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Default I need pound cake!!

Hi, I've been looking all over for a good recipe for a South Beach Diet friendly lemon pound cake- a lemon pound cake sounds soooo good right now. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've only been in phase 2 for a week now so I'm learning about all the substitutions. I bought almond flour, whole wheat flour, and oat flour, if that helps.
Thanks so much!
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This might work...with some changes:

I'd use agave necter instead of the equal and I'd use greek yogurt and all lemon juice instead of the lemon flavored yogurt...and I'd maybe use arrow root instead of the corn starch...you'd have to experiment some.
I bought some quinoa flour the other day and it has the consistancy of baking flour..haven't tried baking with it yet....just used it as a thickener
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i would just search low carb pound cake on google
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Originally Posted by liemypoo View Post
i would just search low carb pound cake on google
I agree - anytime I'm looking for a recipe to fill a specific craving I try a web search with "low carb" before the name of the food, and "recipe" at the end (or you may find lots of pre-made products).

Failing that, it's a matter of finding a "normal" recipe and substituting SB-friendlier stuff, like you said. Personally I'm still I bit fuzzy on flour substitutions, though you could try the quinoa flour as femmecreole suggested. As for the butter and sugar found in most pound cake recipes, you'll probably want to substitute a heart-healthy olive oil based margarine for the butter, and Splenda or some other baking-friendly artificial sweetener for the sugar. (Aspartame aka Equal will not bake well, it gets rather bitter when you bake it.)

It looks like none of us have a tried-and-true recipe we can guarantee for you, so unfortunately it's just a matter of trial and error. If you figure out a good recipe, be sure to post it to the recipe section!
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Hi, Pantyraid!

I would think this isn't a good thing to mess with during your first week of Phase 2. I wouldn't try making baked goods until you've figured out what exactly works for you on Phase 2. You might want to read the What's Your P2 Combo? thread (in the FAQ) for ideas about how people figured out what worked for them in P2. By the time you've figured out what your "combo" is, you'll know your body well enough to know whether the baked goods are to blame if you have cravings. You'll also be far enough away from Phase 1 that if you fall off the wagon as a result, you'll be able to go back to it without feeling overly deprived. That's my $0.02.

That said, I believe it's possible to make almost anything SBD-safe. However, it's tough to make certain things that rely on ingredients that aren't SBD-safe for their major flavors. It's a lot easier to make, say, a carrot cake, than it is to make shortbread (which relies on butter and white flour for it's major flavors). Pound cake falls in the latter category--like shortbread, it relies on the richness of butter and the lightness of white flour for its major flavors. That doesn't make it impossible, but be aware that you may not like the results that much. You may want to check Cooking Light for a good recipe. They'll take care of the fat issues, but you'll need to modify the starches and sugar. You may want to try some chickpea flour--it has an intrinsic sweetness that seems to help in these kinds of baked goods. This is also a good recipe to try using More Fiber (a product that helps add fiber, but which seems to make WW baked goods more moist and also sweetens with stevia).

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