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Default marching into monday

more like stomping in...well i have 25 minutes of quiet time before i head out for my first day back to work. its stand up sewing so my feet will be yelling after 8 hours of this but i'm soooo glad to be going back to work i don't even care. The coffee is on incase anyone wants a cup?
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I could use a cup...or three! It sure is early but I like early in the spring/summer. The birds are already cheeping and it will be light soon.

Congrats on going back to work. I think first days are hard regardless of what you're doing. Hope it goes by fast and you can get off your feet.

Busy day today as I didn't get as much yard work done this weekend as I had hoped. It was close to 90 degrees and in the sun, well that is just too hot too soon for this chubby chick. My gas mower needs repair so I'm going to do the lawn with my SILs old electric mower and an old fashioned reel mower. I'm telling myself this is good and how green/environmentally friendly it will be + what a great workout with the reel mower. In actuality I think it will NOT be so much fun.

Did a PH1 day yesterday for really no other reason other than I felt fat. A nice egg white omelet for breakfast and salads for lunch & dinner and today I feel so skinny. Hungry, but skinny.

Have a great day everyone!

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Early Chicks, and thanks for the coffee.

Me4life, I hope your day goes well and your poor footsies aren't too sore by tonight.

Mizki, this is my favourite time of the day too. I may take my second coffee out onto the deck and wait for the loons to do their morning commute between the lakes. Happy mowing!

Looks like a decent day again today although the humidity will be high. I am still astonished by this very warm weather and am wondering what May will bring. Yesterday was cold and rainy so no outside work got done but today I should make some progress. I also need to go to town to do some financial stuff and return that frumpy dress. I felt just like Susan Boyle BEFORE her makeover when I tried it on!

Had a great evening at the BD BBQ last night. Heather had grilled pineapple as a starter that was just yummy. I must get the recipe. She also had burgers on those whole wheat flatbread buns which were yummy. I had a burger and salad and a wee piece of BD cake and felt good about it, especially when the scale didn't blip this morning.

Time to plan the food for today. My BBQ needs propane and I must do that. I adore grilled meat and veggies in summer - this isn't really summer or is it?
Whatever! Enjoy!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Working on healthy
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Wow, it's an early morning crowd. I sure hope there's some coffee left

Me - Hope the day whizzes by and your feet don't grumble too much.

Mizski - I never made it to the yard either. oops. This is a nice time of year though the heat is a bit confusing. I'm not ready to hear about mowing yet though

Ruth - The grilled pineapple sounds yummy. I would love to sit on your porch and have coffee with you. It sounds wonderful.

Today is my one normal day this week. Somehow I ended up with three late days in a row and a conference on Saturday. Tonight is yoga and Friday is on the road so no sit down dinners together for us this week.

We have two hot days and then back down to the 60s. That will feel chilly after these days. What a strange year!
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Good Monday morning! I just put on another pot of coffee, so there's plenty for all.

Cyndi, we're sharing the exact same weather this week. By Wednesday it's supposed to be chilly and rainy again. I hope despite your long days that it's a good week for you!

Ruth, I'll be up there one day this summer to share that front porch coffee with you!

mizski, have fun mowing, but be sure to drink plenty of liquids in this heat.

me4life, I hope you enjoy your new job. I can't wait to hear all about it!

I have a long day today, too, but I should be home by 6:30. I'm starting it off, though, with an early morning hairdresser appointment. It was a terrific weekend, and I've been going strong staying OP. I had my "wake-up" moment when the waistband of my favorite pair of capris was a little snug, and that's all it took to get my motivation back!
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Egads, you chicks are starting early today!!

Me - Hope your first day went well!

Mizski - I hear ya on the too hot! That's silly for April, isn't it?

Ruth - your mornings sound lovely. Definately post the grilled pineapple recipe - YUM!

Cyndi - hope that means the week goes by fast. Enjoy yoga tonight!

Cottage - I have to *find* capris that actually fit, and look nice. But I'd love to have some! Maybe it's because my weight is more in my legs, and not much is very flattering . Hope your hair looks great!

Me - off to work, maybe lunch with a friend. DS is scratching himself crazy this morning, I think it's the lotion from yesterday. So that means it's good he has a dr. appt today! (it's just his check up) I'm planning on Steak Salad for dinner tonight....it's perfect weather for salad. I am however, looking forward to the cool down....60's are my favorite!

Have a great day!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning ladies! I am on my second cup of coffee - can't survive without it!

I hope all your days go well, this is my day off and I usually run myself ragged - all the errands and cleaning, laundry and I have flowers to plant! We had major storms here in the midwest last night - so it's supposed to be in the 60's today. It still looks like it could downpour again - Spring in Kansas
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Good morning ladies!!! Happy Monday!!!

Me4life - Hope the new job is going great at this point!!! Congrats!

Mizski - Good to know you feel skinny today, but hopefully the hunger thing is not normal. Make sure you're getting enough nutrients for the day as well.

Ruth - I thought you returned that dress last week. Get it out if you don't feel good in it. I'm sure there's something much better for you to wear so you look like the slinky fox you are!!!

Cyndi - Enjoy your "normal" day today. And yes, the weather has indeed been off the wall these days!

Cottage - Good to hear that the weekend was terrific for you. Weekends for me always seem like a downfall. Congrats on staying op.

Twynnb - Hope the Dr.'s appointment goes well today. That steak salad sounds yummy!!!

Celtic mom - Try to give yourself some "me" time on your day off. I'm sure you've earned it.

Me - Had a good weekend, got a lot accomplished. However, the scale is not cooperating, and I'm not quite sure why. This weekend wasn't the letter of the law in eating, however, I certainly didn't eat crazily. And yet I'm up. Not good. But I'm back on track today and will do my best to stay there this week. I'll be in meetings all day, so I made sure to do some extra exercising today to counter act the sitting around. Hopefully that will help as well.
I'm doing sea bass and spinach for dinner tonight. I'm hoping it's tasty!
Have a good one!
I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me

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me4life: You're at work already, so I hope it's going great and that your feet aren't hurting at all!

mizski: I hope you get all of your yard work in! Reel mowers really do provide a great workout.

Ruth: It's been unseasonably warm here as well, but very, very dry. I'm hoping we'll get a few drops this week. Otherwise, my water bill is going to be ridiculous! I hope you get the frumpy dress returned and have a wonderful day!

Cyndi: Not sitting down and eating together would surely throw things out of whack for DH and I. We're such creatures of habit. I hope, in spite of the rough schedule, that you have a great work-week.

Cottage: New do or just a maintenance appointment? Have a great day and I hope it's not too late before you get home.

Twynn: I'll have to check the weather and see if a cool-down is in our future. I sure would appreciate it! I hope DS's appt. goes well.

Celtic mom: I used to run myself ragged on Saturdays, but have had to spread things out throughout the week a little more. Otherwise, I crash and burn by Thursday night! Have a productive day!

Heather: Sorry the scale isn't cooperating. I'm sure that with the exercise and healthy dinner, things will balance out! Enjoy your day!

I was QUITE lazy this weekend, so I'm going to sit down today and figure out what really needs to get done today and what can be spread throughout the week. Luckily, my behind-days are some people's caught-up days. I just need to get an extra load or two of laundry done this week and do a bit of extra cleaning. I want to finish the prayer shawl I'm working on by Friday and also lay out plans to use my yarn stash or get rid of what I can't use.

The scale has been kind to me again and I'm down 1 lb. for last week. My eating wasn't great, but my workouts were awesome. I'm going to do my best to keep my "bad" eating to a minimum this week. I know I won't make goal and lose 5 lbs. by Friday, but I'm happy to be losing again. I just need to keep it up!

Well, the office is filling up and I need to get to work again. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!
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Me- hope you have some good shoes for all that standing you will be doing!!! I stand all day too but they want us to look trendy and I am sorry, but I can't wear trendy shoes and stand on my feet most of the day!!! I always have 2 pairs of shoes at work~!

Mizski- Have a great workout!

Ruth- lmao- take that thing back~! lol and let us know how the new one is!

Cyndi- Enjoy your normal day I don't really like when dh and I can't sit down to a dinner together... heres hoping the crazy days fly by quickly so you can get back to having more normal ones!

Cottage-Hope your hair appointment went well!

Twynn- Hope you get a nice lunch with your friend! and DS is feeling better!

Celtic Mom- enjoy planting flowers! I think I may do some of that today~!

Heather- Here is some for you! and wishing that the scale moves along this week!

Kim- hope you get everything accomplished that you want to! I need to do the same thing today where do the weekends go?!?

Me- Today I have to do the same as Kim and decide what needs to be done today and what can wait! Tile is everywhere we just have to make about a thousand cuts to finish the job! LOL, so my house is super dusty right now and I am still not cooking a lot... we have grilled the last two nights since it was sooo nice out and maybe more of the same tonight... I need to get my gas refilled as well. The scale was kinder to me this week even though I haven't been making great "whole" choices, i have been watching calories and for now I feel thats about all I can do with my kitchen out of whack... Hope you all have a great week and I will check in again when I can!!!

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Come on Spring!
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Well, the darn dress was in the car and I did go to the bank but it is another 55 minutes to Sears and it was hot so...... I may plan an official "town" day later this week - maybe Thursday. Left at 9:30 and just home now so my morning is shot!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Have a great first day back, Me4!

Mizski, I envy you the very green lawn mowing! Electric mowers make a HUGE difference. I assume they are cordless? I can't imagine trying to mow with a cord in the way!

I hear you, Ruth! I didn't spend much time outside this weekend (I was at a scrapbook retreat), but when I did, my mind just boggled at the combination of 80/90*F and bare trees. Incredible and very confusing. I love grilled food, too! Need to check our tank...

No doubt, Cyndi--60s will definitely feel cold after this weekend! Hope your busy week whizzes past! Thought of you this weekend--got a massage from a wonderful massage therapist who really helped me feel better.

IRL, Cottage would be the one to put on a second pot before any of us thought of it. You can't stop this woman from taking (excellent) care of everyone! I have a hair appointment, too, but mine's tomorrow, Cottage. Nothing like this heat to make you feel like cutting it all off, eh?

Twynn, I'm a HUGE fan of Dockers Metro Capri pants. I get them at Kohls. I think they look SO flattering on many of us!

I finished typing this hours ago but then got a bunch of students. Yikes! Hope everyone who posted in the meantime is doing well.

I had a great weekend at the retreat with friends. The weather was glorious and even though I regret not being able to work in the garden, it was great to get some time to just be creative!
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Darned it, I just left Kohls...I could've checked out those capris! (I had the DS in tow...so not looking at clothes much!)

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Hello all, sounds like everyone has been busy today just like me. LOL

Day 3 of Phase 1 for me and still going strong feel great other than my allergies.

Have a lovely evening everyone. It is raining here and back in to the 60's but I am okay with that.
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Finding success on beach
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Hello all. Busy weekend, I ended up painting my room on Saturday. DH and I are going for a retreat, he nicknamed it the "love shack", not sure about that! My legs are sore today from climbing up the ladder so many times!!
This starts my first full week at work. Still in training mode, looking foward to some real work to do. Got up really early and went for a walk. We are returning to running next week. Feels like forever since I have done that.
It started out nice today, then it got colder and started to rain. Typical spring day now. DS is begging to go to the library, he wants a few DVDs. I could use a cup of coffee!!
Great night to curl up on the couch. 24 is on tonight, looking forward to that!

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