sort of hysterics about coughs. I even see people walking with masks on when there is no one around.

Debbie - proud of you, keep it up.

Rikki - Hope you are busy, with the nice weather everyone wants to look good.

Laurie - interesting subject. When I go to mass I always look around and all I see is old people and they all sit in the same pews so I can see who is missing. I am sure they will love you.

Katie - I admire you for eating veggies in the morning.

Stephanie - your shoes sound great. Ebay is such an interesting place, one could spend hours.

Heather - DS2 absolutely loves Lost, came over to watch it in HD. He has all the dvds of every season, you would be able to have some good discussions with him. Hope Open House goes well.

me - I am planning meals for the weekend and am a bit relieved that its raining because then I have more time to clean up this house. DH and I really should downsize but we have to many hobbies that take up lots of room
take care
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Good morning Kim,
The threat of going to the newspaper should work.
Hope the water situation gets better. Don't trust them when they say its o.k. to drink.
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Must.... have.... caffeine.....

Man, life is rough, I tell ya. I have a noon appointment today and then took tomorrow off so I won't work again til Saturday night. Green tea and ginseng steeping. I'm sitting here at the computer in my jammies, rolling a rubber ball under my foot to massage it.

Sidenote: (ME? SIDENOTE?) Without stretching, try to touch your toes. See how close you get. Then, massage the bottoms of your feet with a rubber ball (racquetball is perfect, tennis ball will work too) for 1 minute each and then try to touch your toes again. Little-known trick for plantar fasciitis, and makes you more flexible! I love having a boyfriend that is working towards his massage therapy license!!!!!

Thinking about what to make for breakfast. I have an open container of Eggbeaters but just don't know if I'm in the mood for eggs.

Well, I guess I'd better get a move-on. Need to eat, get caffeine, and shower before my drive to Divernon. Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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I'm just going to keep repeating "I love my kitties". There will be no overnights next week. Kitty has another stone and the vet wants her on antibiotics and strict canned food for awhile. That means the moms need to be home at meal times. If I board her at the vet's I will have 2 traumatized kitties so that's not happening. DP will call the hotel and ask for an exception to their reservation policy. I hope that since we go every year they will make some kind of exception for us. We could go another week if that happens.

Cottage - I will have to look for that recipe.

Debbie - Have a good drive

Rikki - the problems with the special food are having two cats and putting her on a low protein diet. SHe spent the first 10 months of her life in a cage at the shelter so already has low muscle tone. A low protein diet would cause other problems. Hopefully I can manage the almost all canned food diet. Hope you have a crazy busy day with lots of tips

Laurie- That's the procedure DP had last fall. Apparently kidney stones are a household issue! With kitties it's all surgery so not something we want to repeat if we can avoid it. Good luck with that talk.

Katie - Beans are great for hunger - very filling. I have the peanut butter issue too and just have to avoid it as much as I can. Once I start I have trouble stopping at a serving

Pacer - great find with those shoes. I've never been good at finding clothes on eBay but keeping hearing about all these great bargains people get.

Heather - Good luck with Open House! I don't watch Lost but DP is addicted and has all the DVDs

Kim - How infuriating! I hope they get it straightened out today for you. That was really sweet of your DH. That stuff is so tough on people who can't get out as easily.

Sophie - I have a whole storage room for hobbies. Then there's the stuff in the house, and the garage....

Okay, back to work.

ETA - hooray! The hotel will let us use the deposit anytime in the next year and the special runs until 6/16. Sounds like we may make it there after all.
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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